LG “Star” with Tegra 2 and Stock Android Coming Early 2011


Engadget’s just uncovered a beast of an LG phone – internally being called the LG Star – and its specs do not fail to impress. It’ll supposedly be equipped with NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2 chipset, will have an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen, and stock Android (though no version was discussed.) There also looks to be a front-facing camera packed into the front of this thing. Engadget has all of the tasty spy shots of this thing right here. I think 2011 will be a very good time for Android fans if this early peek of what’s to come is anything to go by.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. make this shit the next fucking Nexus

  2. This is the type of thing the people want!

  3. Knowing this kind of thing is coming could have a severe effect on sales of the Nexus S.

  4. Well, it’s Google tm :) not “With Google”…. so maybe Nexus G or smth…

  5. Yeah, cuz everyone wants an LG phone right?

  6. As soon as it’s rooted and CM6 is ported I’m buying this phone. These are the specs I’ve been holding out for….

    Lets just hope LG put some quality into it…

  7. People get so personal when phones come out lol. As if it left a scar in their past life. If it’s not for you, then leave it alone. Find something you like.

  8. i wonder how Tegra2 performs compared to the dual-core processor supposedly in Samsung’s Nexus S

  9. I want to have sex with that phone.

  10. These specs are superb, but we know little about the Nexus S. I hope they don’t just release the Galaxy with Stock Android…but we’ll see.

    The only thing this LG-Phone needs is the brilliant sAMOLED-Display from the Galaxy S, it really kicks…you know what.

  11. @ Maj What makes you think Nexus S won’t have a Tegra 2 chip, too? Nvidia has already announced that Samsung is a big customer of theirs.

    Also, I doubt Orion is ready this early, and I think Honeycomb has been optimized for Tegra 2 mostly, and they might just use Tegra 2 with the code optimizations from Honeycomb to hurry up and launch Nexus S.

  12. i remember this phone was the rumored phone lte phone verizons ceo was carrying around i hope its true

  13. Yeah, I wish that was the next Nexus…

  14. $10 says it never comes to the US.

  15. when the words “stock” and “android” are together it brings joy to my heart…more phone manufacturers should jump on the stock bandwagon

  16. Nice specs and FINALLY, we are getting some more stock android! If it was made to order, the only thing that I would look to add is a 4.3 or 4.5 inch screen and a kick stand.

  17. Wow! Lg rocks!

  18. I love the specs, and the fact that its stock android. But why does it look like there are two different size devices? In all of the pictures where you see the front and the back of the device, the one on the right is slightly smaller.

  19. The only downside seems to be the 1500mAH battery… how optimized are dual core’s for battery life? Last thing I need is a phone that I have to charge every 3 hours. This phone is still amazing, and I still will be getting this, if it comes to verizon. That aluminum strip down the back should double as a kickstand… that would be freakin incredible. Waiting to hear more news on the insides of the Incredible HD as well.

  20. HTC should make a phone with the same specs and better build. LG is sht, neva gonna buy this

  21. Sum it up in two words, “Pure Vanilla.” That’s what I’m talking about!

  22. I was just reading on android police that this phone will have LTE so my bet is that it it heading for Big Red (Verizon) they have rumored to be launching a few LTE phones early 2011

  23. @Ronak… This phone doesn’t look shoddy at all. It looks very solid. HTC makes my favorite phone’s not argument. However, this looks like a really nice, well made phone. Back in the day I had the LG Chocolate and loved it and it took quite a beating and just kept working. I have nothing against LG (cellphone wise) and I hope this “High End Model” really does well and raises the bar on all the other Android models.

  24. won’t get it until i see what samsung has up it’s sleeve in February

  25. It does look like two different phones. One looks smaller and the buttons on the side do not exactly line up? Also, the aluminum bar on the back looks like a Kick Stand, but it is going the wrong direction for Android … I thought this was the way you would hold/stand a Windows device? (e.g. Dell Venue Pro keyboard slide this way)

  26. @Pimstrong – LG makes some excellent hardware, some of the best camera phones out there. Now that software will be up to scratch….

  27. I will take a tegra 2 over any of the other dual core offerings for the simple fact that nvidia is committed to gaming. The best games WILL be on this platform….that’s a fact.

  28. now when you say stock and this coming to verizon… does that mean it wont have bloatware (city id, bing)?

