Trio of T-Mobile Phones Hitting End-of-Life Status Early October


It’s always a sad day when I have to report about the eventual kicking of the bucket for any Android handset. Today, TmoNews’ source says that three of T-Mobile’s Android phones will be hitting end-of-life on October 4th. The MyTouch 1.2 (the one with the 3.5mm headphone jack, more memory, etc.), the Motorola CLIQ, and the Motorola CLIQ XT will all be dumped to make room for newer offerings.

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We can’t say what those newer offerings will be just yet, save for the T-Mobile G2, but we’re sure T-Mobile’s still hard at work on the easel coming up with a catalog of Android-based products that’ll take advantage of that sweet HSPA+ network they’re continuing to roll out.

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  1. Mytouch HD October 5th?

  2. I’ll be upgrading My 1.2 for the Mytouch HD hopefully

  3. Mytouch isn’t gonna be anything compared to the vibrant but I would love to take advantage of t-mobile’s HSPA+

  4. Does this mean the long-delayed upgrade to Eclair for the Cliq will never happen?

    Severely disappointing. Makes me question whether I’ll continue with T-Mobile and Motorola.

  5. In other words, us Cliq owners should just forget about ever seeing a 2.1 update? Its dissapointing to see just how short the lifespan of a new phone is now.

    This was a fun way to spend the first year of my contract. Now what do I do? Tolerate my already outdated phone for another year until I can get a new subsidized phone? Or fork out the wad of cash it takes to buy a new one? What a clever system

  6. All those phones were End-of-Life as soon as they hit the shelves, im sorry but low-end android phones are only hurting the Android market

  7. @Edouard — I almost didn’t want to click this article because I just KNEW my poor Cliq would be on the cut list. I’m probably going to go with the latter move and fork out the dough.. I can’t see sitting around another year with Cupcake

  8. I have actually started buying my new phones outright and have saved a ton of money and headache. I can usually sell or trade it on Craigslist. I even traded my Eris for the Droid to some chick! If your going to try and play the “latest” phone game you gotta pay in full. This way I can even switch carriers when I want. Its a big shot at first but you will be so happy when you can just sell your phone and switch carriers. I usually have to shell out $125-200 every time I want a new phone off contract. I subsidize my phones by selling my old ones!

  9. @Joaquin
    Aren’t you due for an upgrade soon? I can’t see anyone sitting around with Cupcake for another instant. There are a number of great (high end) tmobile android phones on the market.

  10. Well…atleast moto leaked the 2.1 update…get the adlxmod 2.0….its sweet!! wifi tethering works, basically everything…no need to wait for motorola..

  11. @ Ryan – I agree; I only wish I knew this before I purchased my first android device. I suppose I should be angrier at Moto and not T-mob. This leads me to my second mobile thought of the day- the novelty of android being accessible on so many phones is starting to wear off. Yes it’s great that we can all enjoy the OS on the platform of our choice however I feel the market is quickly being saturated with options and it’s all too quick before a number of these phones are joining these listed in the proverbial recycling bin. I feel it’s about time that standard is developed. Even the high end phones don’t last on the shelf for more than a year and a half.

    I may be anti apple but at least they got one thing right; there’s just one. Yeah you have a choice of the memory, but at the end of the day, you know you’re not going to be left behind because your phone company see’s that another model is doing better than the other.

    I’m sure to get a lot of backfire for this but it’s completely frustrating and I had to get it off my chest.

  12. @Ryan – The phone was not outdated as soon as it hit the shelves. Get what you think you know right. First off, T-Mobile until recently did not have a single good option to the Cliq. The Cliq, at the time WAS high end. $420 new (w/o contract) is hardly considered entry level. The problem is MotoBlur held the phone back. The problem is the Cliq WAS the only option for a long time. Now that the G2 and Galaxy S have arrived, there are now better options.

    @Edouard – If you have to warranty the phone, most carriers will send a refurnished unit til stocks are depleted. Once that happens, all phones sent in for insurance purposes will be given “options”.

    When I was with Sprint I paid an extra $50 for a much better phone ($100 total). It was worth it at the time. So call TMobile and discuss options once Oct 4th hits

  13. There is no mytouch hd you idiots. those mock ups. lmao, fools

  14. @Ryan — unfortunately no, I upgraded in January :-/ I was deadset on QWERTY and the Cliq seemed to be the best option at the time

  15. @Edouard
    I can totally understand, that is where the Fragmentation fiasco came from, it wasnt that Android was open, its that phone developers where abusing the openness of android and going with older versions of the OS without thinking of the big picture.

    Along the lines of the life of an android phone yes you are correct, but the same thing goes with BBerry and iPhone, iphone releases a new variant every year, even though the contract is for 2 years. BBerries release many phones in the same year, No where near as many as Android but its the same jist.

