Sep 15th, 2010

We talk all of the time about dual-screen Android devices and right away we imagine a book-like device where two screens would be facing you at the same time. What if a  phone had a screen on the front AND back (front and front? Is there no back?) That’s what Russian Technologies – a government-funded company – is bringing with a prototype they showed to Russian president Dmitry Medvedev.

The only thing wrong with this prototype is that it’s best to rather describe it as a paperweight as he hands the president a plastic device with a piece of cardboard on it. When this finally makes its way into a functional prototypical state, that screen should be using eInk technology while the main screen on the other side will be a traditional type of display (LCD, we’d assume).

russian phone

The YouTube description mentions Android as the OS of choice, though nothing can be confirmed by the representative in the video. We could be seeing this come out in May 2011, but it’ll most likely enjoy its home exclusively in Russia.

[Recombu via MobileCrunch]

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