WinAmp for Android Updated to 0.9.2, Introduces SHOUTcast


WinAmp has been in beta for a little while, and just as the TweetDeck team was, they”ve been moving fast to incoporate new features and eventually get to a 1.0 release. Today marks that day and you can find the final release of WinAmp for Android in the Android market now. It adds SHOUTcast support for those who were waiting on it. (And we know a lot of you were.)


The free, online streaming radio service adds over 44,000 channels of online music and talk shows right to the palm of your hand, a fine alternative to some of the subscription-based offerings currently available. Although the software version is 0.9.2, it sounds like WinAmp is just about ready to consider bringing on the final release. (And it already feels like one: there really aren’t any complaints we have save for a few features to bring it up to par with its competitors.) Go ahead and find it in the Android market today. [via TechCrunch]

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  1. Haven’t used Shoutcast ever, much less in WinAmp, but I use the heck out of Winamp on my DX. The stock music app seems to lock up randomly on me (especially if I’m using navigation at the same time), but WinAmp has been ROCK SOLID since day one.

  2. Nice. I was using StreamFurious to listen to Shoutcast streams but this is another good option. Once you bookmark a few good human-programmed Shoutcast stations Pandora and the other algorithm-generated playlists start to feel stale.

  3. Not bad, but until it has these options I won’t be using it:

    1. Add a custom ip/url (not just whats in the Shoutcast list)
    2. Control over which music folders to populate (or am I missing something?)
    3. Gesture control (an absolute must when driving, trying to hit tiny buttons while driving its a pain in the ###!!

    Also needs larger album art, but that’s not a deal breaker.

  4. I still use shoutcasts (have always)…very nice to have this functionality added. Actually want to download it now…

  5. Used it for 2 minutes and it forced closed on me twice.

  6. No EQ? Use PowerAMP :-)

  7. Seems to work ok (myTouch 3g w/Froyo) .. it had some problems when trying to search, but found what I was looking for within the “All Generes” menu anyway. Always liked Shoutcast on PC, good to see it come to Android.

  8. @max – PowerAMP is awesome but last time I checked it is not able to play Shoucast streams? I still have the free version… Does the pay version support this? I’ve been using XiiaLive but it’s nice WinAmp added this capability.

  9. I’m always in search of the “best” music player for my Droid 2. Seems that nobody has figured out how to include everything.

    @Dilbert – I’m a PowerAmp fan too, like Max. It doesn’t support Shoutcast. I haven’t used Shoutcast in ages though, and wanted a good EQ in my player, so it was a no-brainer for me.

    @Quick – PowerAmp allows you to select your media folders, has some gesture control funcions, and displays album art well in full screen and decently on the 4×2 widgets.

  10. Last time I checked there was no FLAC support.. And to that, I say “good day, sir!” If however, it’s there now, “game on!”

  11. does not support internal storage. Thats a deal breaker with my incredible.

  12. Why do you shoutcast when you have TuneIn Radio?

  13. Error parsing data when attempting to pull down shoutcast stations.

  14. Totally busted on n1. Parse error. wtf.

  15. @ACR
    I love tunein but I’m all for combining them into one great app.

  16. Nice no love for 2.1 for shoutcast…..hopefully soon!

  17. The shoutcast worked for me up until today – Thursday 2nd.
    Parse data error when searching. Something went wrong.

  18. Seems you can’t add custom URL? Even you can make playlist but you can’t add anything into it??!! Are they lost their minds?

  19. you can’t add custom url. they lost their mind, definitely, this will be uninstalled from my phone, asap.

  20. Wont play the streams :(

    SGS 2.2

  21. I cant listen to my own stream with it. it did work ok for pre programed radio tho but not what I was looking for

  22. how to use it?

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