Gingerbread Coming November 11th?


We all expect Android Gingerbread – otherwise known as 2.3 – to debut sometime very soon as Google’s already added a huge replica of the tasty treat to their Building 44 lineup, but we don’t have an exact date. Previous rumors have pegged it for November 8th – to coincide with whatever Samsung’s announcing in New York – but our friends at IntoMobile have gotten word from a trusted source that we won’t see it unveiled until November 11th. As with any rumor, take it with a grain of salt (remember when the Gingerbread SDK was supposed to be coming out two weeks ago?)

android gingerbread

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. samsung nexus s…common baby!

  2. when ever it is, coming out is a piece of great news! com’em google!

  3. I would hope for something alot more advanced than a galaxy s…

  4. First.. I suck

  5. hey i hope it does push out soon .

    even better if the samsung nexus is announced on monday ala android and me. fantastic phone with stock android, cannot be beat

  6. so does this mean that there wont be a samsung nexus s and its all just rumors?

  7. I get a feeling that I won’t be looking forward to Gingerbread nearly as much as I’m looking forward to FroYo on my Vibrant. I don’t expect a lot of innovation buy hey, I’d be happy to be wrong on this one.

  8. I wish some other company other than Samsung made Nexus Two.

    The Nexus One had a very solid feel to the hardware. Quality hardware, felt heavy and built strong.

    The Galaxy S Lineup all feels crap. Cheap plasticky stuff. I really hope if Google is going to let them develop the phone, they ask them to “up” their standards abit.

  9. The Nexus s better come out lol

  10. Do they have an estimate as to when such a Nexus might come out? Man, the end of Q4 2010 and Q1 2011 seem to be really exciting coming up. I am also looking fwd to seeing that Motorola Droid T2.

  11. The Samsung nexus two was a myth don’t u people read or keep up a lil more with this no one knows as of yet who will b making it it’ll probably still be HTC as it should.

  12. Guys.. there is no proof that Samsung will release a Nexus Two. Even Samsung said that it was false..

  13. @Wello Companies say that and I hear that if someone leaks any info on this phone they will be sued for millions, its a NDA that they are made to sign. If Samsung passed on making the “Nexus Two” it will another in a long line of fails. The Nexus One is the only Android phone that hasn’t been forgotten in 3 to 4 months.

  14. I hope Samsung doesn’t release any new phones in the near future, that way it will force them to concentrate on fixing the plagued Vibrant. I swear this phone is a piece of shit right now.

  15. Samsung didn’t deny that they are making the nexus 2. You are reading copied reports from one person that was wrong. Apparently no one on the Internet does any sort of independent research. So I took it upon myself to translate the Korean article. It took all of 10 minutes for me to have more journalistic integrity then any other blogger out there. The article referenced when translated via bablefish and google translate all contain the words “not true” which has been taken by everyone to mean that the nexus 2 doesn’t exist. However the article goes on to say that “the likelyhood of a [google phone] is even greater”. no where does it reference
    The question posed or the persons position at samsung or even if they work at samsung! If that doesn’t debunk the debunking….well ask yourself why would samsung hold a huge event inviting all forms of tech media to see the continuim. A phone with lower or equal to specs as a galaxy s.

  16. Just a reminder the date for November 11 is for the SDK, not Google pushing 2.3 to Nexus phones. Big difference. I think we’ll see 2.3 pushed to Nexus users by end of year.

  17. Usually, though, when stuff isn’t true, they don’t deny it, they just say that “We don’t comment on rumour and speculation” or whatever. There may be times when the company actively wants a buzz without giving anything away. To say flat out “No, that’s fake” makes me think that it actually is fake.

  18. I’m actually more interested in the possibility of the Nexus 2/S coming out than the Gingerbread it will run on. I’m trying to get my wife a new phone but I can’t get over paying the $15 a month extra for hotspot functionality that is baked in to stock android. I’m just trying to figure out if my wife would go with taking my N1 and I could use the new N2/S…;)

  19. didn’t google say at one point that they would be cutting back to one release per year? do we need an intervention? im worried the good folks at google may OD and end up with their entire lawn cluttered with dessert statues.

