New HTC Device Gets Pictured for Verizon, Could it be the HTC Merge?



If you have been hoping for an HTC EVO 4G-like device on a CDMA network that isn’t Sprint, Verizon might have just the ticket for you. Some leaked pictures of an unknown HTC handset have made their way to the internet bringing along visions of 4.3-inch screens and kickstands with brushed aluminum accents on Big Red. According to BGR and their source, the device will easily put the Droid 2 to shame. It might even end up as a world phone, and if you were wondering, yes, there is a front-facing camera.


Given the only new HTC device we have heard associated with Verizon recently is the mysterious HTC Merge, might this be the very handset in question? It may be too soon to say, but Verizon’s leaked roadmap doesn’t exactly seem filled to the brim with HTC handsets, and given the Merge is moving through certification at the GCF, it may be the world device mentioned. More images at the source link below!

[via BGR]

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  1. It’s like a merge of the Evo and the Desire HD.

  2. Now THAT is a sexy phone!

    I can’t stand the EVO because all of the red accents. This thing looks good!

  3. Now that is a beautiful phone… shame I’m in the UK, that is what I want for my next phone

  4. WOW okay now I like that… Might need to buy and keep my Inc as a backup. The thing I do not like about the EVO is the round circles around the buttons. They are not needed

  5. Hopefully it has a dual core processor. Else the Droid X is still ahead.

  6. Sounds like the specs for the Droid Pro?

  7. This is what Ive been waiting for….

  8. i thought it is the baby of the evo and sexy nexy.

  9. So, if it puts the droid 2 to shame does it also spank the X? If so…….. is this the dual core? Or is it a 1.3 gig processor? Either way, i love the evo, it is freaking amazing with 2.2! The X is also an a$$ kicking phone. The evo is beautiful and the X is a beast! This over processed phone doesn’t excite me. Not yet. The battery drain like the evo is going to be horrendous. My X has a great charge. So, until htc gets better power supply im not going to jump. Plus, i don’t think the over processed devices are going to matter until next year or even later. Till then, im perfectly content with 1 gig processing. But, im also not a gamer. I use my alienware and xbox for that. So i guess if u are heavy into small screen gaming then this is for u.

  10. Argh, the droid x, almost had me, but i love htc!!

  11. Ouch. I love my Desire to pieces, but…ouch.

  12. I understand that BGR’s apparent “source” said it was a Verizon phone but with no Verizon markings anywhere to be seen I am keeping my fingers crossed that they’re wrong and it is Project Emerald for T-Mobile. That would be especially sweet as I am regretting switching from the faithful HTC to the Vibrant but my G1 wasnt holding up anymore.

  13. Aw crap I just got my Droid X on Monday, don’t give a shit be cause my X beats my Sisters Droid Incredible and my dads Evo 4g.

  14. My prediction is that this will be VZW’s first LTE device. Why else have a front facing camera without 4G speeds?

  15. My bet is that its the Vanguard. I *love* it!!!

  16. Rumor is that Project Emerald is that kiddish Mytouch Hd. :( I was wishing it was this or something else. Anything but that damn mytouch espresso crap.

  17. Must resist… Must wait for LTE…

  18. Just because it has no Verizon branding doesn’t mean anything. The original leaked Incredible shots didn’t have any Verizon branding either. Just “HTC” under the earpiece.

  19. Damn this phone almost makes me wish I was on Verizon…

  20. Needs to be LTE, but I don’t know if those devices will hit before mid 2011. I guess we will all find out at CES in Jan.

  21. @Steve: Same here man, I wish T-Mo would have a 4.3″ screen android phone.

  22. Nice phone.. I have a feeling this is a window 7 phone… don’t know why just a hunch.. but if I’m wrong sense killed this phone…

  23. o wait correction not a window 7 phone.. i forgot window 7 wont be able to be skinned.. so it is a Android phone with sense… so yea would be a killer phone if it didn’t have sense

  24. i hope it will have an HDMI port

  25. Whats so great about it ?? its a repackage of the same old HTC crap with lousy battery life as they all have, no thanks

  26. Nice phone. Let’s hope this is HTC’s first phone with decent battery life. I like the fact that the camera is flush with the battery cover. Not sticking out like on the EVO.

