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Engadget has grabbed a video of the Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 — otherwise known as the Playstation Phone — running Qualcomm’s Neocore benchmark app, and while the results might not blow you away, there is hope. The handset topped out at 24.4 frames per second (about half of the 55.6 fps Engadget is clocking the Nexus S at). Given the phone is rumored to not see a release until March, the software and hardware of this prototype could easily be upgraded and optimized to squeeze out some higher numbers. Check it out:

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  1. NOT impressed at all.

    I’d expect more from the “fabled” Playstation Phone.

    Given that its made by Sony Ericsson, lord knows when if EVER they would push a update for the thing.

    When the HTC Evo had the framerate cap, it was eventually removed by a system update.

    If SE can’t even get a Eclair update pushed out to the Xperia line, then I have absolutely zero trust in SE pushing updates to the Zeus.

  2. If the Nexus S gets 55.6fps then what does a Samsung Vibrant get? I really want to know can someone check this out and post your results please.

  3. Wow 24.4 thats nothing nowadays

  4. Fail!!

  5. This is the reason why companies hate leaks. People are damning the phone before it has even been officially announced. Let’s wait to benchmark something until we see a final release.

    My EVO has a working version of 2.3 on it, but it runs like crap. I should assume that the official release will be just as bad, right?

  6. This is further proof that this phone is only a mock-up. I’ll wait to we have a sighting of the real deal @ MWC.

  7. *till

  8. 24.4 FPS from a “Playstation” phone.

    Man Sony is taking some big risks with its Playstation brand coming out with crap like this.

  9. @ jdog25 – my Vibrant gets 55 too

  10. 55.5 on Fascinate

  11. Operative word here people is “Prototype”.
    Say it with me.




    Goooooooood. :)

  12. @bela. Yes lol

  13. my G2 hits 57.6

  14. The date on the upper right corner plus the fact that the phone is turned the wrong way,(the slider is opening the other way ),make me assume its a rly rly early production model thus the low score,if u consider anzu scored like 64fps and they are comin out around same dates it has to be something like that fishy here

  15. My Captivate gets 56-57 depending on the ROM I’m using.

  16. LOL my my Aka(old pos mytouch slide) is getting 34.0 fps lol

  17. Anand has just posted a review of a Tegra 2 device with similar NeoCore results, but on Quake III benchmark it is twice as fast. Not sure if that is exaclty what is happenning here. Clearly though, need to wait to test the final device on real world applications before passing judgment.

  18. Haha. They must be using the old Snapdragon chip from Nexus ONE, etc. SE is patethic. Their product cycles are the slowest in both hardware and software.

  19. It’s a gaming phone… if it’s designed to play games designed for the phone, it’s not necessarily going to run the cell phone video test well. This means absolutely nothing at this phase of the game.

    Computers are a lot more powerful than they were 10 years ago… but if you try to emulate a 10 year old video game on a computer, you frequently get crap all FPS. We really don’t have any information about what’s going on here… Horrible news post tbh… no context, no info, unwarranted assumptions.

  20. i get around 55 with my galaxy S .

  21. Okey, so:
    1. Read ikenlob’s comment (#19)

    2. You can’t trust a singel benchmark, thats optimized for specific platforms.

  22. There are more fallacies in this article then there are holes in swish cheese.

    1. Neocore may not be optimized for Android 2.3 which is what this device is running.

    2. This is no indication of how we’ll psp games will run on this phone. My guess is that there going to be some sort of PSP emulator with direct access to the GPU and CPU. This would allow for the current gaming library to be used with no additional development needed by game makers.

    3. This device is probably an alpha prototype.

    4 Etc.

    5. Etc.

    The Galaxy devices have also been plagued with GPS bugs and file system issues. So I wouldn’t be in a position to brag if I was a Vibrant owner.

  23. And wtf is this phandroid?!
    seriously if you don’t have anything better to post then dont post anything.
    This doesn’t prove jack all and unfair.

  24. Engadget reported at one point that it was supposed to use a MSM8655 2nd-generation Snapdragon. It that’s true, this thing should boast similar scores to the G2 or myTouch HD once it’s finalized. That would put it at about 55-60FPS.

  25. That’s funny… In the video I see the Engadget logo… but it’s Phandroids fault for reporting the news.
    I bet if they had not reported it, you would bitch about that.

    Either way, I and it appears only a few other posters here understand what is going on here, the rest of you need to work on your reading and maybe lay off banging your head against hard surfaces to retain a few brain cells.

    Keep up the good work reporting the news on Android Kevin and the Phandroid team. I’m out ’cause I can’t handle all these dumb posters.

  26. Thanks for the replies about the fps on other Galaxy S phones. I will add that to my list on why to upgrade to the Nexus S from the Nexus One.

