Froyo Leak for Epic 4G Was Not Final, Says Sprint



I’ve been under a heavy barrage from some of our readers, it seems, regarding the upgrade to Android 2.2 that leaked on Google’s servers. I was accused of spreading misinformation, but I beg to differ. My plea, apology, and the little bit of help I can provide can be found in an update on the original thread here. But that’s not what we’re here for: this is just a new PSA letting you guys know that Sprint’s come out saying that this update most certainly isn’t intended for production devices, meaning a lot of you (along with myself) installed a buggy update. And unfortunately for us, Sprint’s not giving any indication that they’ll be ensuring we’ll be stepped up to the final build whenever it does come out like they did for EVO leaks. For those who didn’t act on the leak, don’t: just wait until you get that notification on your phone or until the word that any update is safe comes from Sprint themselves. We know we won’t be in such a rush the next time around. [via Sprint] [Thanks to everyone who set me straight and sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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