Motorola Milestone XT720 Gets an Update to Boost Processor Speed, Original Milestone Could Land on Alltel on 9/23



After some initial confusion around the launch of the Motorola Milestone XT720 it was said that a once 550MHz CPU would ship at a clock speed of 720MHz. Turns out when the phone’s got into the hands of consumers they were still sitting right at the original, lower speed. But Moto wants to make things right by issuing an update that will up the limit on the CPU to the promised 720MHz. Also included in the update is the introduction of DLNA support for wireless media streaming to other devices. The update is currently available for XT720 handsets originating in the UK or Germany.


In other Milestone-related news, it looks like the original handset (AKA the Motorola Droid) will be hitting Alltel’s airwaves on 9/23. Alltel was bought out by Verizon who in turn sold off the remaining Alltel shops to AT&T with plans to re-brand existing locations as AT&T stores by January. Does this mean the Milestone would carry over to AT&T? Don’t count on it.

[via Tracy and Matt, DroidLife]

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  1. motorola again lying to their customers

    the reason y they unlock boatloader in U.S bcos they r afraid of gettin sued…like apple iphone

  2. Any chance they may speed boost droid 1 ?

  3. Alltel is spelled like that, you can even look at your provided picture for the spelling. Just kind of annoying since I used to work for them.

  4. …Alltel will still exist with over 800,000 customers by way of Allied Wireless Communications Corp who purchased the markets that AT&T couldn’t.

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