Nvidia Tegra 2 Puts Up a Smoking Benchmark Score



In case you were wondering just how much of a boost the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset will give the slew of tablets that will feature the technology in the coming months, take a quick peak at the Quadrant benchmark score above. The test was completed on the Toshiba AC100, an Android 2.1 netbook. Yeah, that’s Android 2.1. Imagine the Tegra 2 with the enhancements of Android 2.2 and its JIT compiler. I will give you a second to wipe the drool from your chin. Come on! Get ahold of yourself, man!

Several big name devices in the pipeline should be getting the Tegra 2 treatment including the upcoming tablet by Motorola and the Notion Ink Adam. Toshiba is also planning a tablet to run with NVIDIA’s chip. In case you hadn’t already realized, this may be the generation of slate devices worth holding out for.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. Galaxy S (1Ghz Hummingbird) with Speedhack can beat that.

  2. its not a speedhack, but that’s what they call it. anyway, those scores for the tablet are actually quite underwhelming. it should be well over 3000 with optimizations in place

  3. I don’t understand why people are so damn picky about Quadrant scores. This is reaching 1.9k with 2.1 and without any modifications. It may be able to hit 3k+.

    Even if it lingers around the mid 2000’s with 2.2, is there anything wrong with that? My phone doesn’t feel sluggish at 1.2k (Incredible), so quit being so damn snobby about a number… it’s just that, a number.

  4. With what “whysopicky” said. To give an example my MOTO Droid runs 1.4GHZ on bugless ver of 2.2 clocks a 1400 score and then my dinc running with a 1.13GHZ on stock Android 2.1 sits at scores a 550.
    Trust me the dinc feels WAY snappyer then the MOTO! So yeah scores don’t mean sh*t.

  5. I think DroidX can achive 1800 easily on Single Core and Tegra 2 is Dual Core

    I have gut Feeling that Benchmark Software is not getting Benefit of Second Core at all.

    I think the Benchmark sud be more then 2500+

  6. I wish these leaks would provide the individual scores. The Quadrant I/O benchmark can easily be inflated with caching boosting the overall score.

  7. My Vibrant only scores 900 and its fast as $#@!. I guess when I get FroYo on this thing I’ll load up my screens almost instantaneously?

  8. If the Nexus went up 2.5 times then with 2.2 this should go to 4,500 right.

    @Bob can the Galaxy beat that? And what happen when someone gets the speed hack to work on that tablet?

  9. As many people above are saying, Quadrant scores (and benchmarks in general) don’t necessarily mean all that much about a device’s performance. Check here:

    Cyanogen was able to get a Quadrant score of over 3k by basically cheating the test. So real world usage speed is much more important than how high a number you can score.

  10. I want to see a Quandrant Advance run with Tegra 2 so we can all see how the score breaks down.

    As for the Galaxy S beating this score, yes it’s possible.

    The lag fixes out there simply compensates for Samsung’s proprietary RFS file system which is Fat32 with journaling. The lag fixes create a linux partition (ext2/3/4) to load applications and/or data which somewhat compensates for RFS’s slowness. The I/O limitation stems from RFS which other phones do not have. Other phones would not benefit from a similar lag fix since they already use a linux file system.

    See the picture below for a Quadrant Advance breakdown on my Samsung Vibrant with lag fix installed. You can see how the I/O score got a huge boost and is the difference in the stock vs lag fix score.

  11. The previous score I posted was using an Ext 3 lag fix. Here is one with an Ext 2 lag fix.

  12. I did the Quadrant Benchmark on my Nexus One 2.2 and I hit 1479 score ! I didn’t do a single thing to improve my score… just standard score :D

  13. Awesome stuff Nvidia!

    I am personally a Hummingbird fan but I love all technology. And they are always bound to be overtaken by the next best processor. Great processor, the tegra, can’t wait for Sammy’s next one either.

  14. @Frederik that’s a great score for stock! I just got 1404 on my DROID running stock 2.2 (FRG22) but with Chevyno1 ulowV 1.0Ghz kernel.

  15. It’s been said already but it deserves to be said again, since most of you are overlooking this.

    The Galaxy S (with lag fix) is easily topping this (also with Android 2.1) and reaching scores of 2100-2200.

    That’s right. Galaxy S (Vibrant, Captivate, etc) with 2.1 can get scores of 2100-2200. Nothing else can beat it, not even this netbook. LULZ

  16. I think the main problem is the Quadrant benchmark itself. It seems that hacks can exploit holes in it’s logic to yield incorrect results. Basically, Quadrant is not a reliable benchmarking tool, so quoting results are just as unreliable.

  17. Lol the lag haxx is nothing that special, most phones come with the “lag haxx” already in place. Sammy are just a bit dumb sometimes. Galaxy s ftw.

  18. Tegra 2 is a beast. Can’t wait for a phone to use it, best SOC in the market.

  19. Quadrant scores mean nothing, unless you look at the individual scores. My Galaxy S can get over 2k with a speed hack, much faster than my Nexus One with froyo, but there is still considerable lag on Galaxy S when switching programs compared to my N1, even though the Galaxy S preforms faster in terms of graphics. So one number says absolutely nothing when it comes to benchmarking Android phones.

  20. This site lists Quadrant results for just about every known Android phones. Even includes overclocked results!

    Galaxy S seems to be beating everyone else’s bu** pretty bad. :)

  21. FYI the OS doesn’t use the 2nd core yet. Scores are going to be insane in Honeycomb. This has the potential to hit 4000-5000. I just got 2333 with CM6.1 beta 4 no overclocking or speed/latency hacks on a gtablet.

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