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Internet is finally good at one of these live events so here goes nothing… pictures to be added later so this is text only! Refresh for latest.


6:00 – TVs are $599 to $1399 and right now we gotta leave you – time to go hands-on to see if we’re gonna fork over the money to buy one ourselves. And of course, if we recommend you do too.

5:59 – they just showed their first commercial that will air and it looked pretty good. Especially liked the part where everyone was playing jeopardy on a huge screen while they used Google TV on it to search Wikipedia for the answer. Nice.

5:58 – Available at BestBuy October 24th on the shelves. Available pre-order now at but also available for purchase this weekend.

5:56 – Sony is targeting a younger demographic with their Google TV

5:55 – “Thanks to the flexibility of the Android platform, Sony Internet TV can grow and evolve”

5:52 – What we’re seeing isn’t revolutionary for Google TV as we’re pretty much seeing what we saw with Logitech. However the remote (if you ask me) is a lot more intriguing). Just like… my opinion, man.

5:51 – By the way as predicted they announced 4 different sized TVs – should help everyone grab something Google TV related with the different TV sizes and Logitech Revue being the lowest cost

5:50 – He is about to give it a test drive. Kevin is capturing video. Nice!

5:49 – He just said his favorite show is Jersey Shore. Kill me.

5:47 – Netflix, NBA, Qriocity, Pandora, CNBC, Napster, YouTube and Twitter will be the pre-installed apps on Sony Internet TV. Lots more to come when Android Market comes in early 2011.

5:46 – Android and Chrome leveraged to make the searching experience comprehensive…. and better.

5:45 – Remote borrows design elements from PS3. Full QWERTY keyboard, built-in mouse functions, change channels, volume, control Blu-Ray and DVD player. Single remote for all functions necessary in living room.

5:44 – Internet TV Blu-ray disc player will be $399

5:42- he just said regular TV apps are “so 2009″… a statement that is “so 2008”

5:41 – Why is this different? “Fatter pipes into the home”, “More relevant video content”, “More capability in our devices- higher performance”

5:40 – they just unveiled the TV from a white cloth along with the remote and Blu-Ray player. All look super sleek and sexy – decked out in white.

5:39 – Calls it “Android OS Open TV Platform” – BOOYA ANDROID!

5:37 – they just showed the remote and it looks pretty bad ass (pictures coming)

5:36 – announcing Sony Internet TV & Sony Internet Blu-Ray Experience


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  1. If a Netflix app is ready to go for GoogleTV, and it in effect is based off of Android, then why don’t we have a Netflix (streaming) app yet?

  2. does it do 3d?

  3. Pfft, nothing that a PS3 firmware update can’t get me. ;-)

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