Gingerbread to be Android 2.3?

There’s a reason we haven’t been calling Android Gingerbread 2.5 or 3.0 – Google themselves have never committed to a version number, as far as we can tell. Today, it’s been discovered that Google was actually calling their next “major release” Android 2.3. There’s one reason we can’t outright assume this will be the version number for Gingerbread: 2.0 was named Eclair and the subsequent 2.1 release was also considered a major release with no new accompanying codename (even if it didn’t add that many features going from 2.0 to 2.1 opposed to the jump from 1.6 to 2.0 or 2.1 to 2.2.)


Most people will say that version numbers don’t matter, and that is true sometimes. But a lot of people will take a jump from version 2.2 to 2.3 as being “uneventful” compared to a step up to 2.5 or 3.0. At the end of the day, it’s up to the software team’s versioning practices and philosophy, and I haven’t quite been able to peg Google’s. It’s hard to take this Googler’s comment without some salt considering things often change in short periods of time in technology, but for now, this is the first evidence uncovered suggesting Google’s settled on a version number.

[via Android Central]

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  • Rajesh

    Google is not clear on it as well. Remember ANDY’s latest interview, He said “we don’t know next version would be 2.3 or 3.0, but it will have ……”

    The major difference would have been inclusion of tablet support/Chat, if they would be able to pull it off, then it would be 3.0 or otherwise it will 2.3.

  • jerry

    honeyComb will be 3.0 .. the tablet release .. 2.3 Gingerbread is just a makeover

  • Ric

    Well so far Gingerbread is shaping up pretty uninspiring imo – a glow on kinetic scroll lists and neat powerdown animation?? That sounds exactly like 0.1 upgrade to me alright.

  • hector

    I think that it’s just a quick response to the preceding comment regarding “a major release”, meaning that “if it were 2.3, it would be considered a major release”

    But maybe i’m just making too much stuff up ^^

  • hesoyam

    Yes, Gingerbread is probably just a makeover but I’m still exited about one thing – gpu accelerated UI. I really hope motorola will recognize the importance of updates und will bring milestone to 2.3.

  • Daniel

    Well look at Froyo, it is a rather big update and it only went up 0.1.

  • Daniel

    Well look at Froyo, it was a rather big update and it only went up 0.1

  • Daniel

    Well look at Froyo 2.2, it was a rather big update and it only went up 0.1

  • SavageJeep

    If there is a 2.3, I am hopeful I will bet an updgrade. Google had previously stated that a Moto Droid would not be powerful enough to run 3.0. Maybe it’ll have enough for 2.3 though…..

  • Daniel

    ^Omg these comments are glitched.

  • Christopher

    Gingerbread for the D1 and N1, nice!

  • Terrence

    Well that explains why Lenovo said they’ll be waiting for Honeycomb instead of Gingerbread for their tablet. Honeycomb must be 3.0

  • Terrence

    @Ric didn’t you see Google I/O? We’ll also be able to stream your entire home music library to your phone, you’ll be able to start app and music downloads from your computer to your phone, and web apps are gonna get even more functionality (like access to phones hardware, such as acceleromoter, camera, and more) which will make them even more like native apps, but better since they wont take up space on your phone. This will be much more than just a makeover and cool powerdown animation

  • Chris S

    Great Gingerbread Google, 2.3 for the Droid & Nexus1!

  • Paul T

    Regardless of the version number… 2.3, 3.0, whatever… each new release is a step in the right direction, toward a more robust, usable, and beautiful operating system. I have a feeling that Gingerbread is more than just a “makeover”, but even if it isn’t – it’s a small but beneficial move. And I believe Phandroid’s doing a good job of telling us what they know about the upcoming release(despite critics who believe nothing but the opposite). Android FTW!

  • Steve Jobs

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  • android

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  • fubar

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  • Dianne

    “Google had previously stated that a Moto Droid would not be powerful enough to run 3.0.”

    Except Google never said such a thing, because Google has never said *anything* about any version numbers except the ones that have actually been released.

  • Dan

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  • Samurai

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  • fubars gay partner Steve jobs

    I love me some gingerbread

  • Steve

    @SavageJeep they never said that. The 3.0 spec thing was a rumor google later corrected.

  • Dave

    I honestly don’t care what update number it has I just care that its a major update. Finally we will be getting video chat and many more features it has been missing. Hopefully in a future realease flash can ever improve hopefully

  • thedicemaster

    @Daniel: no they aren’t.
    hitting back and changing what you typed isn’t going to magically overwrite your previous comment.