Nov 29th, 2010

Gratia Pearl White

[UPDATE]: It looks like the entirety of this story may be slightly untrue. While many European regions still haven’t seen the Gratia, judging by the comments below (and some quick Googling) it is indeed available in at least Italy and Sweden. Looks liked HTC remained fairly quiet about it.

The HTC Gratia was supposed to become available throughout Europe in November. Check your calendar. If it looks like November is almost over, it’s because it is. Still no Gratia though. UnwiredView got in touch with HTC to see what was up, and it looks like the European cousin to the HTC Aria has been delayed, and no clear release date is known.

The delay could be due to issues with getting Android 2.2 onto the device (remember, the Aria has 2.1), or it could be something else entirely. We will certainly let you know when we find out.

[via UnwiredView]

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