Aug 30th, 2010


In case you were wondering just how much of a boost the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset will give the slew of tablets that will feature the technology in the coming months, take a quick peak at the Quadrant benchmark score above. The test was completed on the Toshiba AC100, an Android 2.1 netbook. Yeah, that’s Android 2.1. Imagine the Tegra 2 with the enhancements of Android 2.2 and its JIT compiler. I will give you a second to wipe the drool from your chin. Come on! Get ahold of yourself, man!

Several big name devices in the pipeline should be getting the Tegra 2 treatment including the upcoming tablet by Motorola and the Notion Ink Adam. Toshiba is also planning a tablet to run with NVIDIA’s chip. In case you hadn’t already realized, this may be the generation of slate devices worth holding out for.

[via Gizmodo]