[Update] Your Droid (X and 2) Does Overclock to 2.0 GHz


We already know that the Droid X and the Droid 2 can be overclocked, but did you know that they could be overclocked… to 2 GHz? Matt4542 and Joe – members of Team DeFuse (get it? eFuse? DeFuse?) – have taken it upon themselves to crank this thing up to 2000 MHz using setCPU, their Fission ROM, and some scarily good magic.


It’s not stable, apparently, and we can’t tell from this video if real world performance gains are much better than what you’d get from the stock 1GHz on both of these phones, but they’re working feverishly to get this thing running smoothly as they believe that the processor (TI OMAP 3630) inside both of these are capable enough of doing so.

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic

[via Droid-Life]

[Update]: Ladies and gents, we’ve been duped. It’s been determined that this whole thing was a hoax after Coolbho3k questioned the duo’s developments. After he responded, Team DeFuse posted another video showing how they were able to “overclock” their phones to 2 GHz. They then proceeded to “overclock” it to 3 GHz. Judging by the method used and the fact that they refuse to show any benchmarks, I think it’s safe to say that we won’t be believing a word they say. 2GHz was actually believable. 3 GHz? Come on, guys. [via Android Central]

PS: You guys have accused us of spreading misinformation with this story. We reported this story on the basis that Droid-Life – in the original source link – pegged Team DeFuse as credible. You then go on to compare us to Android Central (second source link) who reported the same and later updated their findings, as well. Not to sound like a sour mouth, but if you look at any other Android and technology site that reported the original story, you’ll find that things weren’t much different across the board.

If you stop following Phandroid over this one hiccup, you’ll have to stop following Engadget, Droid-Life, Gizmodo, Android Central, and countless other sites because we didn’t do anything they didn’t do. That’s not to throw any of those great sites under the bus, I’m just protecting our name here. That said, I apologize I didn’t see the updated situation fast enough. It’s not in my blood to knowingly spread false information.

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  1. Sooo jealous being a d.inc. user who loves his overclocking!

  2. It is actually pretty stable :) Sometimes you will get a little lag but nothing bad. Now with games, I tried Angry Birds and it was playable with a little lag. Then I played NFS Shift demo and that worked fine.

  3. This is like running the Hero at 768MHz, the freezing and crashing just aren’t worth it.

  4. 768mhz runs smooth as butter on my hero. Didn’t on a previous one, it is hit or miss, but at 710, pretty much everyone runs smooth.

    2ghz is just plain ol’ silly.

  5. Thats going to kill that CPU! Im sorry…thats just dumb…

  6. @ Steven – its primaily about ability and not functionality. No one would actually keep it running that fast.

  7. this may not be a true overclock, over in the galaxy s forums you can put in a 1.6-1.8 kernel and stecpu will tell you that its running at that speed when it is actually not. so this may not be all that beleiveable

  8. So Motorola was right when the promised a 2 GHz smartphone before the end of the year.


  10. Another overclocking post that is useless in the real world. Not only does overclocking devour battery life at breakneck speeds, but the instability issues aren’t worth the hassle. Just because you can get a stock 1ghz phone to say 2000mhz doesn’t mean you’ll be better off doing this to your phone.
    It’s kind of like having a Lamborghini Murcielago. (ok, not really but you get the point) Sure it’s fun to take out on the weekends, but it’s not a practical daily driver and most of the time it’s going to sit in the garage collecting dust while you drive your Honda Accord to the job site each day.

  11. Kill the CPU? How about kill the BATTERY?! I’ve been struggling to get 8 hours on my X – these guys probably get 8 minutes.

  12. Still waiting on a rom for the Fascinate Matt4542 promised us at the FascinateForum over a month ago. “Buy me a phone and I’ll dev a rom for you”. yeah ok!
    Sorry to call you out buddy but you’ve been MIA over at FF for a month after soliciting funds for a new phone. Just sayin, wouldn’t put too much stock in what Matt does..

  13. It’s like the galaxy s is a Porche 911 twin turbo. And the Droid x/2 a mustang with a supercharger.

  14. is worst than the stock speed.

  15. How does one overclock without replacing the kernel?

  16. @GergS
    “It works by changing several parameters directly in kernel memory to fool both cpufreq and its lowlevel driver.”

    Described by the developer of an app which overclocks motorola milestone (which is just as locked as DX)

  17. Nice!!
    I want to see the benchmark.

  18. THey just overclocked it to 3Ghz.. Crazyyy

  19. yeah,I second what the guy above said,lets see quadrant,then I’ll believe it.

