Verizon Confirms HTC Droid Incredible’s Update to Android 2.2 Begins Today


We’d only been following rumors and internal leaks, but the known-legit Twitter account – @VZWSupport – has replied to a couple of their followers letting them know that the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the HTC Droid Incredible will begin 8/27/2010. Translation? Today! A lot of you have already been looking for the upgrade with no success to report, but remember that the update only *begins* today: they’ll most likely employ a staggered process over the next couple of weeks to eventually get it to everyone as they did for the Motorola Droid 2.


In any case, we can all rest easy knowing that it’s finally here and you haven’t been forgotten after all (even if you’re still waiting on those damned accessories!)

[thanks, Bryan!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. sexy

  2. any idea what parameters they use when doing the ota rollouts? is it done by region? lastname? phone number? when the phone was sold? completely random?

  3. Wow I just got woken up by a phone call and was talking on speaker when I saw a little message saying “update disabled ……………” it flashed too quickly for me to read the rest. Went to check in system update afterwards and nothing…
    Curse you CDMA technology!!!!

  4. nothing in Nashville…

  5. Nothing yet (CT 10:40am)

  6. I wonder if this will help the crappy call quality.

  7. “as they did for the Motorola Droid 2.”

    droid 2 came with 2.2 out of the box.

    i think you mean the original droid

  8. nothing here in south New Jersey, 10:45am.. :(

  9. I’m working with a Verizon business rep to look at moving our company over to them from AT&T. Part of the discussion revolved around requiring Android 2.2 just due to some Exchange changes it has. He forwarded me an internal email basically saying the updates would be staggered between now and September 3rd. By then all Incredibles should be updated to 2.2.

    Take that at face value, but I did see the internal email chain as part of the forward.

  10. I got it

  11. Sexiness! It’s gonna feel like Christmas!

  12. Where are you jdog?

  13. Nothing in St. Louis… what does the OTA message look like?

  14. Thank god, now all you incredible whiners can stop crying every time another phone gets the update.

  15. You will know.

  16. I have a feeling jdog is not being 100% truthful… and I dont like it.

  17. Finally… now will have to wait for final to be downloadable and do manually.
    Rooted DInc with 8/01 Froyo 2.2 leak and 2.15 radio.

  18. @Brandon, maybe jdog is being truthful… More than likely people are already getting it, and maybe he was too excited to post location… Let’s hope so. Either way, we know we are getting it at least…

  19. Nothing in South Texas yet either.

  20. Houston, TX

  21. Thanks jdog

  22. I’ve tried the *#*#checkin#*#* utility but nothing yet.. East Providence, RI

  23. Is this update supposed to help the service? My 3G is sporadic at best and my signal strength is very poor, therefore bad call quality. A tech ticket submitted to Verizon Support resulted in them telling me to wait for the software update. I’m in Washington, D.C. where service should be/has been stellar. I’d hate to think it’s the phone…

  24. Nothing in OR yet. Is the update rolled out by region or is it in some sort of numerical value system?

  25. Nothing here. Pawtucket, RI.
    Though if east providence isn’t getting it I shouldn’t expect it in the next city over.

  26. Is the download order determined by location? I think it should go out in the order that the phones were activated. Mainly because I received mine a day before their release date. Cleveland, OH

  27. Nothing in Wisconsin Yet. Go Pack!

  28. is there anything you have to do to get the update or will you be notified on the phone?
    Enlight, what “Checking utility” are you talking about?

  29. Nothing, nada, zip…..

  30. Just tried the checkin trick and nothing as of 12 noon in Cinci, OH.

    At the very least this will serve as a way to plot out how Verizon rolls out updates so we know in the future.

    Just please people, post when you get it… don’t just disappear.

  31. Nothing yet in Cincinnati, oh. Agreed though. I do feel like it should be released by activation.

  32. Nothing in L.A. yet

  33. Nothing as of 12:16PM in New Bedford, MA. You suck Verzion

  34. Nothing in Salt Lake, UT 10:20AM

  35. Nothing in Austin Texas

  36. I JUST GOT FROYO!!!!

    From TCBY!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I haven’t been to TCBY in a long time

  38. Not here in the Detroit area at 12:25.

  39. Nothing and I mean nothing you do will speed up the process of getting the update it go out at total random no matter if your on 1G 2G 3G or WiFi, I know because I got Froyo before all of you.

  40. I dialed 5318008 and turned my phone upside down and then drove to TCBY and BAM! I got FROYO!!

  41. Nothing from Arkansas

  42. Nothing here in the north part of indiana at 12:30 :(
    I am really sad

  43. Please tell me everyone understands that tiby is playing a joke and that TCBY is a yogurt company…you crazy newbs :D

  44. Nuthin’ in SC at 12:30…

    Keepin’ check here, too…

  45. tiby22, i got to thinking about it, realized my incredible’s reception has always sucked, and wanted something even better than froyo. it’s haagen dazs, baby! that whole frozen yogurt thing is a lame fad.