  29. Hmm.. Incredible specs. Though
    If I’m not mistaken, I read somewhere that the gpu in galaxy s was more powerful than tegra 2. Anyone confirm this?

  30. This is the first phone that makes me want to leave my droid1. Why everybody has to put their crapware on top of Android I’ve no clue.

  31. This better come with all of the google goodies and none of this carrier bloatware garbage

  32. … and I do want that phone!!!

  33. You lost me at LG.

  34. @Dan, negatory. As far as I understand, Tegra 2 beats the tar out of everything before it. Pretty sure it’s dual core too….

  35. Lucky Goldstar brings in the star

  36. Maybe this is a another version of the Nexus heading to another crrier other than T-Mobile. Or TMobile may get this & that Samsung phone goes to another carrier n be branded as the Nexus

  37. Ever phone rumor comes with the same comments; I want stock this no bloatware this and No custom UI. Root the darn phone. set it up how u want it or dont get it. and no need to complain cause none of those things are going anywhere. with that said Sence is great. Doesnt this phone look like it was made by htc. looks just like the touch pro 2 in the front and a cover off the touch pro. sprint versions of course.

  38. @Dan Galaxy S Hummingbird is alot faster than Tegra 2 in GPU. Galaxy Tab does 53 FPS while the Tegra 2 in AC100 does only 27FPS. Quadrant score for AC100 with Tegra 2 is 1,911. Maybe Quadrant is not optimized for dual core CPU yet. We don’t know how fast the CPU side is but its GPU side is pretty weak so far.

  39. Read http://bit.ly/90nD9n for more info on the Tegra 2. This article also suggests that the GPU in Tegra 2 isn’t as powerful as the one found in the Orion. I too, would be very surprised if this GPU outperforms the PowerSGX540.

  40. Lookin good. Too bad it’s a Luck Goldstar…errr Life’s Good product.
    Their stuff has been cheap crap since I was a kid………

  41. The Tegra2 supports two Cortex A9 cores… each one is about 25% higher performance at the same clock rate as the A8s that pretty much everyone uses today. And they’re more power efficient .. of that’s due to the die shrink relative to most A8 implementations. More here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/2911

    They don’t say much about the GPU. Same design as in the Tegra 1, about 3x faster due to various improvements (faster clock, faster memory). It does run the Unreal 3 engine… most mobile GPUs will not.

    There are definitely other competitors in similar performance classes… sort of. The latest PowerVR stuff, ATi’s embedded stuff (which is now owned by QualComm), and even ARM themselves are building new GPUs for some level of mobile computing, which will include OpenCL support at some point. Not all of these are really cell phone oriented… the higher end PowerVR, for example, are more targeted to tablets and netbooks… for example, the SGX535 (same GPU used in Apple’s A4 chip) is the engine in Intel’s GMA500 and GMA600 chips. The Galaxy S uses a faster SGX 540 GPU. PowerVR is from Imagination Technologies… like ARM, they only license cores, they don’t make chips.

    Of course, this is the same thing we’ve seen on desktops… each new chip may be faster still. TI’s OMAP4 is very similar, but using the SGX535. Samsung’s next-gen Orion promises dual A9s and a GPU that’s “5x” faster than their current SGX540. But keep in mind, Tegra2 devices were all over CES last January, and if we’re lucky, they just really start shipping before this upcoming January. So the delay from SOC announcement to real device can be a long wait.

    The battle is on….

  42. msgnyc… Samsung claims the Orion will have 5x the CPU power of the SGX540, probably using ARM’s own MALI-400 GPU. So no, the Tegra 2 won’t beat that. It looks to be in about the same performance class as the SGX540, but after a point, you need real systems running actual benchmarks to evaluate these.

    And they’re not scheduled for mass production of the Orion chips until next summer (2H2011), so you’ll have a wait. Maybe longer still, too.. there were Tegra 2’s all over CES last January, but we’re still waiting for products.

  43. this phone is just to damn sexy i want this compared to my piece of crap lg ally! android

  44. Please LG bring this phone to the U.S. Stop putting your high end phones in Europe and Asia. Americans will pony up the dollars for a device like this!! We want it now!!

  45. Yeah, this should be the next Nexus One successor. What I would add/change is switch the location of the “Home” and “Menu” buttons (personal preference))and it could use an optical trackpad and a kickstand(don’t think that aluminium piece on the back is one ).

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