Samsung Epic 4G Gets Root


Yes, folks: it’s still ridiculously easy to root Samsung Galaxy S phones, and the Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint is no exception to that rule. The device isn’t set to release until tomorrow, but it’s already been rooted by one developer that was able to get it into his hands early (it was actually discovered this past Saturday, to get an idea of the sizable gap).


The process seems to be just as Simple as it is for the Captivate, the Vibrant, and the regular ol’ Galaxy S so be sure to make your way to SDX now for the downloads and instructions. Oh, and try not to electrocute yourself on your way to a chains-free Epic 4G.

[SDX via AndroidSPIN]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This bodes well for the Fascinate then. Once I get my hands on one, the VZ and Bing apps will be the first thing to go, once rooted.

  2. anybody do this yet and get free tethering working? Wonder if it works as well as the Evo.

  3. How is anyone going to try this when the phone does not come out until tomorrow?

  4. This phone looks awseome!!!! i shit myself!

  5. Why can’t the VERIZON version have a keyboard. /pout

  6. Sprint wont let me have this phone on my ANR plan so thanks to that I am going to ATT. Anyone see a reason why I should not do this? Anything on the Epic besides the keyboard and flash that I should hold out for?? Help ME!

  7. Well that’s good Jews because when I get my hands on an Epic ill be In the all things root forum

  8. cause of their crappy network. Enjoy the lack of 3g.

  9. I see Tony’s posting from his phone with autocorrect on.

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