  46. Tiby, the girl at TCBY wouldn’t give me any froyo after I asked for her boobies.

  47. Someone has to keep the mood light…it is getting way to tense and heavy in here.

  48. nothing here in L.A. have been waiting for this since ever since, very frustrated. wouldnt be surprised if this was another well done rumor.

  49. It must not be your time yet adams…try again after midnight.

  50. I feel you big brother…

  51. that wasn’t nice of her Adams! Customer first riiiiight!

  52. nothing here yet either San Jose, CA

  53. Nothing here yet in Shreveport, LA.

  54. what do you guys want more…FroYo or Boobies?

  55. Nothing.zip

    Barrington, Ri
    Why are there so many rhodeislanders in this thread? XD

  56. I’d go for boobies :D way more entertaining

  57. No brainer…. BOOBIES!!!

  58. Boobies sound better the froyo…froyo on boobies delish….haha

  59. cuz all da peeps in RI have nuttin better to do…hahaha…that explains the same for me

  60. just give a known link and i’ll root the dam thing already…seriously this has gone to long…VZW you’re fired

  61. good point ainokea. froyo on boobies or boobies on froyo are both winners with flash 10.1.

  62. Nothing here in VA yet.

  63. Sitting in Portland, Or….staring at my phone….drinking coffee….I am old,…could go any minute….c’mon Big Red….be kind to the SENIORS among us!!!

  64. Nothing here yet. New York, NY

  65. Hey Grandmadroid… how YOU doin?!?!? Yeah, that’s right. I asked. (bo chicka bow-wow)…

  66. The Checkin number is now telling me my feature update could not be completed… I fear we may see nothing today :(

  67. According to the vzwsupport tweets “the rollout is random and in batches”

  68. Nothing here yet. Vermont

  69. nothing in Pittsburgh PA yet

  70. Warwick RI here,,<at work nothing else to do… damn you verizon for making me check my phone every minute.

  71. Com on people. Is that really important? It’s just an OS update and believe me it’s not gonna turn your phone into a space shuttle! I love my Incredible with or without Froyo! and I know it will come sooner or later…. go relax!

  72. Not happening today

  73. Nothing in Baltimore, MD yet

  74. I just want to see someone (other than jdog) report that they got it. Makes me not believe him.

  75. Pittsburgh Pa…. Received the ota at 2:27 pm. I was already running skyraider, so I’m not overly excited, but at least the folks who aren’t running custom Rom will have the goodness very soon.

  76. Nothing in Ft Lauderdale yet

  77. yay got my froyo…thanks tiby…TCBY done good…oh and got to touch the boobies….

  78. Who gave it to you? jdog? HA!

  79. double rainbow! nice one ainokea………….

  80. 3:00pm nothing in Pittsburgh

  81. To you “I.m happy with 2.1″ people (MJ), GOOD. I’m happy with it too, but this is fun and the rest of us are excited to get it. We’re not here looking for a lecture from you. Drop it and move on. We don’t have to know everything you think or every opinion you have.
    By the way, if you’re that happy with your 2.1, why are you trolling the FroYo posts?

  82. nothing in mississippi
    and i mean that in a figurative and literal way
    there is NOTHING in mississippi.

  83. Still nothing in NYC. 3:42pm.

  84. Nothing in Northern California. And I’m still looking for the Froyo with boobies update but Verizon has always been kinda prude anyway.

  85. Nothing in Denver. Starting to think it’s not happening. :(

  86. Nothing in DC. Even made futile efforts to “trick” the system into sending it down by making account/system changes. Oh well. Rumor has it only 10,000 units are getting the update today, with the next batch being on Monday, consisting of 100,000 units. Rollout continues at 100,000 per day after that. While this is not validated information, it is similar to what happened to the Moto Droid when it got 2.1.

  87. it was another joke by Verizon

  88. Steelcity, I’m in Pittsburgh and still have nothing. Jealous would be an understatement.

  89. OMG This is getting fun.

  90. Nothing here yet, CT 4:08pm

  91. I should add…

    It would be wise of VZW to wait until after 5:00 PM to start loading this update on phones, in order to avoid potentially negatively affecting business users (if something is wrong with the software). That might be their mindset.

  92. 2 hours north of pitt and I’ve seen nothing…what is this check in utility? I’ve also read on other comments that setting your date ahead manually might trigger it earlier…which makes no sense to me at least. Patiently waiting.

  93. Nada in Newark, NJ….4:26pm

  94. Still waiting in Truckee, CA at 1:30pm PST.

  95. @79 Google did.

  96. I haven’t gotten it yet…Williamsburg, VA. And, not for nothing, but I bought mine the *day* it was released. Shouldn’t I get something for being an early adopter? :P

  97. I live in Virginia and had preordered the Incredible. I received the update about 3:45pm EST. Kept all the apps in there originial locations and works Great. Now at 2.2 WOOT!!

  98. You do get something for being an early adopter…you get to wait just like everyone else. I too bought mine day of, and I too am waiting.

