Xperia X8 to cost Less than $300 in the US?

We’ve not received much word on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 – the device once known as the “Shakira” – since SE made their official unveiling, but following yesterday’s FCC approval, new rumors suggest that this phone will be priced to sell: less than $300 without subsidy. It’s clear that this phone was not meant to be aimed for those needing a superphone – that’s what the X10 is for – and this price would back that point up nicely.


For those that don’t remember, the device is equipped with a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 480×320, has a 3.2-megapixel camera, a 600MHz processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and will come with Android 1.6 and TimeScape/Mediascape. An upgrade to Android 2.2 is planned to go down later this fall after the device is launched (though no concrete availability and official pricing have come to light).

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  • jdog

    Its a trap

  • msgnyc

    Not bad. S/E covering all possible options for customers with the X10, the HD mini/mini Pro and now the X8.
    Wonder if the hardware for this one is capable of mulititouch. That would be one leg up it would have over it’s siblings.
    All of these Android 1.6 devices is begining to get depressing however. Atleast they aren’t releasing it with 1.5 like Dell did with the Aero, but COMEON. 2.0, 2.1 and now 2.2 are already out. Why do these people continue to release 1.5 and 1.6 devices?

  • msgnyc

    X10 mini/mini pro not HD mini/mini Pro. Sorry.

  • DanielthePoet

    I’m not interested in either X8 or X10. After waiting forever for the Helio Ocean 2 to be released back in the day, I learned that when phones take too long to see the light of day, they’re obsolete by the time they do make it public.

    I’m going to stick with HTC for the next few years. They’ve proven to be the most trustworthy Android maker thus far. Since I’m a physical keyboard fanatic, I think HTC will continue to be the best for me.

  • IPhone 4 battery

    Wow.. less than $300 is a great price.

  • http://phandroid geeman

    Why are these overpowered phones allowed on the market with future eclair or froyo updates promised in the near future? Surely this is a marketing strategy to tempt users into new or updates contracts. I don’t see why company’s don’t release with the most current software and give US value for money? They should follow HTC as an example. Zietgeist products from a zietgeist company.


    I hope it comes to AT&T cause I’m still debating on the X10 and not getting cause it only have 1.6v on it. And waiting for the rumor of the PlayStation phone.

  • Jim Britt

    WHY would Ericsson, my favorite brand, use an OLD, outdated operating system in a brand new phone?

    Why such a wimpy camera and video abilities.

    This outdated stuff FORCED me to move from Sony after 13 yrs to the Samsung Captivate!

  • Terran

    meh, dont like the design of the X# series

  • punx

    if it dont have android 2.2 is not worth the time, a waste of money in this world of technology