ViewSonic’s ViewPad 7 Froyo Tablet Goes Official

ViewSonic’s finally ready to unveil their first Android-based device – a 7-inch tablet – just two days ahead of its media flaunting at IFA Germany. The device will come preinstalled with Android 2.2, 3G GSM connectivity, and SMS and phone functionality. I wouldn’t hold this one up to my head, but it should pair up nicely with a comfortable bluetooth headset.


Other specs include a 600MHz ARM CPU, Wi-Fi, USB connectivity, a microSD card slot, and a screen resolution of 800 x 480. It probably won’t be the best experience at this screen size, but that remains to be seen.  At least the front and back-facing cameras – VGA and 3MP, respectively – should pull some in. Then again, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will be on hand at the very same show. It has a lot of competition to deal with, but we’ll call this one right down the middle! Full press details ahead.

31st August 2010 – ViewSonic Europe ushers in a new product category to its portfolio with the introduction of a premium capacitive multi-touch screen 7″ tablet.

Viewpad 7

The ViewPad 7 is a world’s first 7″ Android 2.2 (Froyo) tablet with phone functionality, multi-tasking capabilities and front and back-facing cameras, VGA and 3MP, resolutions respectively.

Within a lightweight, pocket-sized design, this device is ideal for anyone who needs a mobile connection to the world via email and video and wants to enjoy a wide-range of applications.

With full 3G and phone functionality, a full size SIM card slot and integrated Bluetooth connectivity the ViewPad 7 will support instant messaging, text/mms messaging, VOIP and standard voice calls all in a single device.

It features an easy to use familiar interface with a G-sensor that reorients the screen depending on how the device is held and access to the Google Android app store featuring over 100,000 applications.

Additional features includes a Micro SD slot for up to 32GB of storage; Wi-Fi and 3G functionality for web browsing and USB connectivity. It also boasts advanced features including Assisted GPS and an office document reader, along with the capability for hand-written note taking. There is also an e-book reader, when combined with the crystal clear LED screen, makes the ViewPad 7 an invaluable travelling companion.

Superior to other tablet offerings with resistive touch technology the ViewPad 7 incorporates a capacitive multi-touch screen and is a portable, easy-to-use and competitively priced device that will transform the way that consumers read, watch, listen to and interact with media in a mobile environment.

“We are proud to announce another world first at Viewsonic. 3G phone functionality combined with dual cameras gives the ability for use of Android apps to use augmented reality or video calling on the move with the benefit of an excellent 7″ screen” says Derek Wright, European Product Marketing Manager. “The ViewPad 7 is aimed at users who require the ‘always on’ connectivity they are used to from a mobile phone with a more agreeable screen size for longer term use.”

ViewSonic will be showing the ViewPad 7 at its stand at IFA 2010, in Berlin, Hall 14.1 stand 107.

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  • wumps13

    600 Mhz WTF ??
    what about price and availability date ?

  • Brandon

    What’s with the iPhone 4 imitation? 800×480 @ 7″? No thanks.

    Come over here, ViewSonic.. Let’s have a little chat for a minute. I know you’re trying real hard, and we appreciate it, but no one wants a half-assed iPad. People looking for a tablet want either the actual iPad, something comparable, or something better. This is none of the above. You can do better than this.

  • Off Rhoden

    I’d like to see this come in under $180 without a 2-year contract from a carrier.

  • Botero

    yeah… if my phone has a 1Ghz proc, my tablet better at least match that. Come on guys… I’m dying to sell my iPad and upgrade to an android tablet.

  • kia

    This is a perfect device that I was waiting for more than two years
    I wish we could get this device in USA with T mobile or at worst case senario with Verision
    I will switch to Verision if this device will come to USA
    It should better have front face camerea?

  • mino

    originally is Foxcoon tablet(with qualcom 7227 600Mhz)

    it is sold like OlivePad

    or like Welcomm A800

  • Kris

    *ahem*……800×480…seriously…do they realize how much scrolling we’re going to have to do with the size of web pages these days. And this thing needs to be at least as fast as my cell phone. C’mon guys…no space, or large enough battery in that big guy for a Snapdragon???? Maybe the OS was a typo and this thing is really coming with like windows 95. Yeeeeeah….gonna wait on the Notion Adam Ink (Potential Tablet KING!) or the Toshiba Folio….Keep trying VS

  • DyDx

    What a joke. The CPU needs to be at least twice that clock rate! And don’t get me started on the resolution…

  • Dogsby

    And I thought 480×800 on a 4.3 was pushing it.

    What a joke. Slow with a crappy screen. Way to go………….

  • Dogsby

    Everything is an iPhone imitation. Think about it. The reverse is also true.

  • vitoe007

    Perhaps with the slower processor and lower resolution then expected they might be going to the low price point. it’s one thing to buy an expensive tablet but if this thing is cheap enough then it might still be of interest.

  • Brandon

    If everything is an iPhone imitation, and the reverse is also true, I think we’re in some sort of serious paradox-related trouble.

    Seriously though, I wouldn’t have even bothered with the comparison if they hadn’t stuck the “metal” surrounding bar on there.

  • simon cabron

    im not sure why people on phandroid still dont know/get/understand that the android OS was designed around the smartphone platform and is optimized for an 800×480 resolution ( support for up to 1200×600 will come with the gingerbread release)… 800×480 on a 7″ screen isn’t the end of the world, but it would be pretty bad on a 10″ screen. And yeah, 600mhz aeems pretty chincy at this point in the game.Their price point should match the specs, but if this is just a rebranded olivepad from india, i dont see it being less than $350.

  • Gogol

    600 mhz CPU? No thanks

    800×480 screen resolution? No thanks

    How much internal memory? Because this is also important. I know that Android 2.2 has some kind of app2sd but it is not fully app2sd. 512 MB internal memory will not provide enough space after some while.

    Really, this is half-assed iPad …

    I hope the Samsung one will have better spec.

  • DroidsFTW

    only 600 mhz?
    I guess the battery life will be good and the price will be around 200 bucks?

  • mino

    it/s good cpu, Froyo runs very smoothly and gpu is better than Desire snapdragon

  • Homo Habilis

    Goes official as a POS tablet.