  27. hopefully its not another CDMA phone, we need more GSM phones for the hungry android fans in the rest of the world

  28. what says Verizon about this?

  29. I think I just wet myself.

  30. Meh..X is still better especially when froyo drops soon

  31. I don’t know if I hate VZW or TMO… but I do know I wish TMO had a 4.3″ phone already. Hell VZW has 2 now!

  32. I look forward to checking this out. I love my Motorola Droid. But I have considered HTC. .We will see if its this or the Droid x come upgrade time. And if a two for one deal is. Available.

  33. I see that the form factor of the evo is inspiring this design. But why would someone complain about the red accents on the the, you don’t see it unless take the back cover off and if u don’t like it leave the back cover on the phone stop messing with it. Then someone complains about the circles around the touch buttons, why it doesn’t hurt the look of the phone or the way it functions. I personally think the evo is a great phone with a really good design and to see that it inspired the design of this new device tells it all. For all the evo hater’s if you don’t like the phone you should have never got it in the first place. And for the one’s that don’t have it but want to complain, I find you ignorant, try it before say something about. EVO ROCKS, AND SO WILL THIS NEW PHONE

  34. @Steve

    Hopefully its a newer version of the Snapdragon. That will help with the battery life.

    If not….that would be sad.

  35. Looks pretty sweet.

  36. More of a reason to hold off at least till the end of the year to get the Dx, or possibly this beast.

    My wishlist:

    8 MegaPixel+ Camera

    720p+ Video Capturing

    iPhone 4 Pixel Count

    Front facing camera

    Droid X+ sized screen

    2.2 FroYo +

    Verizon Wireless mobile carrier

    No lag or choppyness (Moto Droid 1 =(

    All of that and I’ll definitely sign on.

  37. Looks good, now we have to see the full spec sheet.

  38. I know y’all always say T-Mo cry babies, but this is why… We want THIS phone! We get stuck with sidekick-like tweeny bopper phones. Yea, we were the first with the G1, but hit us with something high tech like this! Yea, We have the N1, but that was a pain in the ass to get ahold of. I was up for renewal and they still wanted full price for the thing.

  39. I bet you this is the project emerald. Verizon isnt going to get another 4.3 inch screen

  40. Shit! i hope it doesnt have sense and this is just a prototype. Project emerald is suppost to be first phone with 3.0 so yea

  41. @AM
    So your wishing that this phone was was project Emerald and not the “kiddish” MyTouch HD.. hmm.. Since the pics are the way they are.. and in comparing the specs and pic to this.. http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=2514&c=t-mobile_mytouch_hd__desire_hd_htc_ace … I am wondering if your wish may come true, and that this doesn’t have anything to do with Verizon…

  42. Who the heck said this is an android phone? for all we know it might be packin windows 7 phone series. If it is in fact an android phone then I’ll pass on the fascinate.

  43. It would be nice if this phone does not have all the build issues of the EVO 4G.

  44. @uly There is a back home menu and search button. and it lacks a microsoft button. its android

  45. WOW i want it

  46. umm doesnt Verizon have the droid x? no reason for this phone.

  47. Wow, if more info on that phone comes out and it is for verizon then I might just stick around and get this phone instead of the epic 4g.

  48. Might we be looking at the HTC Diamond3? I could easily see a keyboard on this thing making it the Touch Pro 3. It looks like a World/GSM phone, it has a front facing camera, the screen in lush…I also might be dreaming!

  49. Why always Verizon???? Will it releases the GSM/WCDMA version?

  50. This looks close to HTC desire HD aka ACE. Question is its supposed to be GSM (for UK) unless its dual (GSM + CDMA) similar to BB STORM

  51. Htc is better than motorola. Sense is better than blur. 4g is better than 3g. Evo is better than Droid x, Sprint is better than Verizon (cheaper). I agree that the droid x has slightly better specs, but nothing in the android market is pushing the snapdragon to its limits… Not even close. On top of that, those with an evo will be allowed to upgrade in just one year (well 9 months for launch day evos).

