New Samsung Galaxy Tab Promo Hits YouTube


Samsung is striving to make a big case for portability when it comes to their new Galaxy Tab, and we don’t blame them. The pocketability of the tablet instantly separates the device from the much larger, harder to shove in your jeans iPad. A new promo video has popped up that shows off some of the places you’ll go and things you will see as a Galaxy Tab user. The device is pretty tantalizing in terms of Android slates. Now in what awkward places to you future Galaxy Tab owners plan on cramming the device as you go about your day?

[via BGR]

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  1. I must say, this is looking pretty slick and extremely portable.

  2. Friend of mine works for AT&T and is Beta Testing this Device. I got to play with it yesterday over lunch. It’s a great size for portability but I can’t say you could ever put it in your pocket. The model he had was wifi and 3G. Very Cool. Can’t wait for it to be available.

  3. dont like the form factor.

  4. Boo on you sir, boo on you… what are you looking for, something a bit more star shaped maybe?

  5. This is very sweet. It won’t be hipster like iPad. It will be seen as practical. If it actually works, this thing will be big.

  6. Clearly they’re going after potential iPad users who want something more pocketable. If it’s as good as my Epic 4G (and it looks like it is), this is going to be one killer device.

  7. WiFi only and $300 or less, or fail. If I can get a netbook for $300 that can do more (minus the apps which may or may not function properly on a tablet), then what’s the point?

  8. I’m at work and my PC has no sound here, I started cracking up when that kid just jams the tab in his back left pocket lol. It just seems like a giant phone. I’d say its a decent idea for home (wifi only) but not so much on-the-go. Common really? Another gadget?

  9. Great form factor! I’m excited about this device, if the price is reasonable this device would work great as a PDA/Phone. Dell had a chance with the streak but did not deliver, Samsung so far is delivering.


  10. Samsung is already the number one mobile phone maker in the US, with 23.1 percent of the market according to ComScore’s latest report. Way to go Sammy.

    I don’t think Apple has the size to fend off a truly giant foe like Samsung.

  11. Wow that red hair chick in the library is very pretty!

  12. Ha! I love the line “enjoy flash with reckless abandon!” Take that crApple! No but seriously, the reports of the apps not scaling right were based on this one guy’s (who had never seen the device, source code, or the apps’ source code) opinion, and have been pulled because it is false. All apps that work in Froyo will work just fine (probably will actually look better). If the carriers keep the video chat, this thing will be awesome. Every iPad user/wanter I have talked to has disliked the size and awkwardness of the iPad, as well as the unreadable screen in sunlight- I wonder how this screen will do. I know it won’t be super amoled, but my Captivate looks great outside…

  13. Everyone is waiting for the price announcement. Please stop cockteasing and give us a fucking price.

  14. Kevin, give me one of these tomorrow night. In exchange, I’ll tell everyone you’re a cool guy and some people may believe it.

  15. If I ever do put it in my back pocket, I have to remember not to sit down.

  16. I thought after it said “Go Straight” it would say “Go Gay”.

  17. When it has the better…battery saving…Super Amoled screen I’ll consider it. Need that Super Amoled screen for outside use do to it’s brightness. Love the S.A. screen on my Samsung Vibrant

  18. Sam1, the super amoled is not battery saving.

    That’s not just me, that’s Samsung’s official line –

    And it’s also way more expensive.

  19. lol ‘go deep’ what does that even mean? They should say ‘dig deep’ cause that puppy is expensive!

  20. I will wait the HTC Gingerbread … :)

  21. its good yaaaaa… very cute n chip2

  22. You want a price? I think Samsung is waiting to see how much of a hipe they can build. Once they know how many people will buy it over the maxiPad (oops I mean iPad), then they’ll spit out some relatable number and start cranking them out at the factory. My opinion, I’ll keep my Droid and not give Samsung any more money until they make a battery battery for the Droid.

  23. that red haired chick was pretty darn hot. was it her? or the tablet?

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