My Verizon Mobile App Updated to Add Account Management


It’s one thing to be able to view your account information and details from the palm of your hand, but it’s another to be able to manage most of the aspects of your wireless phone service from Verizon without having to call them or head over to their website. That’s the type of functionality today’s update to their My Verizon Mobile app brings. Let your eyes wander below for the full suite of goods you can find in the latest update.


– View minute, message and data usage
– Adjust allowance minutes on current plans
– Make one-time payments and set up and maintain auto-pay
– View upgrade eligibility and contract end date
– Manage Friends & Family numbers.

In addition to all of that, you’ll be allowed to change account information such as your mailing address, voicemail password, and other features tied to your Verizon account. You’ll also be able to see your past bills and check your current balance. We can’t imagine anyone would be against these changes – security concerns aside – as they sound like they’ll make life easier for anyone using the app. You can find the updated application in the Android market on your Verizon handset.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. …which is why they need to stop preinstalling apps in the /system/app directory. When you update them it takes up more space. At least put them in the /preinstall directory so the end user can uninstall it like they did with the NSF game.

  2. Well.. I searched the market and there wasn’t a new app for me. I have had the 5.0 VZW app for some time now. I got my X about a week ago and the 5.0 update was available then. Is this an update beyond 5.0?

  3. No update for HTC Eris.

  4. @ Alen while I’m sure it will get some kind of update…you can not expect much from a low end phone….

  5. No update for Droid… In the marketplace at least.

  6. This update has been out there for several weeks, I got it a while ago.

    Beware of using it to choose & purchase your extras like unlimited text messaging. Some options you have on their web site are not available in the app.

    Specifically, I wanted to get the option for 250 text messages for $5/month. I knew I had seen it online, but could not find it in the app. The cheapest option in the app was $10/month.

    I went online and sure enough the web site allowed me to add the $5 option, which I bought. The app does not show that I have that option at all.

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