Samsung: Help Wanted in the UK, Will Pay You in Galaxy S Smartphones


Samsung’s looking for a group of 20 people to test out their latest mobile products – people they’ll conveniently call Samsung Mobilers – and is offering up a pretty nice incentive for those chosen to partake: a free Galaxy S smartphone. All you have to do is use the phone, give them your opinion on it, and it’s yours.


They’ll give you seven tasks to complete with nothing but the smartphone you’re given – such as blogging about your phone, uploading photos and video that you’ve taken with it, and tweeting your thoughts about the device – and will also fly you out to Samsung’s UK headquarters should you be chosen. To go a step further, they’ll be sending three of the top Mobilers to their mothership – their worldwide Korean headquarters.

Even more is in store for those of you chosen, so I would make no haste in signing up. Just remember you must be 18-25 years of age as a UK resident. Head on to their Facebook page to get started.

[via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. that sucks. 18-25? you have to be kidding me. not that i’m eligible anyway living in the US but restrictions like that are rediculous. if they choose to run this program in the US i’d like to be eligible for it.

  2. I’m between 18 and 25. I live in the UK. I would like free phones and other free things.

    But if you think I’m ever going to use Twitter, Samsung, you’re sadly mistaken.

  3. Oh, and look at that! I can only sign up through Facebook. I hate the world.

  4. They should have this all over the world. They REALLY need beta testers, we wouldn’t have to deal with the Galaxy S GPS problem if they had more testers.

  5. Hopefully more companies will do this. What great press. Motorola?

    (I think the age requirements are stupid. The mobile devices should cater to the young media crowd just as much as the older business clients. I would think the business users would bring in more money because they can buy higher end devices and pay for more services.)

  6. Hahaha I’m surprise that is not 15-25 = Korean age, if you didn’t know. They only care for people on that range. Check all there artist and musicians. I know because I’ve dated a couple and dating one now and she’ve told me about it.

  7. A mobile is like a smaller version of a laptop these days and technology is getting even more advanced.

    I will be a good candidate for testing a Samsung Galaxy S as I know what makes a good phone: sturdy exterior/screen, applications, onscreen keyboard that is easy to use; whether it is Flash compatible or not etc etc.

    I do not own a smart phone myself but I have played with my boyfriend’s HTC Nexus One, I’ve been impressed at how Android has shot up in popularity in the last few months; I believe that Android will overtake iPhone easily.

  8. Count me in. A very nice idea from Samsung. And it feels good to be young :))

  9. If i participated on this i would end all my tweets complaining about the lack of camera flash.

  10. im intrested

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