New LG Star Pictures Turn Up, Isn’t Stock Android, Runs Froyo, Performs Well in Benchmarks & Has HDMI Port

We only got a couple of non-functional profile shots of the device before, but one of our members over at managed to get two of these unreleased beasts and has quietly put out new pictures which confirm new details. Firstly, it has an HDMI-out port, something we didn’t know previously. You can see a door with the text “HDMI” on it covering up what we suppose is the port.


It’s also not running a slightly tweaked stock version of Android as we previously heard, and this particular model is infused with Froyo (but could easily be stepped up to gingerbread before it launches, I suppose.) The Tegra 2 that packs this thing is living up to its hype as it brings about a nice score on quadrant, and berryjuice – our benefactor today and new AndroidForums member (Congrats!) – says it completely outclasses their Galaxy S.


Be sure to stop on over to where these images were posted and watch out for new information from one of our very lucky users.

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  • Cody

    LG is finally fighting! I bet they can come back if they try hard enough!

  • Alexisshiis

    Anyways looks like a great Lg phone. I am a sucker for Lg android phones! Digging that UI layer looks better than Htc Sense,Samsung Touchwiz, and even Stock Android. Now all we need is the release date abd price which is either going to make it or break it. Oh yeah and Gingerbread!!

  • Super Troll

    LG sucks at Custom Android UI. Its so ugly.

  • Maj

    that looks surprisingly awesome, any word on what processor is it running ?

  • MyNameIsColeB

    That clock/weather widget looks really awesome.

  • IOWA

    Lol I never thought touchwiz would get ripped off.

  • Satsu

    @ Maj: Did you read the frackin article, or just hurry and post like an idiot?
    @ Alexisshiis: You weren’t first, you’re a moron.
    @ Super Troll: Looks like a one-off of Sense.

  • Chris

    1) Is it rooted yet?

    2) Rotate pictures…

  • Alexisshiis

    @Satsu you are a moron for replying..and this ui looks better than sense and touchwiz combined….
    Touchwiz is way uglier than this.

  • Clark Kent

    +1 for that clock/weather widget. Otherwise, what is the last good phone LG has made?

  • Super Troll

    Touch Wiz wanna be!

  • bigsg

    1759 on quadrant? pssh. My G2 does 2300 undervolted.

  • Fred

    @Alexisshiis – you’re FAIL, not FIRST… LOL

  • CR@SH

    This looks awesome. Anyone know what provider it will be on?

  • Carlos Condit


  • anon

    I’d be wary of a new android handset manufacturer if they aren’t running stock android. They may not be committed enough to release timely updates to the os.

  • investigator

    AT&T Or T-Mobile. One Pic Shows A “No Sim Card Inserted” Symbol

  • Jake


    I would UNDERSTAND if everyone else is going stock so there truly is a need to customize and differentiate your product in the market, but THAT’S NOT THE CASE!!!

    The phone looks five stars. LOVE it!
    That skin looks terrible. That’s just my opinion, but I wish they would leave the skin customization choices to the user. For example, they could include a CD with the cell phone that let you install software to skin the phone to LG’s liking. And they could name the CD “Android Ruiner.”

    I was going to be an early adopter of the new cortex 9 and get this LG phone because of the stock experience. NOW I will wait until Orion, get the better samsung chip, and still be left with a terrible skin (until it’s rooted and I flash that sh@# off of it) but at least have the (likely) better SoC.

  • Brian

    For a tegra 2 that seems like a low score does it not? I thought it would be like 2000 plus

  • Brian

    That does look pretty identical to touchwiz look at the bottom and everything

  • Max

    Am I the only one that noticed that it simply said Google on the back and not with Google….?

  • GtrKiller

    @Alexisblah… It looks exactly like the touchwiz! How is it better looking? Look at the notification bar with the WiFi toggle.buttons, home screen, the blue lettering. You must be really blind or a huge troll….

  • DonnyDon

    Its a shame its still Android though. No developers and no Apps = Fail……..Android needs a REAL Market to make a dent!!!

    Protect Developers like Apple does Google……..and theyyll come running!!!


  • DonnyDon

    BTW why does this look like touchwiz??????

  • dk206

    My galaxy s with lag fix is 2200. (2.1 stock)

    Btw this kernel version is dirty!!!!

  • josh halpr

    Ok, seems to have nice specs.. But hell, that is totally a touchwiz ripoff..

  • Rab Jacksin

    This phone blows. ugly and slow as balls. the stock mytouch 4g gets 1900 on quadrant
    myTouch 4G FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps, fuck off donnydon

  • mj

    Samsung’s orion chip is gunna kick ass for 2011 just like hummingbird did this year. Going to set a new standard.

