Russian 4G Dual-Screen Handset to Run Android?


We talk all of the time about dual-screen Android devices and right away we imagine a book-like device where two screens would be facing you at the same time. What if a  phone had a screen on the front AND back (front and front? Is there no back?) That’s what Russian Technologies – a government-funded company – is bringing with a prototype they showed to Russian president Dmitry Medvedev.

The only thing wrong with this prototype is that it’s best to rather describe it as a paperweight as he hands the president a plastic device with a piece of cardboard on it. When this finally makes its way into a functional prototypical state, that screen should be using eInk technology while the main screen on the other side will be a traditional type of display (LCD, we’d assume).

russian phone

The YouTube description mentions Android as the OS of choice, though nothing can be confirmed by the representative in the video. We could be seeing this come out in May 2011, but it’ll most likely enjoy its home exclusively in Russia.

[Recombu via MobileCrunch]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. where do you put the camera?

  2. INSANE!!!!

  3. Okay Quentyn, you guys are really reaching now for newsworthy topics.

  4. @Shawn: “…The YouTube descriptions mention Android as the OS of choice…”

    Android being the key focal point here. This is an Android news site. Would you rather we talk about all of the iOS 4.2 beta news going out right now?

  5. Does it come with pictures of Scarlett Johansson?

  6. iOS is going up to 4.2??

    Oh, that’s right, I stopped caring about apple when the light shown down upon me as to how awesome Android is and iOS is not.


  7. In Soviet Russia,
    Screens dual you!

  8. @Jaylan


  9. Interesting he didn’t get executed for showing a plastic toy.

  10. I think Dan Hesse is Taking a Flight to Russia right this instant..

  11. 1. cases would be only covering the sides
    3. and like @melio said, camera could have to be above or below the screen
    4. no removable battery
    5. it would need dual or dual-core proccesors to handle its 2 screens

    no thanks waiting for the g2 but its a cool idea

  12. Why the hell is the Russian govt funding this? That’s bizarre. Likely every input/keystroke you’ll make on this will go straight into govt servers.

  13. This will be released right after the Russians discover how to reduce a nuclear reactor to the size of a dime, no battery on the planet could endure dual screens for long.

  14. So, assuming that both sides have touch screen input, how would it know what side you’re controlling it from? Say for example, sitting down at a desk vs. looking up in the sky at night with Google Sky Map?

  15. Im dont think an E-ink display will take that much battery life. Id get one of these after cyanogen gets one and makes a rom for it or something, idk though with it being from the russian government. It looks nice thats for sure

  16. In Russia, all such projects are referred to simply: “RASPIL BJUDJETA – Stealing taxpayer money”

  17. common guys.. they can’t be that stupid to build something like this without thinking twice, unless ofcourse the vodka is still doing it’s job ;)

  18. The biggest joke that it’s claimed to be “complete Russian development”. There are electronic components produced in Asia and Google Android. The main reason for this is to get funding from government.

  19. Today, no matter the activity or project, whatever. Behind it is the government

  20. @Shawn: For all the times I bashed Quentyn on poor reporting I have to vigorously defend him on this article. This is EXACTLY the kind of stuff he should be reporting on, and he didn’t get political or anything. I really enjoyed the video (I speak Russian, so that helped :)). Great job, Quentyn!

  21. the funniest thing is when the Rep said “we’re looking to realease this device really soon, next year”.
    It’ll probably repeat Xperia story: 2011 phone with 1.6donut, weights .5kg. “if it doesn’t work, you can always hit him with it”

  22. well since Russia is developing this new phone, expect Big Red to be the sole U.S. carrier to have this phone. Also, eInk screens require very little power compared to LCD and I would imagine it will not be a touchscreen but some form of scrolling device like a touchpad or some junk….either way, it will be crap. Fun idea, but the technology just isn’t there yet to make this thing worth it. Let alone, a 1500mAh battery would die in 6-8 hours of standard use. Cases would be useless since that screen arcs, you would be best carrying it around in a small pelican case!

  23. Wow this really is a weird device. I wonder exactly how it’ll end up like.

    I always fancied a twin-screen device like the MS Courier, never thought they’d look at this kinda crap. I mean… you can only look at one screen at a time if they are on opposite sides… Weird. *shudder*

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