Even More of the Galaxy Tab, This Time With FroYo and a Shot of the Keyboard

The latest to leak out of the Samsung camp regarding their Galaxy Tablet brings us three things: we can confirm it’s running FroYo (as we learned through the leaked firmware for the device last week), we’ve gotten a shot of the tablet’s software keyboard (which is nothing spectacular but looks very spacious even in portrait orientation), and that the device will be using a proprietary connector likely for data and charging, similar to what you’d see on an iOS device.


Even the browser – which we haven’t gotten a good look at before – looks a lot like Safari on iOS. It’s clear who Samsung is aiming for with this one, but we still haven’t seen enough to determine whether or not the Galaxy Tab will truly be able to take on the iPad. Hopefully more details will be released soon as we expect an official announcement sometime next month.

[ifanr via BGR]


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  • SiLow

    This “phone” has a “physical” keyboard?

  • Quentyn Kennemer


  • http://www.omgandroid.com Best Android Apps

    Looks kinda like the iPhone keyboard.

  • JC

    One of the main reasons many people would consider android tablets is because it would offer an alternative to Apple’s proprietary lunacy. Samsung, in their brilliant wisdom, turn around and stick a proprietary connector on their tablet.


  • Luis

    Lets see how the software holds up. will this have access you the market place

  • pimpstrong

    So can I take my Vibrant sim card and slap it into this thing. I would definently dock it and BT use it as a phone while at work and then swap back to my Vibrant for the day

  • dethduck

    Isn’t that the HTC ime keyboard?

  • DannyB

    No surprise. Samsung’s launcher on the Captivate looks deliberately like an iPhone. In fact, try this trick. Open the app drawer. Put screen to sleep by pushing button. Hand phone to iPhone user.
    iPhone user pushes button to wake up display. Swipes screen to unlock. Sees screen full of apps. Swipes left and right to page through apps. Then says: “hey, this is exactly like the iPhone!”.
    I’ve done that experiment twice to iPhone users and gotten almost that same exact quote.

  • Dave

    Glad to see it has higher resolution than 800×400, but wouldn’t 1600×800 be a better resolution for scaling current android phone apps? It would also allow 4 phone apps to be on the screen at once. I worry about resolution fragmentation on tablets much more than phones phones

  • Stu

    Reply to JC.
    I think you’ll find that Apple or Samsung are not forcing you to buy their products, so please, for your own health. Stop whinging on about proprietary this and that.
    Bottom Line, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple really

  • JC

    I can’t critique a product because I’m not forced to buy it? That doesn’t make any sense.

    What actual purpose does a proprietary connector have, besides forcing the consumer to buy only licensed accessories?

  • Vlad

    Samsung copying Apple is a huge disappointment. One look at Vibrant was enough for me to feel like throwing up, and now this?

  • A1

    @ Silow – Where does it say this phone has a physical keyboard?

  • http://livingwithanerd.com OutstandingO

    I’m actually pretty excited about this Samsung Tab, even thought LG promises the most productive and best Android slate to be released. A few more specs and a price point and the decision making begins.

  • Johhny

    this is awesome, way to go Samsung keep up the great work.

  • iamsteventucker

    toshibas tablet looks pretty impressive as well

  • LaptuaZ

    love android, but not when it becomes an ios ripoff