MyTouch HD To Have Front-Facing Camera, 1 GHz Dual-core Processor Confirmed



Everyone and their mother has been awaiting word of the first dual-core Android handset, and according to a recently leaked document T-Mobile will be the carrier to give it to us. Leaked to TMoNews, the document doesn’t give us a flat out point-to-point rundown of specs and features, but it covers all of the ones that might make your mouth water including confirmation of a 1GHz dual-core processor, Android 2.2, and yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus — a front-facing camera.

To go along with the FFC comes word that video chatting will function over 3G, HSPA+, and WiFi using Qik for phone to phone calls and Qik or Yahoo Messenger to place calls to a PC. That’s right. You can place calls no matter what your connectivity and even dial up someone that doesn’t have an Android phone for a video chat. Also mentioned is screen sharing to an HD television, though no mention of whether this is through wired (HDMI) or wireless (DLNA) connections.

It is also interesting to note that the document calls T-Mobile America’s largest 4G network. Could a rebranding of HSPA+ as a 4G technology be in the future as well?

[via TMoNews]

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  1. Espresso? The Genius button is a bad sign.

  2. Knowing the MyTouch line, this is gonna be a cheap plastic-y phone that T-Mobile is known for.

  3. Okay So what are people going to bitch about now? It has FFC, The screen not big enough? Camera not high enough pixels? no kick stand? This should be fun to hear what people are gonna say.

  4. I’ll start.
    It doesn’t print money! Why waste time with this phone if it doesn’t print money!

    No Go T Mo!!!

  5. I don’t know what Monster is talking about in terms of the plastic-y feeling with the phone. I have experienced phones that feel a LOT worse and cheap than the MT3G. I personally have a MT3G and my only gripe with this phone is that it’s a tab bit sluggish for running the new OS. This should be an answer to all my prayers. That or go with a Vibrate.

  6. @rj that its not stock android and maybe that its still 1ghz or something else silly lol

  7. Read that article again. It states “Dual Processor”. Since when is a dual processor a dual core processor?

    Dual core processor – 1 processor with 2 cores within it
    Dual processor – 2 cpu’s on the same motherboard, but built on seperate processor chips.

    Please edit this in your article so as it is not misleading.

  8. I can’t freaking wait, I have the vibrator and will gladly drop another hard earned 500$ for HD

  9. Ive been posting in the comments on Tmonews since last night (i really hate the commenters there). The problem with this document is that all the dual cores have been delayed (Qualcomm). If this is the emerald, project emerald or whatever, that leaked roadmap says Nov for the release. This cant be right sense all the dual core devices wont be out until next year. So will the phone come out early next year, did HTC switch chipset (doubt it), or is the mytouchHD made by someone else (LG? doubt that also). The growing theory is that this is an old document and the info isnt correct/current. Also people are look at the wording of dual processor. I dont know. Anyone smarter, that knows this stuff more than i do, want to shed some light lol.

  10. @Zac did you really spend $500 on a vibrator? lol i kid

  11. @Monster — I’ll have to wait until I see and feel it. Yes, I wasn’t particularly happy with the build of the previous MT phones. But then again, I wasn’t particularly happy with the build of the Droid Incredible either. None of which felt like they were quality phones, IMO. However I will give this phone the benefit of the doubt (at least until I see it in person), and will hope that HTC builds this one in a much higher quality.

    @rj — it’s not the iPhone. Epic Fail. lol

    @Ariel — Don’t you mean the Vibrant? I mean I’m sure that a phone called the Vibrate could be euphoric. lol

    Oh…and Fail of Epic Proportions on T-Mo for trying to advertise their 3G as a 4G network. I’m happy that their speeds are faster than Sprint’s 4G, but really? Seriously? 3G = 3G…

  12. It is strange that they call this “dual-process” instead of “dual-core”. Qualcomm has 3 models that possibly uses 1GHz clock:

    QSD8x50 – this would blow. Its the current generation Snapdragon that blows in GPU performance.
    MSM8x55 – this one is rated at 1GHz but it looks to be a 1GHz version of MSM7x30 (found in HTC G2), which means its a single core.
    MSM8x60 – this is a 3rd gen Snapdragon. It is a dual-core and it does run up to 1.2GHz. But I feel this one is not market-ready yet.

    Lets hope for the sake of us, it is MSM8x60. Based on what’s written here, it would be pretty good. :)


    But more likely it is MSM8x55 with some marketing ploy as MSM8x60 should not be ready for the market yet. :(

  13. Does it have HW keyboard?

  14. @Inco. Tmobile can advertise HSPA+ as 4g because its speeds are comparable to 4g of other carriers, and even that’s not a requirement set in stone. For example, Broadband can be considered as low as 256Kbps by some, or minimum 4Mbps by others, and the minimum has gotten larger in the past decade since speeds have increased. Old DSL is sold as Broadband, and so is FIOS. People think of 3G as speed/bandwidth, not as “third generation technology”, so they would be crazy not to market HSPA+ as 4G

  15. Does it have a built-in waffle maker? I didn’t think so!

  16. I agree with Brandon. This is likely an old document and it obviously didn’t go through a proofing process since they claimed dual processors. My assumption is that this was a marketing exercise and not a spec sheet. It’s encouraging to read, but we’ll see what actually comes out in early November. If it is a true document, then I would expect this to be pushed to 1st quarter 2011.

