Gingerbread SDK Coming Next Week?

Another rumor to start the early week off. According to Android Police, a source of theirs has let loose that the SDK for the update to Android Gingerbread (2.5? 3.0?) will make its way to the internet next week. I question the validity of this claim considering Google has yet to say a word about the forthcoming iteration. It’s not often that we see them (intentionally) release the SDK before formally announcing the new version. (And I do discern the difference between SDK and the source code here.)

If this does somehow turn out to be true, it doesn’t mean that a release would be on its way right afterward. It could be weeks before we hear more about it, but it’d at least give us an early look at what Google’s looking to do with Android going forward. Rumor has it that this new version will either be tailored for tablets or will be a good starting point leading into that before Honeycomb.


While source code from the AOSP would still be miles off, we’ve seen the geniuses from XDA create full-fledged ROMs based on the SDK image before. If we do end up getting an SDK release next week, expect no different (especially considering everyone’s excited to see what Google’s done UI-wise after grabbing ex-Palm user experience leader – the man directly responsible for webOS’s polish – Matias Duarte.)

Let’s just try to not get too excited before we’re actually able to confirm or deny this rumor. I guess we’ll all know by the time next Friday rolls around.

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  • Bryan

    It’s got to coincide with a hardware release. Also, this may sound stupid, but: It’s Gingerbread…like for Christmas? Coincidence? I think not. :-D

  • PhaseBurn

    I personally prefer the not-used codename that it almost was, gummibear. But that was nixed before FroYo was FroYo, and it was still tentatively called flan. Oh well. The Gingerbread builds are looking good, but still a bit buggy. The new UI doesn’t impress me too much – it’s a bit darker, looks a little more like WebOS but not too much, and is kinda like Sense UI’s color scheme was applied to stock android with out the fancy widgets and graphics. I do like the new YouTube interface, though…

  • kidphat

    @PhaseBurn: Is this a description of Gingerbread or are you talking to yourself?

  • Nate

    I don´t know if I should believe you, PhaseBurn ;). “a bit darker” sounds realistic. I think that the look of the “new” voice search is applied to all dialogs and everything else.

    I really need pictures of the new UI :D

    And I hope that my expectations of Gingerbread (UI) are not too high…

    And I´m looking forward to the NexusTwo (or whatever the next stock-android-dev-phone will be called ;)) with Gingerbread on it :)

  • Ryan

    Oh really?? Care to share any screens?? ;)

  • ToastnJam

    I seriously doubt this guy has a clue what the gingerbread builds LOOK like, let alone whether their buggy or not. Get a life dude and stop acting like you know more than you do!
    (I’m not a doctor, but I play one on the internet!)

  • LOL


  • AndroidEyez

    Nate the nexus two is actually the G2

  • LOL


  • LOL

    @androideyez your totally wrong. It’s an HTC phone with no google involvement in making the hardware for the G2.

  • AndroidEyez

    And as fas as Gingerbread goes it will hold to all the hype I think Google has not let us down yet so show some loyalty !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m an android head I own mytouch 3g, G1, mytouch slide, nexus one, moto cliq, G2 also the HTC HD2 for just playing around and waiting for USA’s T-mobile to drop the Desire HD I no I have an addiction problem to Android. Google yous should us me as a beta tester.

  • 84guy

    @AndroidEyez g2 is not a dev phone. so its not the nexus 2. the g2 is the next g1. hence the name lol

  • Nate

    No, the G2 was planned to be the NexusTwo but actually it isn´t. I don´t think that the G2 is meant to be a real dev-phone like the NexusOne is/was ;)

    Btw. I´ve heard from a reliable source that the “NexusTwo” will release in Q1 2011. (and the specs are sounding good ;))

  • tward09

    PhaseBurn, you lie!

  • Andrew53517

    Phaseburn, care to share more…post pics even?

    And nate: nexus 2? By who? What’s it gonna be like?

  • GMG

    Maybe this “Nexus Two” will be the “Glacier”?

  • Neto

    maybe half of you fuckwits should die in a fire? yea lets go with that. NONE of you have any fucking clue as to whats going on just like the rest of us. i heard this and i heard that and my friend,s neighbors, vets cousins former football coach who smoked crack during recess in front of the kids knows the specs for glacier.

    its gonna be wicked fast. retards.

  • going_home

    The Nexus Two will be sold in stores this time so the masses can touch them before buying.
    Google is far from giving up on unlocked non carrier specific phone sales.


  • hector

    few chances that we see a full fledged rom based on the sdk image… if the rumors about 3d gaming are true, there should be new apis that need new drivers, and that can’t be reverse engineered

  • Nate

    what I know so far about the NexusTwo:
    manufactored again by HTC, 1.3-1.5 Ghz CPU (so I guess Dual-Core-Snapdragon), Gingerbread ;), Q1 release.

    Things that I’m guessing but don’t exactly know:

    -higher resolution screen (we’ll see more of these displays by years end ;))
    – 1GB of RAM (I think Eldar said this)
    – front-facing camera
    – screen >=4″

  • Droid_FTW


    Interesting stuff.. Whose your source?
    Also, I thought google was done with the Nexus’ because they “failed” at that? Which is why they closed the store…

    But That would be a sweet phone. I just have a hard time believing it till we get more hard evidence or leaks on it.

  • Dylan

    There will always be a market for Nexus One like devices. When the Android platform surpasses the current capabilities of the Nexus One, Google will undoubtedly release another dev phone. Because of the fact it comes preinstalled with an unlocked bootloader, the dev phone is the one of the best test beds. When Google released the N1 as the Dev Phone 2, they basically said “We want you to develop on the device that we feel best encompasses the platform.” At the time, that was the N1, and the G1 before that. However, I do not feel that we are going to see a radical platform shift in the near future (at least not before Q1 2011). I think Google made the N1 with a bit of future-proofing, and it’s going to take a good bit to dethrone it as the best development phone.

  • Nate

    sorry, I won’t tell you who my source is. but I trust my source completely.

    and I tried to get more info but my source didnt want to tell me more :(

  • UX-GUY

    PhaseBurn does work with the Android guys. So all you guys bashing him, just STFU. Kthx

  • AGx

    Google didn’t “fail” at the Nexus, just the marketing and the way it’s sold. While I myself want one, I refuse to slap down $500 for something I couldn’t even touch first. Same goes for the Vibrant. The specs of the Galaxy S brand impressed me. The Vibrant released and I hate how it feels. I would never buy it regardless of how good it is.

  • AndroidJason

    If I remember correctly, Google did say that it should have the next version of Android by the time it turned cold.

    I currently have the HTC Droid Incredible which I have enjoyed very much. I am also looking forward to seeing what Google will do with the UI of the next release.

  • Adam

    I want Gingerbread on my Evo. ‘Nuff said.