  • berryjuice

    @Quentyn Kennemer – wow. never thought that information will be posted here. an avid everyday phandroid reader here. i just wish i can join your contests. :D

  • John

    This forum is about information sharing, not people bashing. People who can’t control their tongue need to get off here.

  • Carlos Condit

    ^…i wonder if they have a change of heart and release it with stock 2.3

  • jew

    What’s a hypotenuse?

  • Semianonymous

    …why is it using touchwiz?

  • User

    @Jake can’t agree with you more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reap

    Touchwiz fail lol.
    But the HDMI port makes up for it… sorta.

  • paris

    2 things…..this looks like friggin touchwiz Wtf! All lg does is copy off of Samsung in everything!!!!

    Those quadrant scores aren’t anything special. More-so underwhelming for “tegra 2″…..the galaxy with the lag fix has been seen to reach around 2000, and the newer snapdragon in the mytouch 4g scored around 1800….

    I’ll give LG points for the phone design and tge click, but gotdamn for once stop copying samsung!

  • Brian
  • Fred

    @DonnyDon – are you an iOS fanboi?

  • Zachary

    What donnydon said is true, if we had a market like the one on iOS we’d be set, but unfortantly we have the conjunked Android market, it needs to be refined and organized. There’s many crappy apps that never get used and are just cludder. And about protecting the devs… not a too shabby idea, its a start…
    And for donny saying what he had said, how does that statement make him an ios fanboy? What he said is true, Android is the best but with the market there’s a large margin for improvment, no denying that. Androidfanboy. Ftw.
    Why hate on first comments? Someones just bored so they did it for fun. Phandroid doesn’t care or they would’ve taken care of the commentsby removing said comments..

  • Zachary

    Nevermind, I re read what donny had said. Android isn’t a fail. Its winnnnn :D get off phandroid apple lover. We don’t want you here. D:<

  • Reap

    @zachary lol I like your second post

  • Mike

    It does have some ques from the Galaxy S line. I was really hoping for a stock device from LG. Though it looks like I will like the build quality, but If that stock Nexus S makes its way to Verizon I may get it despite the fact I’m not a huge fan of Samsung. I am just more into running a stock android device and getting my updates on time from Google. I do wonder on just how tweaked this Android UI really is. Though I think LG offers a choice of launcher on their devices. If this is just an overlay and not a full blown change like touch wiz, blur, or Sense then its the best of both worlds. I guess I just don’t understand the need for these UI’s. I get that they all want to appear unique, but is it really that distinct? Basically its a small change of the base of screen and a couple icons. Through in a small change to the camera and Music player and thats pretty much it.

  • Mike

    Wouldn’t be nicer if they put programs like beautiful widgets or Launcher Pro plus. Instead of fooling with the music player maybe just buying poweramp, winamp, Tunewiki for us. They already add things like swype. It just seems like that would be easier on them and everyone else. Think about it. They could just offer these various launchers in the market for a fee, and give people codes in the box to access the UI’s for free. If I buy an HTC phone then I get a code to download the sense UI for free, and everyone else has to but it for 5 to 10 dollars. Like Console games sometimes have points and codes to access things for their games. Why not do something in the same vein for android.

  • Techy

    Can you guys find out if the hdmi outputs whatever is currently on the device or just videos and gallery like previous phones?

  • aleis

    i just want that clock widget.

  • Hampteezy

    LG sucks – nuff said

  • Lucian Armasu

    For a moment there I started having faith in you again LG. But now I think I’ve just lost it. Do you REALLY have to copy everything Samsung does??

    Also I thought you were going to start using stock Android – big disappointment there!

  • Dickhead

    Does anyone know the name of that clock widget ?

  • dork

    stock android=best android.
    custom ui’s, suck it.

  • Maj

    i quickly skimmed the article, i usually check Phandroid at work and dont have enough time to read the article carefully :/

  • BD

    My Viewsonic Gtablet is scoring over 2300 :) $379 at your local Sears. Spend some time ripping the Viewsonic junk off of it though. Cyanogen is in Beta 4 release for it and there are several “lite” versions of the stock OS using the vanilla GUI.

  • keil

    um, the longest side of a right triangle? hmmm, the purpose…,…

  • aberkae

    They are comparing this to a nexus 1 froyo? they should compare it to Nexus S! I though it will get 3000+ score. Dual orion chips seems more tempting with ultra oled 2 screen.

  • limo

    i used LG cookie…and m proud 2 have that… thats why i expect so much from it…the specs are very nice, the device has a high built quality, 4.1″ capacitive screen, stereo speakers, dual-1Gz core(s) processor, separate graphics processor, to arrive with Android 2.3 & much more….