  17. What the hell I’ll bitch too. it doesn’t have smell-o-vision? Then fuck it I’m going to Verizon.

    P.S. I wouldn’t want a vibrator phone, My wife plays with my phone enough as it is.

  18. the in the wild advertisements I’ve seen for T-mobiles + network are pretty slick with their marketing words and say something like – “with the speed of 4G”

    Maybe they gave up and are just going to flat out say “with 4G”. But honestly if they keep it “with the speed of 4G” if sprints network is 4g T-Mobile has the same (or better) speeds than I dont think describing things as having the same speed as 4g is all that wrong.

  19. I wish that this had a keyboard.

  20. Awesome! that clears out that “my iphone is faster than your phone” crap cause android runs 4g speeds, where is your 4g speed iphone? its not here, or over there
    Eat $#@T and die, android wins

  21. So, am I reading correctly, you will be able to video chat with pc’ s through yahoo, if so about time someone came up with a descent solution…

  22. For everyone thats on tmobile that said ffc was a gimmick and didnt need the feature, we dont want you to buy this device. you said it was a dumb feature no one needed ! for all the ffc naysayers eat a diznick for talkn stupid, you better not get one you 2 faced bastard.stick to the non-ffc phones!!!

  23. alright, Let’s get something straight… if you complain about T-Mobile calling HSPA+ 4G, then you have to complain about Sprint calling WiMax 4G as well. Neither Tech is actually 4G HSPA+ is an evolution of 3G (sometimes called 3.5G) and WiMax is actually a WiFi on steriods and not in fact a cellular network at all (so not any-G).

    So if you don’t have a problem with sprint calling it 4G then t-mobile should be able to do it too.

  24. This phone will be it in early november… I agree that it most likely won’t be a dual core as they said dual processor.

  25. i thought dual-cores will come in the end of 2011?

  26. Finally! There’s your FFC, coolmandumbass! Stfu.

  27. project emerald brought the pain!

  28. Yeah, I actually am pretty disappointed. I was hoping that T-mobile would finally have a big-boy (4.3) on their hands to compete with the Evo and X. You could nix the FFC, and give it an 8mp camera… so close T-mobile!

    Come up with an ad that blows the pants off of everything- these droid commercials are awesome. This is the best you can do T-Mobile?

  29. Is this phone cordless?

  30. Everything is sweet, but it isn’t vanilla Android. :( I like being able to get updates faster. :)

  31. Another belligerent post from coolmangina? I’m shocked.

  32. My complaint? it’ll get slower updates and no free mobile hotspot like my Nexus One. I’m still waiting for 1.5ghz, 4 inch super AMOLED, 8 gb internal app storage, 8 mp camera with flash on back, 1.3 mp of front, 4 row hw keyboard and 8 hours of battery life with vanilla gingerbread out of the box …

    The summer of ’11 can’t come soon enough!

  33. @ sam i am… im not being belligerent im just stating the facts. by the way good one!! LMFAO

  34. @coolMANDINGO then it’s all good.

  35. i hope really hope this turns out to be a great device for everyone not just assholes such as myself.

  36. Why are all the sites getting this wrong, it says dual processor NOT dual core.

  37. @coolMANDINGO sorry but i’ll stick to my earlier FFC point of view. I haven’t had a good speaker phone since my SonyEricsson four years ago – am on my fourth HTC now – and have not seen any improvement in speed or efficiency of communication when behind a computer running a webcam as opposed to grabbing the phone. sure, it’s nice to occasionally be able to see one another, but as I said, outdoors on a phone sucks with poor sound and hardly visible people when in the sun and indoors there might just be a computer that can handle it equally well or better.

  38. it’s cool that t-mobile is getting a decent phone.

    as i have zero credit, if i wasnt a verizon dealer i would have t-mobile ha. in the event i lose this job, i’d like the option to not downgrade so entirely from what VZW offers.

    FFC is still a gimmick.

  39. It will be a matter of weeks before this phone has a custom rom with hotspot access and something other than the Mytouch interface.

  40. It doesn’t print money? Anyway, I want the one with the bigger GBs and WiFis…

  41. gahahahha u fucks still hatong on t mobile?
    they were the first with android they started it and this is showing they are stepping up and finsihing it
    with the g2 and now this ohh babyyyy

    ppl cry ab expresso its fukkin great iv had every android phone there is and my mytslide is the smoothest operating phoe around so what the res sucks the thing is damn near flawless

    this phone is gonna be sweeeetttttttt
    my touch hd whatt uppp

  42. hopefully there will be a “mytouch slide HD” because no matter what if it dont have a qwerty there will always be a ton of g1 fans still waiting for that power android device. the G2 was close, but without having front facing camera or hdmi, it will be a flop.

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