Verizon’s 4-Inch Dual-Mode CDMA/GSM HTC Slider Takes on the FCC



EVO killer? Droid Pro? Who knows what this one will eventually be called — it could be the elusive HTC Merge — but the phone we caught a glimpse of last week has hit the FCC, revealing a Droid-red QWERTY keyboard and a dual-mode CDMA/GSM radio. The device carries a model number HTC PD42100 and looks like the HTC Desire, EVO 4G, and the upcoming T-Mobile G2 got together for a freaky night of adult fun and popped this sucker out.


Along with CDMA 2000 and GSM 850, EV-DO Rev. A, Bluetooth, and 802.11b/g/n at 2.4GHz connectivity are all present. Based on measurements taken from the FCC pics we can confirm the phone will feature a big ol’ 4-inch screen, but there is no way of telling of the rumored dual-core 1.2GHz processor is in fact in place. Rumor has it we won’t see this device until 2011, but we will be dreaming about it every day until then.

[via Engadget]

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  1. IF that’s the case, then they can still change that horrible keyboard….

  2. they can just take the hole keyboard out completely.

  3. Damn that thing is ugly as fuck.

  4. Finally a GSM phone with keyboard worth buying (most importantly by HTC, so can be flashed)
    We’re not getting any decent phones here in sydney australia.

  5. eeewww that one is fugly :S

  6. i think its nice looking, its just the colors and the keyboard “emptyness” look that makes it awkward. With so much space since this is a 4 inch size screen phone, why not make use of that space for a really good keyboard with 5 rows for example? The keyboard looks too bland compared to the g2 one.

  7. why you guys reporting on a windows phone?!?! thats what the FCC documents say…

  8. @ hates this website

    u = mongoloid? haha do u see a winmo button on it? NO.

    fail more plz =)

    – Rio

  9. What hell is wrong with the keyboard? Looks fine to me.in fact, the red makes it stand out alot more. Il still go with samsung fascinate.

  10. so much for tmobile having the g2. when will tmobile get their OWN device? now this!

  11. tmobile gets the 3.7 inch version minus the ugly a$$ keyboard. im canceling my tmobile service because they always get the short end of the stick. they dont have anything to make me stay like evo on sprint and ip4 with att.

  12. i am waiting for this phone…will no longer be getting the droid 2. i just hope they include a front facing camera

  13. the phone look nice to me.. plus i dont understand what’s wrong with the keyboard? you people complain about every damn thing! grow up

  14. Kind of sucks as a T-Mobile customer to watch Android phone after Android phone come out on Verizon all with better specs. The G2 isn’t even out yet and this thing spec wise looks like its going to crush it. Now it’s not going to stop me from moving on from my Nexus One to the G2 because HSPA+ and a physical keyboard more than justify it for me. But its kind of sad because knowing T-Mobile they’re not going to update the G2 for another 2 years and by that time the specs will look completely ridiculous next to the competition.

  15. did anyone else besides me notice that the search button is red instead of white?

  16. Am I missing something? You guys are saying this is the phone you caught a glimpse of last week, but that phone didn’t have a keyboard.

  17. Somebody needs to give T-Mobile a piece of their mind. I widh I had an email address to send them a message damn it. I mean WTF are they thinking when they select phones. They must say “O well, we’ll piss the customers with this phone, so we will take the crappy one”. Let’s hope the G2 has more specs to find out. If not maybe I’ll flash this phone to T-Mobile

  18. Van your right. Either Kevin is a dumbass or his english is terrible

  19. YOOOO, look at that keyboard! Dont tell me thats going to be the color! Its different but not appealing. Also, it looks too big to have a keyboard. Usually when they are that big, they depend on virtual keyboards. This thing will be a beast, in a heavy annoying way.

  20. @ OMG t-mobile can’t afford the good phones. they only got the vibrant because every carrier was getting it, and they also go the lowest end version of the four carriers.

  21. um.. yeah, the phone from last week, that was said to be Verizon, and this one are Identical.. If you close your eyes and pound your fists into your eye sockets.. a perfect match… Wouldn’t it be much easier though to admit that the phone from last week is probably not a Verizon phone after all ?

  22. Since this phone is CDMA and GSM, would it be possible to use it on T-Mobile?

  23. I like this phone actually and I’m sure they will come out with more colors, me myself had a red mytouch slide and the keyboard works fine I never understand why people complain about pressing one extra button when its really not that hard. 4inch screen I can imagine the specs are awesome.

    It will also have dual core, I mean come on what do you people expect? Them to come out with a phone every person will like? This is a huge phone right here in terms of android advancing and I’m very excited about this I will have to switch from tmobile

  24. For Verizon right
    Does it have sense hi

  25. @ dave: Yea i saw this with a teal colored keyboard…

    ppfff even it wasnt red… the design is still ugly how can people say this phone looks nice?! :S

  26. on the caps lock button there is an indication to tell you that it is on and the search button is red

  27. Dam tmo hater…give me HSPA+ and whine, girls. Coolessmandubo, you’re time has been spent, byatch, lol!

  28. The red plastic looks cheap and tacky.

  29. Comment 27 you fake butt pickle…Tmoble is no Verizon

  30. And stop using my name MAN

  31. Looks to me like a Droid Incredible 2.

  32. Alright, ill give it some props. Its NOT as fucking ugly as the G2..

    But god damn that keyboard looks hard to use! The device looks massive as hell even for a 4 inch screen.

  33. so will the gsm slot be UNLOCKED? if not it’s fucking worthless.

  34. The keyboard looks great.
    The phone looks good.
    It looks like my droid with a good keyboard.
    Awesome! I can’t wait!

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