  99. Nothing in Cranston. Hey I’m also from RI and I’m doing s@&% time to go watch my dvrd Jersey Shore lol!

  100. Nothing in San Francisco, CA its 2:00pm PST. WTF gives! I feel like I’m waiting for UPS for a package. I don’t how many times i went to ,about phone, and tried the update…..lol. can’t sleep till i get this freaking froyo.

  101. A fella posted on the incredible forum from NY, NY and said that after the update could not get service… Huge potential bug.


  102. 5:45 pm, Do u know where ur Froyo is? Hello fellow BurghDIncs.

  103. Nothing in Milwaukee….

  104. Nothing in GA. 6:01 PM

  105. No Froyo (1800 Eastern Time)…so no love yet.

  106. There is an easter egg here read it on alldroid and it works!! Go to TCBY and check in on Foursquare, tweet FROYO and within 1 hour your phone will turn into a rocket shuttle of Froyo goodness! Woohoo. OK joking. No action in the A yet.

  107. Ok…FROYO is now available…I’m looking at it right now, playing with it too…too bad i can’t post a picture of it on here…guess you gotta do what i did go into hooters…and there you will find froyo with boobies….happy friday…peace i’m out…

  108. Stop posting bs.Verizon stop update hours ago.

  109. If we learned anything from this its that phandroid has a lot of RI readers with incredible.

  110. well in southwest virginia we got nothing…seriously, absolutely nothing…we live five minutes from the middle of no where. 2.1 still works for me though but can’t wait for froyo.

  111. Nothing in narragansette, RI

  112. Nothing in North Providence

  113. Still nothing! Foot tapping…

  114. In New York its 950pm and nothing yet

  115. Nothing in Indianapolis, IN. The anticipation is killing me. Verizon stop waging psy war on me.

  116. CT nothing, and I had mine since 3 days before it was for sale!!! I want my Froyo!

  117. 8008135!!!!

  118. What a joke. Yet again a ploy for Verizon to rake in a bunch of money by investing in advertisement stock knowing that us poor Froyo junkies would be looking at 3 times as many websites today as we would normally. A silly ploy. However I still hope I wake up with Froyo…and maybe boobies.

  119. Can’t resist joining the uber geek party.. 8:15 here in Portland, OR.. nothing showing up so far. I have to wonder if there is a single female posting any of these updates? or more likely.. they have much better things to do than sit around staring at a frickin mobile phone waiting for an update to the OS.. wow.. Just think, is that you? :)..

  120. still no froyo in bakersfield Ca.

  121. Maybe RI stores were shipped disproportionate amounts of Incs, and therefore a disproportionate amount of Inc users are from RI. XD
    I got mine in Middletown RI by just walking into a bestbuy two weeks after launch day and asking for one. When I mentioned it on the forums here, people insisted I was lying.

  122. How long can they keep playing us like this?

  123. @116 for months seeing as I first got Froyo in May and you have now been waiting for 3 months already. Thats why Verizon should have got the Nexus then people like you who want the update right now would already have it.

  124. @flagshipwreck- yeah. I agree with you. It’s probably a rumor. BUT if its true. I will be prepared to eat my words.

  125. 0600 in Boston. Nada

  126. GM still nothing in NY. Its 725am

  127. Nothing. But red comes through with a big zero.

  128. I just got it here in Florida… new Droid boot animation and all

  129. 9:00AM EST here is North Bumble F&ck NJ and still nothing. DInc was the first thing I looked at when I woke up. The boobies were the first thing I played with………..

  130. Got it!
    Not sure if it’s just a coincidence, but I manually set my phone’s date to September 3rd last night, when I woke up this morning, I had the Update popup .. installed and phone is working great, definitely seems faster. Might be worth a shot to others.

  131. Day 2 and nothing in Milwaukee

  132. My family has three Incredibles. I have been checking my device for updates like I have OCD. I woke up this morning and found out that my mom was lucky enough to get Froyo!!! But, she went to work and I have to wait until she gets home to play with it and tell everyone how wonderfully Froyo tastes.

    I’ll keep all of you updated.

    Scranton, PA= Froyo
    Maybe Michiael Scott emailed Verizon.

  133. This kind of makes me wonder how Verizon is rolling out these updates. It’s apparently has nothing to do with where you live. Possibly it has something to do with manufacturing date or device ID. Any thoughts? I received my Incredible a few weeks before my parents, but they received theirs at the same time and only one of them got the update.
    Fix: Michael* Scott

  134. Fremont, CA – just got the update this morning – yay!!!

  135. still nothing here in Maine, not really surprised. I’m sure over the next week we shall have Froyo goodness in our hands

  136. It is truly sad reading the comments here. A bunch of grown men & women acting like a bunch of spoiled pre-schoolers. You’ll get the update when you get it. If you’re so tired of waiting for it; get the help off the forums and go do something else to take your mind off it, use the RUU update, flash a custom ROM, sell your phone for a Droid 2 or go buy an EVO. Just STFU about it!

