Sprint Announces WiMAX Is Up in LA, DC, and 4 More Cities



Following the launch of WiMAX in New York City a couple months back, the 4G technology is being officially unleashed in a few more big markets that up until now were mysteriously lacking in next-gen mobile data. Los Angeles, Washington DC, Miama, and a trio of cities from Ohio with Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus are all now ready to roll on WiMAX. Still absent from the roll call was San Francisco, but Sprint promises the network should be up and running in the city that happens to be the center of the tech world by the end of December. WiMAX is now available in 68 cities across the US.

[via BGR]

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  1. Where is detroit?!

  2. We have had WiMax in LA for some time now :D

  3. I wonder how far south it will reach into Orange County. I can consistently get a 4G signal in Santa Ana but anything further south than that is spotty.

  4. When will Tulsa get 4g? Sprint should post their 2011 rollout cities.

  5. Where is Detroit Michigan!

  6. DC has had 4g since the evo came out, odd announcement.

  7. Where is Dayton, OH!

  8. But, where is Detroit, MI. According to Wikipedia, it’s the 11th largest city in the USA, larger than San Francisco!!

  9. Where is Miama?

  10. @David – We haven’t even had a test site that I can find in South Orange County. They seem to have built it out to the Inland Empire before heading south. But, if it is in Santa Ana, there is still hope. Even without Wimax, I am still thoroughly enjoying my EVO, great phone, will be even better when the Wimax shows up.

  11. I’m in downtown cleveland and still not getting 4g on my evo. Done a reboot, radio reset, and batt pull with no luck.

  12. seriously… WHERE IS DETROIT ???????? this “4G tax” without the “premium data” is getting OLD

  13. Haha, sprint doesnt have 4g

  14. Sprint store said Detroit was going to be online by September. They told me take so I would buy the 4G phone. I will state it like past comments, Where is Detroit!!!

  15. Doesn’t work in cleveland as of 30 seconds ago…

  16. Unfortunately Metro PCS runs Detroit! There’s a store on every corner (like Liquor Stores) and they even have 4G now! Also I read they’re getting their 1st Android phone….So like everyone else is asking WHERE’S DETROIT!!!!

  17. Miami here, still no 4g after multiple resets from 1pm until now at 11pm.

  18. I see, they completely missed Miami beach, and all the most popular spots. Good job Sprint in rolling out 4g in the areas no one cares about!

  19. We got Sprint/Clear Wimax 4G is Salt Lake in September. Pretty awesome overall with 6mb down and 1mb up.

    I expect Sprint to really crank out those towers now that LTE is starting to light up in several markets.

    They will want to lock up as many customers as possible before Verizon comes along and eats their lunch

  20. D-E-T-R-O-I-T ?!?!?

  21. San diego should be up soon…i hope

  22. Backwoods WV 4G please lol

  23. Ay for real though, WHAT ABOUT DETROIT!? FU*K MANNN

  24. Verizon will have 4g in san diego next month. What a shame

  25. were is detroit im getting tired of paying 10 for nothing over the past 7 months thats 70 dollars for shitty ass 3g

  26. Where is detroit??? If I could take my evo to t-mo I would.

  27. Sprint Reps, yes Reps as in plural, told me in June that 4g would be in Detroit by August. Never happened. Called, complained, Sprint Rep told me by November. Never Happened.

    Called again recently, was told no foreseeable plans to bring 4g to Detroit any time soon but that they were “working on it”.

    Fought like hell with them convincing them that my Evo on 3g uses no more than any of their other Android phones which are only 3g and that therefore until I got my 4g to credit my account the $10/month.

    They wouldn’t do that, so got them to do a lump sum credit of $240 ($10x24month contract).

    Still want my 4g, but got my tax credit!

  28. So my phone was messed up today and the 2nd level Tech guy who worked on it stated March 2011 for Nationwide 4G – I wouldnt even believe this close of a Date for even Detroit 4G.

    anyone else hear anything?

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