  20. @GergS no need to replace, just modprobe in the stepping module you want.

  21. Sorry, but I have a hard time believing this without benchmarks. This same exact thing happened a year ago with the G1 and people were claiming >1.2 ghz overclocks (from a 528mhz original clock). People thought they found a way to use custom values in the frequency multipliers but it turns out all they changed was the way the clock speed was reported, it didn’t change the actual clock speed. I have a feeling the same thing is going on here.

  22. What does BogoMIPS read?

  23. reference to the galaxy s and droidx is backwards…I would consider the galaxy s the mustang…looks good, goes fast, then you see a turn and realize if you don’t brake you’ll most likely die. The droidx isn’t great out of the box, but I’ve played with both rooted and the droid blows the galaxy s phones out of the water!

  24. lmao! this so fake, not being a hater, i like the droid x/2. but the developer of setcpu CONFIRMED that this is a fake overclock, just like how @colorfloh said above. …still stuck on my mytouch 3g… :(

  25. Let see some Quandrant benchmark vs Galaxy S. Galaxy S still have highest quadrant score even though the 3D planet scene is capped at 56 fps.

  26. Why do benchmarks keep coming up? We all know they should be taken with a grain of salt….at least you SHOULD know this by now.

  27. I guess FascinatingFreddy WAS right! Don’t believe anything Matt4542 says. This was all a hoax!! The boys over at Android Central just broke the news, check it out!
    WTG Matt, looks like you’re making friends all over the net with your lies and deception.
    The funny thing is about that video Matt or his buddies posted….he scrolls a couple of pages after showing is phone running at 3ghz, like the scrolling it faster on his 3ghz than my 1ghz. LMAO!!
    Nice job AndroidCentral for blowing their cover!
    And Phandroid, perhaps you guys should do your homework first before blindly releasing crap like this!

  28. lol these guys are obviously jelous of the G2, btw G2 beats all in terms of “beast”ness

  29. Shouldn’t the min value be the same as the max value. At least when I use setCPU it changes.

  30. Second ToastnJam. AndroidCentral has had up on their page for a day now that this is a fake and you guys still have it up. This is seriously the third story in 30 days that you guys have had bad info but AndroidCentral has had good information. Come on guys. My faith is very low in this site already and this only makes it much worse.

    1. @Belowradar Android Central reported this story just as we did. They determined it was fake after the fact, and after we saw the bickering between “Team DeFuse” and coolbho3k, we’ll follow suit. And we’ll update our report accordingly, just as they updated theirs. I fail to see how they’ve been any better in this regard. I could see if we’d posted that supposed “3GHz overclock” when Matt emailed us again.

  31. @ToastNJam we did do our homework. There was no way to tell if it was fake, and we took Droid-Life’s word on the duo’s credibility. It wasn’t until after coolbho3k responded that everyone determined this was a hoax. Every other Android site (and even some of the bigger tech sites) reported this and retracted or updated their reports afterward. I don’t see why you guys feel the need to single us out in that regard. If that’s the case, you might as well stop reading Engadget, Android Central, Gizmodo, Droid-Life, the list goes on.

  32. I love how everyone is like “Wow phandroid you lied”. Really get over it. Who cares. Notice how they are apologizing, it means that they actually care about there readers unlike other places that just care about money.

  33. hate to say it guys but i managed to get “2 ghz” on my dx today as well. ran just like the d2 in the video did but if you notice the screenshot at the top it says performance for the scaling. thats how i got mine to work. post up some screenshots of quadrant and linpack for us. i dont know if these guys actually got it working but i got 3 mflops and mid 300s on quadrant. if youre using performance for scaling on setcpu its not real.

  34. Phandroid shouldn’t even need to apologize. Every blog spread news on the net. Not all news turns out to be true. So what?

  35. this isnt a real overclock people. its just a number, the number was unlocked in the kernel. the processor never actually hits 2.0…….. my god you people will believe anything wont you.

  36. yeah this isnt a real overclock at all, tested it myself. its just a modification to the kernel source.look it up yourselves…………………. its not real, just some fix to make it look like it works. fail.

  37. 2GHZ, what are they smoking?

  38. 2ghz is alot, although the htc thunderbolt has a dual core 1.2ghz processor, so i mean its possible, but only if its a dual core. alas, i have been able to get my phone to a maximum of 1.14ghz even though its only a 1ghz processor.

  39. my htc thunderbolt when overclocked got to 4.223 GHZ, it was crazy! i dont know if u about phones aton, but i do know it was real. it was literaly loading apps and internet way faster than before.

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