  137. So about that update….

  138. Nada in SoCal.

  139. I got mine last night!

  140. p.s. I did the system update check about 200 times real fast yesterday. I think that moved my device to the top of the queue for the update today.

  141. North jersey still nothing

  142. @ch:
    You’re whining just as much, except that YOU’RE offtopic and they are on topic. Sounds like you’re the one that needs to go away and STFU.

  143. I received the update this morning

  144. CJ
    You’re the one trolling the discussion and flaming people. Cool it. If the subject gets you so upset, you need to stop going places that upset you and go somewhere else. We don’t need your opinion and we don’t need or want your lectures.
    By the way, nothing In Tampa yet.

  145. CJ is a homotard. Go away, CJ! We enjoy this!

  146. @ Dan,
    I agree completely. If you someone like cj takes the time to read thru all the posts and then try to be a bad ass and tell ppl off he is the one that needs to get a life. So cj, gfys. Kaybye. Oh and no 2.2 Minneapolis, MN

  147. still nothing in Northern Virginia. day 2

  148. Well THIS homotard has nothing in Wyoming yet either.

  149. Jdog is lying!!!!! I live in houston, tx too and I know many others with this phone and we have yet to get the update! He probably just rooted his phone like every other hacker to get it if claims he has it. We will all get the update whenever we get it so just be patient!

  150. I wouldnt even waste comment space on cj. He is probably one of those people who posts once and never returns to read what people think about him. BTW, nothing in Crockett,TX yet.

  151. Jdog is lying!!!!! I live in houston, tx too and I know many others with this phone and we have yet to get the update! He probably just rooted his phone like every other hacker to get it if claims he has it. We will all get the update whenever we get it so just be patient!

  152. Got it and really living the .n wireless, my super mario live wallpaper seems a little smoother.

  153. Anyone get the update yet? nothing in NYC.

  154. Froyo here about 10AM Austin. Works nice and faster!

  155. @CyberDroid: can you save the password for the 3G Mobile Hotspot in Settings? The hotspot works for me, but it doesn’t save the AP Name or password (I have to change it each time or accept the default values).

  156. 10pm in Virginia nothing yet.

  157. Wow, name calling, how adult. I don’t troll anywhere! But all this angst, vitriol and hand wringing is plain retarded. You’ll get it when you get it. Sitting and b*tching on forums isn’t gonna Froyo on your phone any quicker. I wanted Froyo just as much as any of you and since I couldn’t wait any longer I took the plunge and used the RUU to update mine. No fuss, no muss and I’m basking in the afterglow of Froyo goodness.

  158. I’m patiently waiting… i know how this all works so I’m trying to not get my hopes up but I will b honest…. I’M ANXIOUSS

  159. It is being pushed randomly it started on 8/27 and will continue to be pushed through 9/3 and it is not a rumor

  160. Well alittle advice for everyone, i just called verizon 834pm pacific time and they said if you want to get the software you can go to the verizon store and they will flash your phone for you with no charge. So if your desperate to get this update, head to the verizon store and you will get it.

  161. More b****ing here… Nothing in Hope, AR- 11:00 p.m. CST

  162. @cj,
    Dude, we complain cause ppl listen. We bitch because its what a forum is for. We wait just like every other person. If you don’t like what we say don’t read the thread. Nobody cares about you and getting froyo already. The ppl who don’t have it yet have the right to say what they will whenever they want. So cj, get over yourself and get a life. Everyone else say what you have to everyone is hear to listen and reply with out being a T-ing r-tard about it. Still no froyo in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  163. Nothing in California yet.11pm. Got my incredible as soon as it first came out. It arrived even before the official release date. I want froyo!

  164. 0400 nada. I’m going fishing .

  165. Nothing in Louisiana but rain and muggy weather.

  166. Nothing in Philly yet…

  167. Long Island, NY no update 8/29 12:30

  168. Nothing in Los Angeles California area!
    wtf man this is taking too long!

  169. I spoke with a Verizon tech at the.store. He said that people who don’t have apps are getting the push sooner because there are still apps that are not 2.2 compliant and when doing the its update could fail to install a end up bricking the phone. Unfortunately he couldn’t update my DInc.

  170. I received 2.2 5:00 central time . In Jackson ms. I talked to a Verizon. Rep and they said all incredible users will have the update by Friday. A huge ota will be sent out starting tommorrow

  171. Got the 2.2 update on Friday. Battery life is much batter and the phone is snappier although I thought it was pretty quick before. I Preordered mine on the 19th previous to release and live in VA.

  172. Meant to say better…

  173. Congrats to you, CJ. You are still a mook. You are still trolling and you like to listen to yourself pass on “holier than thou” advice to everyone else. No one cares what you did. Go away already. We enjoy this.

