[Update: Now With Video] Rubin Previews Motorola Tablet with Honeycomb


[Update]: For your viewing pleasure, the video:

Engadget took some phones of Andy Rubin playing around with a tablet. It’s got some interesting pre-release tid-bits about it:

  • Video Chat
  • NVIDIA Processor
  • Dual core 3D processor
  • Honeycomb

Here are a few of Endadget’s photos, with more in the link below.

[via Engadget]

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  1. it looks completely different than the android we’ve seen till now

  2. Oooooh, very sexy! ;D

  3. So HTC made the Nexus One, Samsung made the Nexus S and Motorola made the Nexus Tab. Also when asked if Honeycomb was coming to cell phone he simply said “Yes”. It’s funny because I called the “Nexus Tab” being the first Honeycomb tablet with stock Android a few weeks ago and also that Honeycomb was going to be the next phone update after Gingerbread.

  4. sexxxxxxy! This is the tab i’ve been holding out for since it was first leaked

  5. I agree with jdog I am a very confused person now.

  6. i think it be 3.0 honeycomb like 3.0.1 for mobile and 3.0.2 for tablets

  7. Wow that looks like one awesome machine. Can’t wait to learn more.

  8. They just released Gingerbread. When did they have time to work on Honeycomb?
    I guess they’re Google (and in the words of Bruce Willis) I bet they have people just sitting around thinking $hit up…

  9. Nice, nice, nice!! Now will it be affordable or just another $600 cat toy?


  10. You might want to fix that Engadget link.

  11. @dannyboy, they had two separate teams working on gingerbread and honeycomb

  12. exactly but i think his point was…. what is the point… why split your efforts when they could have ALL worked on ginger and got it out quicker and then ALL worked on honeycomb to make it amazing when it does release

  13. Nice, very sexy….

  14. I have been hoping for a Droid tab…hope this is it

  15. WTF there is a guy with a big ass camera pointed right at it and all we get is 2 lousy cellphone pics?

  16. Geez that lady was annoying, she seemed so clueless the whole time. Other than that, awesome tablet.

  17. The Dive into Mobile people are dicks..

  18. this is an 18 wheel driver’s dream device.

    in conjunction with a DEFY it aint goin’ to get any better.

    it will make laptops obsolete for going out for 1 day and relegate laptops for overnight and longer rides.

  19. throwing more people at development doesn’t always make things faster. They prep there updates in teams to keep their schedule going. I look forward to gingerbread coming to devices. We will see how late samsung can updates their phones now. If I have to go with a phone with an overlay I guess it will be motorola or htc. Honeycomb looks to be a great update. I like the use of gesture as a way to navigate the os.

  20. @Mensahwatts If the rumors are correct Verizon will be first to get this, so you will have your “Droid” tablet soon with Android ;P

  21. Really really cool!! Also looking forward to that new maps up lots of good stuff coming!

  22. They tried to draw him out into a apple versus google war. nice job Rubin on not biting! Douchebags

  23. Well I can say im not impressed. Especially if you get one and everyone out there confuses it for a small #pad. 7in :(. Get a notion ink “ADAM” They far outshine this.

  24. In for 2 – where do I sign :-)

  25. @Covert, Not even close to true. Nine women can’t have one baby in one month. Adding bodies to a project doesn’t make it go faster. There comes a point when adding staff actually slows a project. Comments like yours are as ignorant of the process as those who say, “They should spend less time on making videos and web sites and focus on getting ‘X’ out the door.” Different teams do different things. In fact, they likely don’t have just two teams (gingerbread, honeycomb) but several who work on individual systems, some which may be common, some distinct.

  26. yay Verizon!

  27. am i the only one the thought the host were annoying as hell…apple apple apple, gotdamn let the man talk about his product

  28. THIS is what I’ve been waiting for in a tablet. Finally. Does anyone know what size this device is? It looks to be 10″ but I can’t tell for sure (and if he said it in the video, I’m at work without speakers, so please be gentle).

  29. Better looking than the Galaxy Tab. Can’t wait FOR CES 11′!

  30. @ Paul T

    No he did not mention the screen size.

    He said honeycomb will come to cellphones also and the developers are being taught on how to combine the cellphone and tablet APIs so the apps just know whether it’s being accessed on a cell phone vs tablet and behave differently.