    The “fragmentation” debacle is not a result of android, its a result of overpriced low end phones getting you stuck in a 2 year contract. Currently (as it has reached 2 years) there are still people on the iphone 3g (not the 3gs) and they are most certainly seeing “fragmentation” from all the things that the newer iOS can do. Same thing applies.

    Recently (at the pase of Android) I have been doing somthing similar to what Mr.Slave (3 comments above) has done. I buy the phone full price (get a no contract plan) then when I want a newer phone (8-10 months later is normally when i do this) I sell the older phone and only have to shell 100-200$ to get a new one. That way you arent breaking the bank (per-say) and still keeping up with the latest and greatest. And NEVER get a low end phone. At least not for someone who is tech savy. Thats why I have also been sticking with Dev Phones lately, maximum support from Google AND the mod community.

  16. @Joaquin
    Well, if you are really unhappy with the Cliq you could always sell it and shell out maybe $100-$200 for a Vibrant, but thats only if your financials are ok (real life comes first).

  17. @Ryan — Since the MT3G was the 2ND ANDROID PHONE on the market, it would have made it top end. Your judgment of what is a good phone is clouded by current technology. Yes the market might be getting saturated, but wouldn’t you rather have everyone find their nitch in android?

  18. @lancaster09
    Yes you are correct, the MT3G was NOT a low end and for that I exempt from the other 2. (I figured the MT3G was dropped months ago so it didnt register when i initially read the article) But the Cliq and the XT where both released past the time they should have, they were low end from the start. But the MT3G was a high end, yes you are correct sir.

  19. So how does T-Mobile’s “No phone left behind” fit into this? haha.

  20. I think we can still hope “no phone left behind” still applies as far as updates go and “end of life” refers to “end of sales”…

  21. MT3G is gonna end-of-life? i was still expecting Tmo will do the “official” 2.2 updated to it!! Lucky we still got CM6, made it alive to use!!

  22. You people have to stop crying about being stuck with the cliq and cliq xt. Do like every one else did with those devices move on and know not to get stuck again. It’s part of the sales game. Hell. got rid of my cliq three weeks a go and will never touch another obsolete device with mention of a update again.

  23. hold up im hearing u guys talking about how u gonna upgrade your phones
    how is that when i got the original mytouch pre-ordered it too and still cant get an upgrade until next year around this time?

  24. So much much for no phone left behind. THANKS tmobile I’ll stick with cyanogen mod thank you.

  25. Idk why you people are complaining. T-mobile let’s you upgrade your phone way ahead of the 2 years. They even let you make 20 payments on a phone. 20!!! Its the only carrier that does that.

  26. haha everyone that has 1.5 needs to stop complaining because either way you have an android phone….and that’s pretty bad ass. better than a BRICK! haha

  27. When the MyTouch came out it was an exact hardware replica of a phone that was already on the market roughly 5 to 6 months (g1). Should you be surprised that it had a short lifespan? Hardware becomes obsolete so fast that you are lucky that it lasted this long. The G1 really only made it this far because it was the “developer” phone and the “first android”. The Nex1, a spec superior phone, just met its EOL date… Don’t be disappointed in HTC, don’t be disappointed in TMobile, be disappointed in yourself for not understanding the direction of the mobile market and buying a platform that would not withstand the test of time.

  28. Brad, well said.

  29. I just want my frozenyogurt.

  30. Are previous mytouch models still getting the 2.2 froyo update?

  31. Update: I went and bought a Vibrant yesterday… all i can say is WOW. What a difference. It’s so responsive and clean. Yeah it will take some getting used to compared to the Cliq but once again I am proud of my android device. Something tells me that Samsung will do a better job of keeping up with the updates considering how widely this phone has been distributed. I’ve caught the android fever again and I won’t be surprised if I trade in again once (if/when) the Glacier comes out. Congratulations T-Mobile, your scheme worked. Moto- I have nothing nice to say to you, Go F*&% your self :)

  32. I have a Cliq XT, a have had many issues with it. Only had it since April, and to be honest, I actually place most of the blame for such a crappy phone on Motorola. The update is delayed probably until Q4 for Android 2 on the Cliq.

    Well effective immediately, I have ditching my click for a Vibrant. I just can’t take the limitations anymore.

    I have installed enough apps that I have run out of storage locally on the phone, plus the fact that many of the apps that I use now or want to use are no longer found on the market because my phone is TOO OLD!/

    Goodbye Cliq, goodbye Motoblur (garbage, and doesn’t do anything!!!!

    Let’s see how the Vibrant does.


  33. mo### F88ker i cant believe this what is wrong with t mobil, if i dont get a fair exchange for this piece of S777 im going to veryzon in done with this fucking cliq and t homo

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