  174. I like CJ.

  175. Any updates in Georgia yet? Geez. I’m getting tired of this.

  176. Yeah still nothing in Minnesota. I just want me some froyo! This phone really is “incredible” but would be ultra incredible if I had froyo. Can’t wait, the suspense is driving me insane well not really but y’all get my point :P

  177. Still waiting…

  178. @Dave please go and get an iPhone we don’t need retards who don’t read comments on Android I already said that the updates go out at random. On the Nexus when people got 2.2 people in China, India, America, and Africa were all getting it at the same time. So shut up and be patient.

  179. Oh and I did get Froyo months ago on my Nexus One. Its funny because I said I had a Nexus on a story about 2 hours after this one came out and not one of you called me out about it. :)

  180. Has anyone received anything yet today? My phone is out in my car. I’m dying to sneak out and check. (Maryland)

  181. Nothing in Detroit area…

  182. Loading…………

  183. @calibearonatear… what state?

  184. Not many posts today. Everyone must be playing with their new Froyo. Wish I had me some. :(

  185. Still waiting on my yummy goodness

  186. Nothing still in Ft Lauderdale

  187. Why have none of you that got it showed the common courtesy to post the update.zip so everyone can download it without waiting.

  188. LOL We won’t get anything till the 1st.

  189. Nuttin in flag,az

  190. still waiting

  191. why is everyone posting their state like they know thats how the updates are rolling out….it might not be by state

  192. Droid SUCKS! iPhone is the best!

  193. just got it, san francisco. Woot woot

  194. At about 10:50 pm PST in Seattle, WA my incredible got the update to froyo…2.2 ….or at least i was prompted to. Flash works…flashlight with brightness adjustment using the.camera flash is cool. My phones is being delayed while typing…dunno what that’s about.

  195. Got mine this morning, I dont know if this matters or not but I am in Fredericksburg VA.

  196. I called my local Verizon store yesterday to see if they’d flash my phone if I brought it over and they said no. The tech there actually recommended that if I didn’t feel like waiting, I should go to AndroidCentral and download it there; that’s what he did. When I asked if it would void my warranty, I got crickets for about 5 seconds… then, “Oh, I don’t know.” Wonder if he’s crapping a gold brick over his warranty now. HA!!!

  197. It’s done randomly. It’s not by state or when you bought the phone. My brother received it this morning. He’s 5 miles away and bought his phone 2 months after I did. I got it on first day.

  198. One other thing of note is that the tech DID say mostly everyone should have it by Friday and that it was probably in my best interest to wait if I have no experience flashing/upgrading/rooting/etc phones… (sigh)…

  199. just got mine in albany, new york, @ 740am EST … linpack score went from 7 to 33 … outstanding

  200. I woke up this morning with an update ready on my dinc. I installed it (took about 8 min) I must say that I’m INCREDIBLY pleased (no pun intended… LOL) the device now supports 720p video, wireless hotspot, and best of all, has a flashlight app!!!! There are a few other extras I’m sure I’m leaving out. So far, it doesn’t seem to have bothered the overall feel of the device (that’s a good thing) I’m noticing that there are a few tweaks to the SMS message interface, but not much more beyond that. Hope everyone else has as good of luck with the update as I did!

  201. got my froyo! Cincinnati, OH

  202. I got froyo at 12:55am Aug 31 in Asheville NC.

  203. I got froyo’d last night about 11:30.

    Southern Oregon.


  204. Got it. Did set date (9/6/10) ahead b4 bed and surprise 8am update.maybe my turn or change date?

  205. JUST GOT FROYO for Dinc at 8:30 cst in Chicago il…

  206. Just got the Froyo update for my Droid Incredible in Orlando, FL!

  207. got mine this morning. Pittsburgh, PA.

  208. Hey got the update in Maryland and didnt even kno and update was comin out but so far so good….it almost seems like it slowed my Droid incredible down but just could be me

  209. I still haven’t gotten the update. This kinda sucks yO

  210. I got it last night at 10:30pm HST. I turned on my WiFi, powered off the phone and pulled the battery. When I powered it back up the update automatically started. It fast! Has 720p vid, 3G mobile Hotspot and a bunch of other apps that came with it.

  211. I couldn’t help myself, so I manually updated, using the .zip file from an androidcentral forum. Froyo is up and running, no root required and it didn’t wipe my phone. It was very easy with step by step instructions. Good luck everyone, the FROYO update game has certainly been entertaining.

  212. My wife just called saying her froyo is ready to install. I’m still waiting for mine.

    Norwalk, CT 12:37

  213. Additional benefit of FROYO that I wasn’t expecting, I am able to sync my work e-mail and calendar now (lotus notes). It didn’t work before.

  214. I got the update this morning 9:45 am PST in LA area. I still have the “Low on Space” notification but still have more than enough space available. I thought the update was supposed to take care of that. Any Ideas?

  215. Installed using the zip file, painless and works perfectly, love me some froyo

  216. Still no love for me in MD. This is disheartening. Might have to resort to the nuclear option and manually update. Ugh…

  217. Anybody know if it will pull in the update if you are running the Skyraider Sense 2.5.2 custom rom or if I have to rollback to the stock image to have the update come in. I am in Portland, Oregon and I have not seen a notification yet.

