More Galaxy Tab Pics, this Time Hinting at CDMA



In case you haven’t seen enough of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which should be getting an official announcement in a matter of days, here are a few more leaked shots along with some early impressions of the device. The biggest thing to note from this round of dirty pictures? A sticker on the Tab clearly showing CDMA. The original post where the pictures surfaced gives credit to the tablet’s speakers, and Flash 10.1 running on Android 2.2, and its call quality. Whether it is placing those calls over 3G or WiFi is not detailed.


With word picking up that we may be seeing a 7-inch iPad mini popping up very soon, the form factor of Samsung’s tablet and what we are hoping is one of the better Android experiences for such a device should make it an ample competitor.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I’d love to see a WiFi-only version of this as well. I really don’t need another 3G device to access the ‘net.

  2. Bad resolution.

  3. #2, yeah, okay, right. as if you can magically tell just from the photo.

  4. Well yeah.. Check the status bars. The only reason a 7 inch tablet would need that size of bar is if it has quite a low res screen (relative to screen size.

    Same thing can be observed within the browser.

  5. G8D just give it up dude. See the thing in person before you throw around that kind of stuff.

  6. What’s that device in the bottom picture, to the left of the tablet?

  7. @G8D If it had a low resolution then the numbers on the clock would be way bigger the ones on the Droid X are similar to the size on my Nexus but the Samsung Tablet clearly shows it has a high resolution. Am I right or wrong?

  8. it is a lower res screen, but seeing how im not some supervision douchebag it really wont matter bc my home screen isnt a smattering of icons. people make a big deal about screen res when the only way they can tell the difference is when they look at the specs.

  9. @G8D If the text height in pixels is consistent between the two devices in the photo, I would say that the Tab has a lower pixel pitch than the phone. Almost same size text on a considerably larger screen.

  10. I’m speaking about the time on the lock screen text specifically.

  11. @Vowani It’s a Motorola Droid X for Verizon

  12. Pictures aside, all the leaked specs I’ve read about this device indicate that it has the same resolution as the Galaxy S phones. 4″ screen on the phone, 7″ on the tab. You don’t have to see pictures to realize that the tab can’t possibly look as good as the phones when held at the same distance. Hopefully the specs are wrong because I really like this device otherwise.

  13. I think the screen res is 1024×600.

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