  27. Wow my mytouch 4g got 55.2 fps with no overclocking!

  28. What is that video they’re using? Anywhere to DL it? =)

  29. Wow, how could you guys not know that Galaxy S are all capped at 56FPS. Should know that by now. I am assuming Nexus S is the samething. Capped at the screen refresh rate. It does probably around 70+FPS with an uncapped ROM at 1Ghz. But Neocore is still using old/ outdated OpenGL 1.1. Try Nenamark with OpenGL 2.0

  30. SE = Sorry Ericsson

  31. You can stick a $600 desktop graphics card in SGS and would still run at around 56FPS in Neocore.

  32. BTW, I just tried this NEOCORE on my G2 with a very conservative 1.3Ghz clock (Vituous ROM 0.7.3) and I’m getting a very disappointing 58.9fps.
    There is no excuse… 24 fps for a supposed to be ‘the’ gaming PSPhone — is simply unacceptable.

    SE = Sorry Ericsson

  33. 24.4FPS is probably Adreno 200

  34. My SGS Fascinate just did 55.5 fps

  35. My Vibrant overclocked gets 78.5

  36. My Galaxy S GT-i9000 Formerly Known As Galaxy S GT-i9000T, get 59-60 but that’s without the OC and a custom ROM using ext4/all lagfix…

  37. Grrr! Wrong program! 55.6, sorry if I misinformed anyone!

  38. It’s funny, I was staring at the FPS numbers on Quandrant Standard and I seen my fps go up to 60 but hitting 59 steadily. My overall QS score was 1948 though. Not bad for a custom ROM (2.2 FroYo- Tayutama Edition Superlite v1.0.2) with just the lagfix [NO RFS-advanced a=e4] and all tweaks enabled. Since I set it up with this ROM, I haven’t had a need to do anything else. Just twiddling my thumbs wondering how I got such a perfect phone…

  39. My LG Optimus S got 41.5fps and my unrooted Motorola Cliq with the official 2.1 update got 22.6fps. As playstation will more than likely be an app rather than a single phone with it hard coded, im putting money on more bluetooth controllers and joypads emerging in the near future for some of the other devices that will be able to run the playstation app.

  40. im getting close to 90fps with 1.6 ghz Vibrant.

  41. Like I have been saying this ps3 phone is stupid wack and pure shit. Lets get this straight you want a playstation buy one not a phone. I cant beleive this is actually getting news obviosuly this phone is going to be shitthy lol

  42. Are people really getting mad at phandroid for reporting this lol It hurt peoples feelings lol IT is a phone! Don’t be mad because your playstation phone sucks lol. This phone was doomed from the begingin like Momma said above me if you want a ps3 buy one a lot cheaper then this garbo

  43. 57.6 G2… suck it Nexus S and Playstation phone… G2 for the win.

  44. People, how stupid are you? You’re attacking a phone that isn’t even close to being finished. Let’s see here, the phone is in its early stages, it’s going to run gingerbread, it’s rumored to have the same cpu as the G2(which may change), and people are already bitching. Pathetic.

  45. Yeah good to wait for the real deal….hey MR. Q have you seen the Cnet review of the Chrome book that’s coming out next year? Sure hope you do a post about it soon…y0

  46. It is a result of the concurrent garbage collection. They have to disable it for video playback.

  47. @Bod1ggity Nexus S is capped at 56FPS. Run something powerful like Nenamark. Nexus S blows that G2 away.

  48. I don’t get why people still use low end benchmark like Neocore. Nenamark and GLBenchmark 2.0 are much more advanced than Neocore in graphics because they use newer OpenGL ES 2.0 rather than the old 1.1. It’s like benchmarking a DirectX 11 graphic card with DirectX 9 benchmark program.

  49. These GPUs support OpenGL ES 2.0 and you guys use OpenGL ES 1.1 to benchmark them lol. I doubt PC people use 3DMark2006 on their 2010 cards when they have 3DMark11.

  50. This phone is a stupid idea!!!!!
    I understand the attempt of bringing a better gaming experience through a phone but if you really want to play a playstation hand held device buy a damn psp, youll get a way better gaming experience. Total FAIL!!!!!!
    This Idea is just as bad as 3D TVs!!!!!!!!!!

  51. I couldnt find nenamark or glbenchmark2.0 in the market… unless you need a rooted phone to get these apps. Just stating the obvious..

  52. @IIIYO, it’s on the market or go to their website.

  53. So it get’s half of a Galaxy S/Nexus S based phone with are axualy limited to 56 (so if the limit was gone it could be higher)…

    That sounds kinda silly for a PSP-Phone :P Love the hardwarebuttons for gaming, but i better hardware!

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  55. hmmm, I found Nenamark1 on my Optimus S in the market (26.5fps) but couldnt find it in the market on my Cliq 2.1.. I think thats why I couldnt find the apps the other day as I was searching from my Cliq in the market.

  56. @IllYo you can just download the APK file from their website for the Cliq.

  57. If I was sony I would release this as a phone and not tie it to the psp name to it, and get a jump on the Marvel Tri core processor. It would be awesome if sony was the first to release a device with this processor and what better than the psp phone to do this with.

  58. Saw the Playstation Phone at a dev-conference and ran the benchmark myself – Neocore runs at 58 FPS.
    Ran the quadrant benchmark 3 times and got scores 1680, 1900 and 1650.
    The Linpack benchmark gave a consistent 35+ MFLOPS.

    Beats any current phone hands down

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