    Thanks for any assistance

  218. @219 Steve- From everything I have seen you should be running the stock 2.1 software that came on the Dinc.

  219. I got impatient and just used the leaked RUU zip file. Everything works perfectly! I could not install the update from my home computer (using Vista) but was able to install the update from my work computer (using XP). Pretty easy to install, however you must install HTC Sync prior to using the file. HTC Sync can be found on your sd card.
    Any questions let me know.

  220. Got it here in SC and not happy. Security bugs and lots of lag. Phone ran great before the update. Hope this gets fixed :(

  221. Ugh, my co worker just got get DInc this weekend & got her update last night. She didn’t even know what it was or why it wad a big deal. But I was nice & set her video to 720. Then I pouted about my lack of froyo. :P

  222. My hubby and I both got our Incredibles on the same day, I activated mine first….tell me why his updated this morning and I’m still waiting? We are both on one account, so it’s very strange! We are in Southern California. He showed me a couple of new features after he updated, but hasn’t had time to find them all just yet. Boo…I want my update!

  223. @kellie… Feeling your pain… Feeeeeeeling yourrr paaain…. (gasp)

  224. no update in murfreesboro tn

  225. Just got me some Froyo! Thanks droidlife!… or who ever you got that from! and yeah… it does hang out at the red eye for quite a while. It feels just like christmas morning and it’s 10pm! Woot! (do people still say woot?)

    The OTA is over rated. Update manually.

  226. my update came sometime overnight, so both phones are updated

    Norwalk, CT 6:39am

  227. Yeah… that whole Set Date/Time thing… it’s hog-wash. It didn’t work. It’s comlpetely random. Still waiting…

  228. Received Froyo at 6:30am Central time.

  229. I got owned. I woke up saw the notice to update. But none of the buttons worked!! So I called Verizon. They said call HTC which I did and they said I have to wait another 2 weeks for my phone to check again! That sucks! Oh well, I’ve waited this long. what’s another two weeks? Kind of a tease though.

  230. Still waiting…
    This is getting sad yO.

  231. KFC Nut

    the same thing happened to me.
    There has to be a way to force it to check again.
    This sucks. I am hoping it fixes the bug with the built in exchange program and running out of disk space

  232. Just got my froyo at 8am in Los Angeles. Finally, been waiting for this for a while. Runs awesome.

  233. Got mine this morning, we have 2 incred. mine updated this morning, wifey still waiting… North west wisconsin.


    I installed it yesterday morning and lost all of my stored emails. When I went to the Verizon store for help restoring them, they told me and the 8 other people there for the same reason that all emails were lost.

    The update also adds a dozen new apps to the phone that can’t be deleted. All of these apps seem to run non-stop and seriously deplete the battery life. When I shut them down using the task killer, they reappear an hour later. All these apps are trying to sell you something––skype, verizon GPS, amazon MP3, etc. Verizon should be ashamed.

    Overall the phone is running much slower. There are lags in opening apps, the touch response is slower, and there are some changes to the SMS interface that I don’t love.

  235. My wife got her update this morning and I am still waiting for mine. South East Wisconsin

  236. @Doug and KFCNut: Did you all try the ol’ *#*#2432546#*#* trick? You never know…?

  237. I got it last night (8/31 o4 9/1… @ midnight). Some nice new features, but my battery life seems to have been cut in half. This despite the claim that better battery is an improvement. I’ll keep an eye on it. You can read the features on a pdf linked to: http://support.vzw.com/system_update/htc_incredible.html

  238. Colonel Mustard
    No i have not tried the ol’ *#*#2432546#*#* trick?
    as i do not know this one.

  239. i looked it up.
    it says that the check in was successful and that is it.

  240. Did you check your System Updates afterwords? Not saying that this would be a fix. But, it was worth a shot. Sorry. I’m still painfully awaiting my Froyo update too. Sooooo saaaad…

  241. I got the update this AM and so far do NOT recommend installing it. Like Brad notes above, I figured it was actually updating the operating system and did not expect the new apps. The only operating change that has affected me today, and in neither positive or negative fashion, is the updated open programs function (when you hold down the ‘home’ icon) so it now includes eight instead of six apps.
    Otherwise, it added the 3G Hotspot app (which tries to get you to sign up for VZ’s $15 subscription and which interfered with my task manager so I cannot turn it or its prompt off), an Amazon MP3 app that I can’t uninstall or close, a News app from HTC and a News and Weather app from Google that I can’t uninstall and a really annoying Skype app that I can’t uninstall or close. The new system also generally interferes with my Task Manager so there are certain other apps, Pandora for example, I can no longer force close and it disabled my awesome SwiftKey Beta keyboard. It also seems to have reset many (most?) (all?) of my factory settings. I also have NOT noticed increased battery life, which is the first change I would welcome with open arms.
    My sad new software is version 3.21.605.1. Blech.