  20. I have a G2. Will the gingerbread give me a FFC on my G2?

  21. @The Reverend: Please tell me that’s sarcasm because if it isn’t your more dumb then the iPhone fanboys. FFC is a hardware spec not a software spec.

  22. Omg, is the Nexus s coming out or not? If not, I might as well go for the n1

  23. Google should just have 2 Google I/O’s a year. They have so many things they have to announce. They have to announce Gingerbread,Chrome OS, Cloud Print, Google Me, Google Games, Google Music, Vevo for Android, and Google Docs for mobile. Why not announce it all at one event… save some money. At least it will be all about Google for the entire day across the entire world!

  24. I just got an update notification on my Droid 2 for 2.3. Installing now

  25. @The Reverend: Yes, gingerbread will definitely give you a FFC :)

  26. Samsung said no they are not making a nexus s, but who knows really and no gingerbread will give u fcc…. I just hope gingerbread is a as good of a jump as 2.1 to 2.2 was.

  27. Okay so I dont get it will froyo or gingerbread be released first?? Waiting impatiently for my vibrant to get 2.2 and how will gingerbread give you a ffc????

  28. @Alessandro That wouldn’t be a good idea because this is part of their plan to end fragmentation, if you didn’t know after Gingerbread phones will only get one update per year. It makes sense that at I/O they show off Ice Cream for phones and release it to the manufacturers so that when November rolls around it can be sent out to every phone no matter if it has a skin, 6 months should be plenty of time to get ready. The reason it takes so long for people to get OS updates is because you have to wait on Google then Manufacturers then on the Carriers to do their final checks. Of course hopefully Google does continue to sell a Google phone every year because being first in line for Gingerbread is fun.

  29. So are there any new android phones coming to tmobile by thanksgiving or Christmas that I will be able to get? Do you guys know of anything else? I said I wanted to get the nexus 1 but I feel even google is just trying to come clean from their marketing failure. So instead of going for an outdated n1, should I just wait for this speculated n2? I really don’t know what to do now

  30. Sa, the nexus one is hardly outdated. It features the same specs as phones that came to the market after it and keeps up with the best of them.

  31. Yeah, but what about the processor? It is pretty outdated. I don’t mind getting it, but I don’t wanna regret it if the nexus 2 comes out.

  32. i either want them to update this on EVO and give option to disable sense, or i want cyanogen to grab this ASAP and give it to me,

  33. 1ghz is outdated? ok guy, whatever you say.

  34. I hope whatever Samsung is announcing is high-end and stock. I’m eligible for my upgrade now (with TMO)and i cant decide between the G2, which is great besides the 800MHz processor (which is fine except I’m concerned about Gingerbread and Honeycomb updates not supporting the processor) and the MyTouch 4G, which isn’t as attractive and lacks the keyboard but has the better specs. The Mytouch would be the easy answer for me if not for HTC skinnig the damn thing, which worries me about update timing. I mean, look how long other sense UI devices have taken to be updates. =(

  35. Lol phoenix, I didn’t say 1gHz was outdated. I meant the Snapdragon itself, because of the newer ones coming out. Jeez. But I am just gonna wait

  36. Woot. Gingerbread is on the way!

    I’m actually not a fan of gingerbread, so I never thought I’d say that…

  37. it is only the Gingerbread SDK. Look at how long Froyo took to release to skinned phones. It will be a long long time before any of us see it on our OLD 2 month old phones. Better luck finding it on your upgrades. They are always going to promote new phones with new OS not update your old phones instead. We will finally see it just not for a long long time. Better learn to live with no warrantee phones that you have rooted instead.

  38. LOL. Android fanboys

    Gingerbread will come out 6 months after the Froyo release, so that means early December. The source code (SDK) may be released over the next few weeks, however.

  39. so is the google nexus s going to be available on all carriers? if so when??? uggggghh my captivate 30 day trial is about to end, i dont wanna regret for two years, LOL

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