The HTC ADR6325 (Merge) for Verizon Shows Up in the Wild


A while back, one of our tipsters informed us of an unused model number for an HTC Android-based handset for Verizon Wireless. The model number was spotted on the Droid Incredible’s USB cable that listed other compatible devices. At that time, the only other HTC phone on Verizon was the HTC Droid Eris so we naturally thought “new phone!” We were finally able to confirm it to be a new device when another tipster later sent us an internal shot of the model number in Verizon’s database. That database entry was later updated to include a name – the HTC Merge. We thought it could be another device by HTC for Verizon that’s been making its rounds, but according to BGR’s latest leak, it isn’t.


This phone is also equipped with a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard (though the backing color is black instead of red) and has a 5-megapixel camera opposed to the 8-megapixel camera on the 4-inch device (which we still have yet to be able to put a name to.) The screen here looks smaller, as well, though I can’t really confirm this myself. We also know that it’ll have world roaming capabilities, something we’ve heard before. Make your way to BGR for the full gallery.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. its called the lexikon not the merge

  2. I was going based on the model number that BGR provided, which is the model number for the HTC Merge. This does look a lot like the Lexikon, but BGR seems to be suggesting it isn’t.

  3. BING = FAIL

  4. i wonder if it’ll have the new sense by time it hits shelves.
    i’m pretty sure htc will push that out to major sense devices like the evo and incredible after the desire hd and z hit the shelves.

  5. Just noticed the bing….major fail….though I would like this phone with some CM goodness.

  6. i knew that it HTC Merge had full slide-out keyboard since like a couple of weeks ago, someone who works for HTC has leaked that for me :D it was my first insider information in my life

  7. what makes sense better or vanilla better?
    i’m just asking cause i mean they kind of do the same thing just in different ways.
    and i don’t want to hear one gets faster updates.
    i want to know out of everyday use what makes one better then the other.
    i’m just curious.

    also i wonder if this one will have that unique sliding thing like the G2

  8. It looks pretty sexy, but too bad they didn’t put any dedicated buttons on the keyboard to fill it out.

  9. I thought for a while that I might have regrets about buying the Fascinate, with new HTC hardware on the way, but I’m glad now I didn’t wait. This thing has the same size screen (less Super AMOLED), a QWERTY keyboard, which I would never use, global roaming SIM, which I would never use, no trackball/trackpad (which is the only thing I don’t really like about the Fascinate, hardware-wise), and it has Bing too. No matter, almost as soon as I got my Fascinate, I rooted it and removed Bing, SUPER easy to do (just root, install Root Explorer, rename the .apk file, and install the Google Search app). Oh, and unless this thing has some surprises under the hood in terms of GPU performance, the Fascinate will still whip it in gaming performance. Given the choice between the Droid 2 and this, I would take this in a heartbeat, but I wouldn’t trade my Fascinate for either one.

  10. the bing thing is REALLLLY not that serious. its a 10 min fix on the fascinate. while i agree we shouldnt have to do it, its really not the end of the world. stop crying ladies…

  11. And so the possibility again increases that this https://phandroid.com/2010/08/27/new-htc-device-gets-pictured-for-verizon-could-it-be-the-htc-merge/ .. is not a Verizon phone after all.. still thinkin (hoping) Tmobile myTouch HD

  12. not a verizon phone? LOL wow im sure people will be thrilled to see that their tmobile phone has the verizon logo on it.

    anyway…il pass. Still waiting for that evo/desire looking device with a front facing camera

  13. @dennis

    sorry, totally misunderstood your comment.

  14. Hopefully Dan Hesse gets a 4.3″ in this, Front Cam, and a 5th Row and calls it…EVO Pro…Well…one can dream

  15. I want a hardware keyboard on my next phone and I can’t leave VZ so I’m getting this over the Droid 2. While this phone’s hardware isn’t exactly top notch (no front facing cam, no 5th row on keyboard, and cheap battery door as compared to Droid/Droid2 or unibody design of nexus one, legend etc.) I’m definitely choosing this over the Droid 2.
    For one I HATE the skin on moto devices and prefer sense (especially sense 2.0) to stock android.
    I guess I’ll just have to root to get rid of bing and other bloatware.
    Hopefully one day HTC will bring the REAL high-end construction (legend, nexus, desire Z&HD) to their handsets on verizon. sorry but the cheap plastic on the incredible and horribly designed eris just aren’t cutting it for me.

  16. Bing? really?

  17. Sick but I thought it was called lexikon… i just hope it comes out before Christmas and I’m totally buying

  18. @brad

    This has an updated Snapdragon, which has an updated gpu. Its been said to be comparable to the PowerVR 535. The iPhone 4 has the 535. The Samsung phones have the 540. The X has the 530.

    The Samsung phones wont “whip it” in gpu performance, they will still be better tho…and yea I might get this over the Droid 2 too. And a hard keyboard is better for emulators..believe me I tried playing defense on Tecmo Bowl on my X…not good…

    It has Sense UI, which many ppl say is the best UI on Android phones..

    The real question is given the choice between the Fascinate, this and the Droid 2 what would u get if u had no phone right now?

  19. Verizon’s once top of the heap android lineup is going downhill fast. Sorry vzw I want a trackball and Google on my Droid.

  20. If its got Bing it ain’t worth S#(T! They have to go screw up a great thing they had because they think MS will bring more money to the table than their customers! They might at first but once they see us leave for phones with a Google experience they might wise up.

  21. All these people saying they are going to leave Verizon because of Bing. It’s rediculous. Verizon has the best network, period, that’s why you’re already with them. And if you want Google instead of Bing you just download it from the Marketplace and stick the widget on your home screen. So what if the hard search button brings up Bing, just use the touchscreen. I love my Droid but hate the keyboard, but being a long time Blackberry user I still prefer a real keyboard, especially for long, work emails. This phone looks like it is exactly what I need. I prefer Google too, so I’ll just download it.

  22. @dennis
    I hope the phone you’re referencing is htc’s verizon alternative to the supposed motorola t2 and its sure to be locked bootloader.

  23. This looks nicer than the desire Z as usual the Euros got screwed….why cant the keyboard in the desire-z have directional keys like this?

  24. Looks decent, but I still don’t know why in the world HTC would have backtracked from the Touch Pro2 keyboard. 4 rows, come on!?!?

  25. @ckeegan — I know: no dedicated number keys ftl

  26. I wish the G2 looked more like this. Aside from the touch pad I love this design. If gives it a little something more than all the other HTC phones most of which look like they came from a factory with one designer who makes the same phone over in over with different screen sizes and OS.


  28. if this had a front facing camera with it i would be all over this phone

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