  242. Got update this morning.Very sad.

    Phone got some lag so i reset to factory settings.

    Now i getting security pattern resets.Could be bug.

  243. My husband got his update yesterday morning and I have still yet to get mine. He has had a lot of trouble with his phone since it updated, though. As someone else said, it added a bunch of apps that just keep coming back on even though you haven’t clicked on them, and it is killing his battery life. So far he is extremely dissapointed and annoyed with the update.

  244. I Got my 2.2 update this afternoon in Sandusky, Ohio. Only glitch is mobile Twitter not working. I’ll work it out.

  245. boyfriend got the update this morning.
    i might just be the last person on earth to get the date.

  246. Same problem as some of you…. saw the notice to update in the notification bar at the top, but it’s gone…. nope, not in the Settings, About Phone, System updates either.

  247. I got my update yesterday at about 2:00 pm, I live in boston, ma. It seemed to mess my phone up. A lot of my apps that use the internet are not working the way they should. Anyone else having this problem?

  248. 9/2 8am finally got Froyo 2.2 in MD. Got to work opened my phone and got the box that said an update is availible for your phone install now? Damn right. Looks good so far. Like the new features.

  249. got the update yesterday and I’m p!ssed off! I got my phone in the beginning of may, but I only just recently figured out some of the features to optimize its performance(like deleting the Facebook For HTC Sense account) and my phone’s been running real fast, with drasticaly improved battery life.

    Thanks to 2.2, my battery life is crap now and I’m seeing the same lag that other people who’ve posted are seeing. Also, like other people, the multitude of new apps is jamming up my phone. F you Skype! F you Amazon MP3! F you Htc News! F you 3G Hotspot! F you VZ Navigator! Those are the biggest offenders and I can’t uninstall any of them!!! I’m furious! They took a sweet phone and made it crap. If they don’t fix this I’m gonna go nuts!

    But I do like the HTC Flashlight. Woopty-do!

  250. @Julie… Haven’t gone out to my car (sinec I’m at work) to check and see if I got Froyo yet. But, if you’re the last person on earth to get it, I’m the second to last. :( I’m starting to loathe Verizon.

  251. Got this update around 7:00 this morning as I was walking into school up in CT it has drained all the battery in my Incredible but I noticed that it now has the ability to become a mobile hotspot which im pretty pumped for so far from what ive seen its a great update accept for the whole draining my battery thing but I hope that is just because of the file download and installation etc….

  252. Wow. Here I was checking the update button 20 times a day for the past few weeks to see if I could get froyo. Now that some of you have it, I’m not sure I want it. I too had just got my phone running quickly by ridding it of some pesky apps that kept turning themselves on. Now I’m kinda upset to hear it installs apps that can’t be turned off. My biggest gripe with this phone is battery life and now it’s gonna be worse? Can I just pass on froyo? No update yet in Greensboro NC….

  253. My phone has been trying to get me to update all day, but I just keep hitting “Install Later”. My husband is still having nothing but problems out of his since the update. His music player even turns itself on randomly, which I have heard from a few other people that they are having the same problem. As far as I’m concerned, this update sucks, and I want no part of it until they work out the bugs.

  254. ‘tf is froyo?

    … This update ruined what I thought was a great phone. I’ve had a “low on space” notification since immediately after the update was complete. I deleted at least 6 apps, almost all of my text messages and e-mails, and the damn message still won’t go away. I clicked on the notification and it took me to the application info stuff; attempts to close many of the “running applications” I had were unsuccessful.. they just.. will NOT close.I opened my e-mail inbox this morning with multiple new messages, opened one, went back to my inbox, and the rest of the new ones were gone. The text interface is a little different now, too.

    If I restored my phone to factory default, would it go back to the former version I had, or would it still use this crappy update?

  255. crappy 2.2 f… froyo update sorry kate

    you can not go back

    i called today verizon and blasted one of the techs.Before rolling out update they should test it.She told me they will roll out fix soon.Also she was telling me its HTC fault.

  256. Virginia…nothing but problems since the update. Internet slow loading or not at all. No more tap to zoom, you must “pinch”. Can’t close programs, even with task killer. Loved my Incredible…now it’s terrible.

  257. Finally got it at 11AM today. Oiy. What a wait.

  258. Received my OFFICIAL notice to upgrade my HTC Incredible (Verizon) this morning and now my phone is UNUSABLE! Activity HTC Sence is not responding, nothing will load up completely, shows low space warning, I am unable to make calls or check Gmail… NOTHING. I’ve rebooted a few times and am checking online to find that many are having similar issues. WHAT HAPPENED HTC??? This is a serious problem!!!

  259. Got my 2.2 the other day and I’m seriously mad as hell. Can’t get rid of the stupid apps. And my battery barely makes it through a single day. I was getting 2 to 3 days before. HTC and VZW need to fix this immediately! DO NOT INSTALL THIS!!! You will be disappointed.

