Android Ad Impressions Match iOS in Latest Millennial Media Report



Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix report is in once again, and for the first time Android holds the same share of smartphone ad impressions as rival iOS. Last month we saw Android overtake the iPhone in ad revenue, but fell short of the top spot. While growth hasn’t quite reached the same level in terms of total share, for the first time Android is no longer behind Apple. Resting at 37 percent each, I wouldn’t call it a stretch to expect Android to be number one come next month.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. For comprehensive graphs for the entire year of 2010 from various sources, see (scroll to the bottom)

  2. I love hearing that android is doing well. But since apple has 1 phone and android has countless phones I don’t really get the numbers/% comparisons. Doesn’t seem appropriate.

  3. HSN is selling the Galaxy S Tablet right now, and they are doing a bang up job of making Android sound awesome, and making Apple sound like the tool bags that they are.

  4. Ip4 is over hyped like always. it’s a great phone but I would never get it. If I found ip4 I would sell it in a heart beat. I rather have cash! Android is for me. That’s what’s up!

  5. Of course it stacks up. The iTurd is loved because of the OS and the apps. Just because Android offers more phone options (smart) does not mean the stats aren’t a s meaningful. It means out-thunk S. jobs.

  6. Percentages lie. The fact is, there are inversely more free apps on Android than iPhone, hence there are more apps relying on ads on Android. The question is – who sells more apps?

  7. @Davis: iphone is 4 phones, not 1. Iphone, iphone 3G, iphone 3GS, and iphone 4. One might could say there are even more, with the different gb choices. Then there are the ones they release in other countries. You do realize that a lot of android phones released in the US are the same as released elsewhere, just with different names. Also, Verizon is releasing the incredible hd/mecha soon. That is a version of the Evo. The reason it is compared, is because android phones have only been a viable smartphone choice for a year. Before that, people gobbled up all the different models of the iphone. It is apple’s fault they haven’t released more phones, on more carriers to keep up.

  8. @Davis – You are at least correct in your belief that the number of handsets Android is on dwarfs that of the iPhone. My question is…so what? People are choosing the iPhone because of the OS, pure and simple (or maybe because they believe it’s the only phone out there). People are choosing Android as an alternative to the iPhone, but gives a better user experience than other smartphone OS’s. Quantity of handsets and diversity of carriers doesn’t hurt Android at all, but it’s not the only factor driving Android’s growth. Afterall, you can get WinMo, WebOS, Blackberry, Palm, & Symbian on multiple carriers and/or multiple handsets, but Android is the only one showing real growth.

  9. @Level Headed

    “Percentages lie. The fact is, there are inversely more free apps on Android than iPhone”

    No, the percentages don’t “lie”, they just answer a different question from the one you made up.

    “inversely more free apps on Android than iPhone”

    Wow, there is only a small fraction of one free app in the App Store?

    “The question is – who sells more apps?”

    Apple, for now, that is well-known and not too newsworthy. But it wasn’t the question. Those of us in advertising do, however, care about which platform can give us the widest reach, and it looks like it is about to switch to ad mob, which already gives better access to key demographics. Google’s goal was never to sell more apps, but to sell more ads.

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