Black Friday Deals See Price Cuts for Phones through US Cellular, Target

In just a little over a week malls will be overrun, parking lots will transform into hell on earth, and millions upon millions of holiday-frenzied shoppers will descend upon retail outlets. While it never sounds like a fun day to go out searching for gifts, the deals always seem to make it worth it. A few more Android-related price cuts have come to our attention, this we learn of holiday savings from Target and US Cellular.


Target will host an Android deal triplet with the HTC Droid Incredible, HTC Aria, and T-Mobile G2 all dropping in price. The Incredible and G2 will be $49.99 on two year contracts, while the Aria is a pocket-friendly FREE with a new carrier commitment.

US Cellular’s Android lot sees some major price manipulation, with the Samsung Mesmerize dropping to $100, the HTC Desire reaching $50, and the LG Apex and Samsung Acclaim reaching that lovely price of free. All deals require new contracts and mail-in rebates.

Anyone looking for a new phone will have no shortage of great prices next Friday.

[via AndroidGuys, MobileBurn]

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  • Dan

    the incredible is already free w 2yr contract at wirefly

  • CR6

    Yeah, but then you don’t get to enjoy the always popular pushing and shoving that comes along with a thousand greedy shoppers trying to rush through the front doors as soon as they open! :)

  • swehes

    I am more interested on what the phone would be off contract.

  • BF Smartphone Deals

    There are some unbelievable smartphone deals out there. You just gotta sort em out.

  • Martin X

    I never had a smartphone.

  • shinobi3432

    think the 49.99 will hold for tmo people who’s contract isn’t fully up yet?

  • Omar R

    At staples ,the office supply store, the ALLY is a penny. no taxes. no rebate. But only in a few locations in southern Cali. Droid X 100 bucks too.

  • Printable Coupons

    super amoled or retina display?

  • miles

    you think I could pricematch the mesmerize I bought last week? I will be well-within my 30 day return period.

  • Chris

    Yes you can get the price back for the 30 days. I talk to the guys at USC all the time and they were trying to get me to committ before the sale.

  • johnmqbanjo

    Great deals out there but I sure don’t want to put up with crowds. I also like the idea of better customer service than the big box guys Here was my choice I’m selfish about my time these days