  260. Got Froyo around midnight on 9/3. So far it runs great. No battery issues (improvement or degradation) that I’ve noticed. The phone definitely runs faster. All the new apps don’t have to be used. I was able to force stop all of them. I’m sorry some of you are having a poor experience but I’m happy with the update.

  261. Got my update today in Melbourne, Florida.

  262. Got the 2.2 upgrade yesterday and I have not seen any of the issues a few others seem to have. Battery life is about the same but I do leave wi-fi on almost all the time. No lag and all the programs new and old work fine. I don’t use the provided e-mail client so can’t really comment on that. Really like that you can use the flash with the 720p video now. Going to try it out as a mobile hotspot tonight, have it all setup. Painless upgrade and happy so far. Hope everyone else gets there issues resolved quickly.

  263. Is there a way to un-install the upgrade?

  264. I turned my phone off last night, and when I powered it on this morning, the update started loading. The only thing slightly negative is the battery life seems to be about the same. Everything works as expected. Of course, I would be one of the last to get it….

  265. Nate nope.You have only 2 ways

    Wait for Verizon to push fix

    Wait for unrevoke team to root 2.2 build and install roms from XDA

  266. Just got the update at about 1:30pm here in Northern California. I like the flashlight and HD video, but these apps it installed keep popping back up on my ATK, literally ever few mins. It also rendered my SWYPE beta unusable, the keyboard is still there but if you swype it just beeps and does not type the words. Does anyone know how to make swype work with the update, I love my swype, I haven’t texted normally since I got it :(

    @Kevin, how did you force close the apps? They didn’t come back after a little while?

  267. I’ve had the new update for 2 days now and it has totally ruined my incredible. I would recommend not downloading it if u haven’t already. it pretty much reset my settings on the entire phone. my emails mysteriously disappeared. now I don’t get any on it. it plays music now every time I get a text message. 3g hardly works and it lags even with WiFi. there is about 30 new programs I didn’t want or need and none of them will uninstall. they run constantly in the background. they all come on at startup and task killer hardly does anything now. so what about thee hd cam and flashlight. overall they have down graded an awesome phone to one with many bugs. I won’t my old incredible back.

  268. No update for me… still looking at 2.1-update1… however my htc incredible has been acting really odd the past two days… I just missed an important call, the phone never rang and there showed to be no messages.. I tried calling out and phone said “call was lost”.. so I restarted, and tada, 3 voice messages… I missed a friend that came down to see me from about 4 hours away because I didn’t know he called.. anyhow, this has never happened before so I don’t know if its related to the updates, however, I still have version 2.1

  269. just got my download here in VA…took a little while. A few nice apps. The phone can now be rotated to the landscape layout in both directions…I seem to recall this didn’t happen in all/any apps.

    Doesn’t seem slower at all. Native SMS/MMS is much better. If Chompsms keeps force closing after this update, I’ll go back to native. Goin’ native!

    All in all – seems nice. We’ll see.

  270. I got my update on Friday. Saturday I noticed the apps regenerating themselves minutes after I would do the task killer. Around 3 or 4 pm saturday my hard keys stopped working and I couldn’t drag the screen to open it!! I could see calls coming in and messages and emails and reminders from the calendar. The time and temperature were correct, but I couldn’t access my phone!! I took it to Verizon on Sunday, which was my birthday, so I was getting a lot of calls and emails and texts, and they said they had no Incredible in stock, so they would have to fed ex a replacement. Boo, verizon. Boo… I have done nothing but sing the praises of Droid and Incredible, but after this, all my Iphone loving friends remain unconverted…

  271. I downloaded the update to my phone on Saturday and have had nothing but trouble with it since. It locks up, has a delayed response when trying to access calendar or email, etc. I get an error message saying it isn’t responding, do I want to force close or wait. Haven’t had much luck with support to get this resolved. Wish I hadn’t downloaded the update since my phone was working great beforehand.

  272. I received the upgrade notice while rooted. My wife was using the phone at the time, and just proceeded with the upgrade. After a while, it hung with a symbol of an exclamation point in a triangle. I rebooted the device and it was fine, but still on 2.1.

    I unrooted my device and am waiting for the 2.2 upgrade. Invoking “check for updates” always results in “Your system is currently up to date” message. Is there a way to make the update start?

  273. This update sucks. The native text application is screwed now. They took the question mark and exclamation point off the main screen so it takes twice as long to use these things. Tasks now run in the background constantly. Battery life has decreased as well with all this in mind. I will no longer update my phone if this is what is going to happen.

  274. Hate the update. Has ruined my beloved incredible. Hope they fix everything. I am also having problems with WIFI connectivity. The UI is really slow and clumsy now too. This update really, really sucks.

  275. Got the update in Orlando last week. Since that time the battery does not keep a charge and I continually lose calls. Also today all my text messages were gone! This update is horrible. They took an incredible phone to an unincredible phone. Not impressed at all…….Hmmm, Iphone anyone?! LoL

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