  52. Looks nice! Verizon always get the best phones! Glad I’m with them.

  53. If this comes out close to the Fascinate then i’ll pick between the tow cause this thing looks dead sexy

  54. @rob..

    are you sure you know what you are talking about??


  55. If it has slightly better specs then how is it better?

  56. first off this phone is not going to big red. reasons is they are in bed with moto and just released the x and this would out do the x so no i call this some fanboy for big red. now this does look like it matchs with the empty pic on tmobile website for the g2. my bet this is the first hspa+ for tmobile and before you say something this g2 maxs out at 14.4 more then enough speed for ffc. dont hate a man can dream right. it also matches what i have heard no keyboard and 4.3 and ffc and htc soo my bet is tmobile bound

  57. Yall Tmobile people know your getting a pretty nice phone soon. its the G2 and its a pretty nice phone but i think its 3.7 inches not 4.3 anywho its up to par with other phones on the other carriers.

  58. Original Droid owner since day one, been watching everyone clamor over these Xs and incredibles and such…my Droid MORE than serves its purpose. Once LTE comes to VZW, THAT will be the time to upgrade. FFC, dual-core, 4.3, 8mp+, with a cherry on top and Gingerbread under the hood…or maybe some other dessert?

  59. Im waiting for the G2….selling my N1 soon

  60. @hate

    Competition, even within the same carrier among manufacturers drives prices down and technology up. Who cares if you get more options, I personally dislike most Motorola phones.

  61. Great looking phone. I am waiting to go back to Verizon and this phone may be the one to come back too. Just return my iPhone 4 and buy the iTouch 4 and I’m happy (Apple has great applications).

  62. meh, fail. 4.3 is too big. if I wanted to huge ass screen i’d have gone with streak.

    why can’t they make a perfect 4.0 inch like Samsung?

  63. besides, it’s a big non super amoled screen. Seriously Samsung totally spoiled me with their awesome screen.

  64. Nice! I’m an HTC fan all because of their Sense UI. If it weren’t that, I could’ve been a MOTODroid fan. This is the type of phone I’ve been craving for on Verizon’s network due to the front facing camera, 4.3 screen, a kickstand, awesome camera, and again the Sense UI. Hopefully the phone will have dual speakers! =D then it’ll be considered as a fully ‘entertainment’ phone ;)

  65. this phone looks awsome! i need dat! verizon is always comin up!

  66. @Keller
    I agree with the Samsung screen comment. Since I got the Vibrant, I can’t go back to any other screen. Samsung is by far the best screen/TV/monitor/etc. makers in the business. But Samsung phones for some reason always have so many bugs in the software. I had the Gravity and it was terrible. It’s like, they come out with new and wonderful technology, but then fail to write good software for it. Hence, the GPS issue with the Vibrant…and the many other bugs with it.

  67. super!

  68. @JDNorCal
    the front facing cameras are currently only running off of the WiFi in the phone. The Iphone and Samsung captivate will not run the front facing unless in wifi and you have access to it. If they had it on the actual data side of the phone you realize ATT data plans of 2 gig would probably be used in roughly 2 video chats.

  69. I heard this is the Supersonic 4G from Sprint!!! It’s has a 4.5 inch super AMOLED display! And it will be available this December!! Can’t wait!

  70. it’s not the merge coz the merge has a 10 m.p. camera =S

  71. This Comes With Htc Sense…just check the kickstand…zoom in


  73. OH EHM GEE!!! its a beauty alrighty… *sigh… once you go droid, you can never go back… i think ill name her droid inpossible. LMAO… *ugh* nyum-nyum-nyum!

  74. Omg I can’t wait!! if it is as good as the Droid X I will get it..mainly for the front facing camera and HTC sense and the white case for this will be awesome lol

  75. I really believe this will be the Mytouch HD :::crosses fingers::::

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