HTC Gratia Delayed to Unconfirmed Release Date [Update]


Gratia Pearl White

[UPDATE]: It looks like the entirety of this story may be slightly untrue. While many European regions still haven’t seen the Gratia, judging by the comments below (and some quick Googling) it is indeed available in at least Italy and Sweden. Looks liked HTC remained fairly quiet about it.

The HTC Gratia was supposed to become available throughout Europe in November. Check your calendar. If it looks like November is almost over, it’s because it is. Still no Gratia though. UnwiredView got in touch with HTC to see what was up, and it looks like the European cousin to the HTC Aria has been delayed, and no clear release date is known.

The delay could be due to issues with getting Android 2.2 onto the device (remember, the Aria has 2.1), or it could be something else entirely. We will certainly let you know when we find out.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. I think that’s a really nice looking device. It’ll be interesting to see how it sits with the Wildfire, which has been advertised quite heavily as an affording, Sense enabled device. This seems to step on its toes a bit in the mid range, and I don’t see why they think there’s a market for both.

  2. The Gratia is already for sale here in Sweden. Not too many vendors yet but still, they are in stock. The forest green one, that is. About five vendors thus far. No issues with 2.2!

  3. HTC Gratia 399 euro. Now available in Italy. Too expensive in my opinion.

  4. The Gratia is already for sale here in Sweden.

  5. Nandroid & dump the backup

  6. The Gratia is also for sale here in Denmark.

  7. I already own an HTC Gradia.
    A Black one infact. It’s called an Aria.
    It looks like all they did was change the battery cover to white………..

  8. Its for sale in Denmark now but only in black so far, and only 2 phonecompanys are offering it with subscription and a few shops are selling it with no handcuffs

  9. msgnyc is correct
    I am running an Aria with the Gratia 2.2 ROM. Works great!
    Kinda like the battery covor options…!

  10. Anyone know where to order the Gratia battery covers? I want to buy the white one for my Aria…

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