    I’m excited for this… good that Motorola was the chosen one. I loved the hardware quality and finish of droid phones… I hope that this is made of metal also

  31. Bobert, completely agree with you.
    Everytime he showed something one of the first things they would say
    “you mean like the iPad does” “like on the iPad” “The way Apple does it”….. It was a little annoying tbh.

  32. that lady was ridiculous in the video, she had to constantly touch it or ask him dumb questions, i wish he would of stood up and said back off bitch ha

  33. Samsung should gave waited…this (IMO) is much better that the galaxy tab. A Android Tab needs the proper OS. The Galaxy tab is ok, but would/will be much better with Honeycomb.

  34. The TAB IMO is ridiculous. It looks like that giant phone in the SNL sketches from a few years back. You’re either a Tablet or a handset….NOT BOTH! I have a friend at a local store (that shall remain nameless) that showed me that abomination before it was released…I laughed so hard I couldn’t even talk about it.

  35. And concerning the size…it is not a 7″ TAB. The average length between the base and tip of the thumb on a man is close to 5″. In the 3rd photo you can clearly see that his thumb is at the halfway point give or take a 1/2″ inch. I would say this is most definitely a 10″ TAB.

  36. Q: “How much is that?”
    A: “Literally? This thing is like ten thousand dollars.”

    Haha, awesome. It looks great

  37. Yeah she played the dumb-touchy-feely-b#tch part really well.

  38. Video link isn’t workin on my dx noooooonoooooo

  39. I think this is very intersting and gave me a really good insight into the way the development cycle works……and why the Nexus/Google phones always seem to be half a step behind where we think they should be…..

    I think they say “okay we want to build the next version of android….Manufacturer X, build us a phone with these specs…..” and they do….and google builds the new OS based on the hardware on their desk that Manufacturer X made them….but in the time that they are building the software, hardware takes another step….and by the time they are ready to release the new device/software, the hardware is already old news

    A different manufacturer has taken googles old software and mated it to the biggest and fastest hardware available…and released it…

  40. I am very happy with the Galaxy Tab. 7 inches is a perfect size for me. If it ends up getting honeycomb great, (well I’m sure it will from xda) if not I’m still happy. 10 inches is just to big for me. But what’s awesome about Android is choice.

  41. @ teardropcity
    That’s what she said!

  42. I just wanted to slap her hands with all the grabing she was doing. What a stupid bitch.

  43. Great VID & LOVED the reaction after Rubin’s closing coment on the price of the beta unit!!!!!!!!!!

  44. @LEE what are you talking about a step behind? in regards to what? That was a stupid comment and there not behind hardware wise so I really don’t understand you comment. If your going to say something like that at least back it up it sounds like you know nothing

  45. @Lee dumdass!

  46. He confirmed Tegra 2 phones out in a few days

  47. I think I busted a nut. Honeycomb looks effin’ sweet!

  48. I was hoping Honeycomb would include Bumptop as it’s desktop model, perhaps not on smartphones but defiantly on tablets running dual core graphics processors such as the one being demonstrated above. Bumptop seemed a really innovative idea, this looks kinda… ordinary, uninspiring and basic (desktop-wise).

  49. @ teardropcity
    That’s what she said last night!

  50. @8 and 12
    This tends to happen at huge companies. Blizzard for instance, work on the current(meaning known about, but not released yet) expansion for World of Warcraft, as well as the next one so that 6 months after the announced expansion launches, they can share some details on the next expansion they plan to release.

    It’s easy to say ‘just have a bigger team and you get faster releases’, but bigger teams don’t always help; too large teams are harder to manage and they’re often not needed, especially when the features needed to be done are known and the time-scale with a given team size has been planned etc.
    Having a smaller team working on the next update(laying the foundations, logging everything/making documentation clear) in advance then helps as the bigger team can come in once the previous release is done and finish it up, bug test etc.

  51. @Jason: Bumptop has been acquired by Google, perhaps they plan on implementing it in the future?

  52. I really hope this comes to run high-end games. it may be a bit much for a phone, but a tablet would be acceptable platform (to me) To have a bluetooth gamepad. prop it up on the table, and whip out your gamepad, and play something epic, instead of PMS Birds.

    Also. Honeycomb? i bet they all walk around with it on their phones. “for debugging purposes” of course. ;) Lol.

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