Android 2.2 Holds a 28 Percent Slice of the Pie in Latest Platform Distribution Chart



Well that didn’t take long. After the last update to the platform versions chart showed Android 2.2 sitting somewhere below 5 percent distribution on devices, a slew of updates for the likes of the Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Incredible plus the release of the Motorola Droid 2 has helped rocket the OS version up to 28.7 percent. Android 2.1 begins its drop by falling to 41.7 percent after a quick rise to holdings of over 50 percent of devices. Do the math and Android 2.1 or above accounts for about 70 percent of all Android devices.


A quick look at the version history chart shows a slower rise for Froyo than Eclair, but adaptation has begun to pick up at a rate that matches the first big explosion of Android 2.1 back in April. Once dominant and now outdated Android versions 1.5 and 1.6 are nearing the end of their decline to obscurity and together account for the other 30 percent of the pie.

[via Android Developers]

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  1. Nice to See!

  2. I’d rather go back to 2.1. Not digging 2.2 so much. The cons outweigh the pros. For me at least. They need to come out with 2.2.5, Froyo with Sprinkles.

  3. Hopefully no other company will bring out a 1.5 or 1.6 phone.

  4. @Woody

    They’re called Custom ROMs mate. :) Esp on phones that don’t natively run Froyo.

    For example, on my Hero I can use A2SD and the Froyo Music Mod app, but I can also use the Home Swithcer app too, which doesn’t work on Froyo.

    Half baked kernels ftw. :)

  5. What cons are there on FroYo compared to Éclair? So far, I have been thrilled by 2.2.

  6. awesome! can count out the “50% of android phones run 1.6 or lower…” iphone fanboy crap – Eat $%^@ and die Ios.

  7. Still rockin my cliq on 1.5…. its painful.

  8. Looks to me like 1.6 is sort of at a standstill equilibrium… I guess for every phone upgraded to 1.6, some new fool activates an SE Xperia X10, or upgrades their 1.5 phone to merely 1.6.

  9. rather, for every 1.6 phone that gets upgraded, some new fool…

  10. I’m wondering if the data used to create these graphs are able to discern rooted phones that have prematurely upgraded. If not then the numbers swing even more heavily in the direction of 2.1 & 2.2 versions.

  11. Battery life has taken a major hit. The auto dock now has a clock screensaver that you can’t turn off. And is disctracting if you want to use it as a desk clock while your at your computer. The jumping time causes too much of a distraction. Pandora is now in Mono and not stereo. The market place seems skrewed up now. Instead of showing “update avalible” it now shows “free” and makes it look like you don’t even have the app installed. And auto update doesn’t always work. The background that I was using was a nice and dark background. And now its been lightened up so that there isn’t as much contrast between it and the icons.

    Small things. But all of them could have been options and not hard changes.

    And I’m not one for doing non-official updates. Too much as risk. Too each his own.

  12. Also, the tilt sensor seems to be way too sensative. Most apps now open in landscape mode. I have to shake the phone to get it back to normal.

  13. i think the analyses is very exactitude,and Also, the tilt sensor seems to be way too sensative.

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