PayPal Android Market Payments Announced then Quickly Pulled


PayPal is about to announce Android Market integration for app purchases, in fact they already did. Someone must have had an itchy trigger finger when they threw up the blog post announcing the new payment method, boasting the ability to do business through PayPal on the markets of the big three mobile platforms. That post was quickly pulled from the company’s corporate blog, but thanks to things like Google cache, retweets, and the diligent eyes of the internet the news still got out.


The assumption is that the news will still come out officially at some point today in conjunction with PayPal’s X Innovate conference, and the ability to make Android Market purchases should make its way to handsets shortly.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. They might wan’t to change that before they re-release it. It says 80,000 apps, while Google has confirmed 100,000.

  2. “Now our 90 millions accounts worldwide can pay for apps”

    Ummm…. does this confirm all countries have paid apps support?

  3. Don’t know why they don’t just leave it as is and let the charge go to your cell bill. Works fine for me! Going through a third party such as PayPal will only raise the cost.

  4. @ToastnJam: Like if your telecom is not a third party… You try to present it like it is harder for Google to making a agreement with 1 or 2 payment services (Google Checkout, Paypal) instead of hundrends of mobile operators worldwide.

  5. Personally as a developer I think this is a good thing. I don’t know why so many people complain about PayPal being fraud, etc. The only bad experience I’ve had with PayPal is with ebay- and that’s eBay’s fault because eBay sucks handling fraud. For small transactions like android market $1-$4 purchases, I think whining about possible fraud is a little over the top. Digital delivery is more reliable than say when u didn’t get that ninja sword shipped to u on eBay. People are associating a bad experience with the wrong company here I think.

  6. PayPal is owned by EBay, so they are one and the same company, but, you are right, the problems were with payments for physical shipments from small vendors, so it should not be an issue with digital delivery.

  7. Well?

    Where is it? I want my customers to buy my apps using paypal!

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