Desire HD Landing in Australia on Vodafone and 3


HTC Desire HD_Front+Back

The HTC Desire HD is hitting the streets hard in October, making it far and wide around Asia and Europe. The phone will also be available in Australia, where Vodafone and 3 are set to be the carriers to seek if you want to get your hands on the HD. The HTC Desire Z should also be coming to Australia with a potential release on Telstra and Opus.

No specific details such as price have been announced for the Android 2.2, 4.3-inch touchscreen handset featuring a new iteration of HTC Sense. Given pricing history with Australian carriers there is a chance the handset will be free with a new contract and a plan with the right price.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. New sense UI looks awesome, the HD is what I would bank on selling the most units, but the Z is still a good phone if you’re looking for a really wonderful upper level phone. Both are good in their own way.

  2. Any of those carriers on same frequency as AT&T?

  3. Nope. They are mainly 900/2100 MHz

  4. Telstra has the 850 band, I’m not sure about Vodafone and 3

  5. This is the best Android news I’ve heard since i lost my HTC Dream on the slopes. I’m a huge physical keyboard fan, but i’m not gonna wait for the Desire Z, 4.3” should do the job. :)

    I can’t wait to get this beast. Best android phone in australia now :)

  6. No front facing camera it seems ;(((

  7. Explain to me the fascination with FFC?

  8. Exactly. The FFC is so overhyped it isnt funny.
    My 4 year old phone has a FFC which of course no one made a big deal of cos it wasnt an apple.

  9. To me.. having a phone with a FFC would be like having one walkie talkie.. unless there are other people that you know who have it, it’s not very useful.

  10. Can someone please tell me why I can’t get this baby on AT&T? Cause the Desire came out compatible with their network but their too damn lazy not to get it the only phone i want. Now the HD version pretty sweet but love to have it since AT&T doesn’t have anything good except X10 and the Captivate. But I really love HTC Sense UI.

  11. @Alex
    Telstra is the only 850 (HSPA+) band in AU.
    Vodafone, 3, Optus, etc all are 900/2100 UMTS.

  12. Is this phone any different from the European version, from network band perspective then? Can Australian Vodafone users simply use unlocked European Desire HD for their 2G and 3G network? http://phonecompatibility.net thinks so.

    Grrr. I need a AT&T (or T-Mobile) version of this phone bad.

  13. release desire z in aust already D=

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