Could a Gingerbread Build Hit Nexus One Developer Phones this Week?



We’ve all heard the rumor that November 11th could be the day the oft-rumored and much talked about Android 2.3 gets unveiled. While we would have expected to hear of a Google event by now if that were the case, perhaps big G is going for an understated approach with the release of Gingerbread (or they want to kill a poor blogger’s wallet with last-minute airfare to a press conference). Nevertheless, Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez, who seems to be involved with the Open Handset Alliance, has tweeted that a build of Gingerbread will be hitting Nexus One developer phones over the next few days.

His original tweet in Spanish, when translated reads:

“Prepare your Nexus One (Developer version) for Android OTA update 2.3 (Gingerbread) for the next few days”

Now any credibility you lend to this tweet comes from Mr. Vasquez’s LinkedIn profile, which lists him as a member of the Leadership team at the OHA. We’d say don’t be too much stock in this just yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if its true. Do you think Google makes a last minute announcement this week? Or are people getting a bit too antsy for Gingerbread?

[via BGR]

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  1. *licks his lips*

  2. This is awesome, but I still am worried about the fate of the nexus two lol

  3. We a probably about a month early, just like this summer. What exactly is a developer phone? I have a phone, and I’m a developer, but probably the wrong kind (Not a Google dev).

  4. Google will show up at one of the already scheduled media conferences at the end of this week to announce it, they want to make sure iPhone 4 and Windows Phone 7 (Microsoft’s current best) is competing against Gingerbread (Google’s current best)

  5. Hah! Only DEVELOPER version all you guys can lick your lips but if you don’t have the developer edition you are out of luck ;) although I’m sure give it a week or two and a non developer version will be created.

  6. @Mark

    You have to have the Nexus one bought under a google developer account to get this gingerbread version. And being that you said you aren’t a google developer you most likely don’t have the correct nexus edition.

  7. @2FR35H

    Pretty sure folks at XDA will get the ROM in the minutes following that release… I’m not worried my N1 will get it ASAP!

  8. I’m guessing that developer phones will be getting pre-release builds. Remember how the freebies given out to media and developers got the FroYo builds first? The release is probably still several weeks away. I’m not expecting to get it on my AT&T-band N1 until December.
    I don’t want to be frustrated or disappointed like I was waiting for FroYo. I don’t expect Google to do any better at communicating this time, so I’m setting my own expectations low.
    My consolation: I know it’ll still be months before any other phones get the update.

  9. ^EXACTLY.
    C’moooooooooooooooooooooooon Cyanogen!

  10. @2FR35H – I have a Nexus One handed to me by Google as a part of the Android Device Seeding program, because I had developed a nice program, and because Google rocks. Still, I haven’t had any special treatment compared to my friend, who bought her Nexus One as an ordinary user through the web shop.

  11. And there you have it folks, the single most compelling reason to buy a nexus one! This officially marks the 5-6 month wait for everyone else! Like seriously y’all just got 2.2…

    Lols to the fanboys!

  12. @greenleaf….are you implying that your licking mr. Vasquez’s lips?

  13. Do you guys think the Nexus Two might come out during Thanksgiving? Or is that too optimistic?

  14. I just got word from a friend at Google headquarters that they’ve removed the 2.2.1 ota update from their ota servers. New update coming so yes we will see 2.3 in the next few days.

  15. @mark

    Then you should receive the ota then because you got a developer phone. Another way to tell is if you have the android guy holding the barcode flag on the back of your nexus one from what I understand those are the developer phones

  16. Don’t matter what Nexus One we got. Cuz doing a manual install is more likely is what gonna happen with most of us!

  17. Almost tempted on backing my rooted N1 to stock just to see what it will be like.

    Bigger question, seeing that the G2 is the closest to stock Android out there for non-rooted phones, when will T-Mo update it? They finally look like they get the big picture, hopefully they won’t delay updates too long.

  18. I hope so but…I’m starting to think that a really good update can only come if these skins ….stop

  19. Please, I give it max 2-3 days before someone takes the developer version and makes it available for all Nexus Ones.

  20. i have t mobile nexus one, but im not developer. so….am i first or what.

  21. So… my question is when they are done with testing it on the developer N1’s will this be rapidly released to the Regular N1’s and also G2 seeing as how both are stock android?

  22. Ok, I need to get an android phone ASAP. Should I get the Nexus One now, or wait until the Nexus Two or Motorola T2

  23. @qwerty

    I suggest waiting, no real point in buying an old device when a new one with the same intent is coming up. Nexus Two will be the replacement for Nexus One.

    No you aren’t first developer’s are first then later non developers edition follows and so forth.


    Well… Only way to see is when it is released. Also I do recall a certain Nexus forum getting a read only state of affairs.

  24. @SSA more like 2-3 mins … Nothing special has to be done. All someone has to do is point us to the OTA server. It’s always an open server and all you have to do is download the update and manually apply it.

  25. Ok, but how do you know for a fact that the nexus two will actually come? It may come next year, but I was hopeing to get something by thanksgiving or the end of this year

  26. hoping*

  27. I’m not a developer, bought an N1 from Google and received the 2.2 update pretty quick. C

  28. @qwerty…I feel a desire to tell you to get a droid…but if waiting for a update is not your thing…then sadly I say…best to wait to see what’s next.

  29. Didn’t get you there Mensahwatts, but w/e.

    Do they have an estimate as to when this phone might be out? I really don’t want to have to wait too long, but I can wait until Christmas if I have to.

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