Four New HTC Codenames Revealed?

Another quarter, another slew of HTC codenames. This time, AndroidGuys has been tipped with four new HTC codenames: the HTC Speedy, HTC Blitz, HTC Mecha, and HTC Spade. I always look forward to these onslaughts: it’s amusing to realize HTC possibly has way too many phones to put a unique name to each and every one as their codenames begin to get crazier and whackier. No releases dates, no time frames, and no other details can be had from this rumor, but the official codename watch starts… now.


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  • Alex

    Speedy sounds… well…. fast.

  • rogerzz

    agreed .. i like the sound of speedy. :)

  • Ben

    HTC Mecha. Man whats up with HTC. Android , Mecha, Droid, R2D2, LG optimus(one). When are we getting HTC Cyborg or Samsung Autobot ha ha and to push it even with further how about HTC R

  • Cody

    I hope one of those will have the 1.5 GHz processor!

  • Frank

    I hope it does your mom

  • t1jordan

    HTC has become the Mecca of cell phones. lls

  • Resh

    Apple should give iOS to HTC and let them make new breed of iPhones if they want to save their butt.

  • Sean

    They won’t grab the emo demographic with names like those. I suggest:

    HTC Sensitive
    HTC Teardrop
    HTC Loner
    HTC Mood

  • Rozza C

    HTC Teardrop actually sounds pretty kool..and so does Mood

  • Mecha

    I am overjoyed to hear that they have code named one of their devices the HTC Mecha. I’ve been waiting for this moment for five years now!

  • Zach

    lol… just think how outdated these phone names will be after they hit the market for a few months. Imagine if they called the G1 the “Speedy”. Would you think that was kinda stupid at this point?

    I dunno I think they just throw darts at a board and whatever they hit they vote on.

  • Abe

    htc avatar ftw

  • ari-free

    Sean: how about the HTC Fanboy or the HTC ChiqFliq

  • Semianonymous

    bring back the HTC Predator!

  • Pochi

    HTC Mecha all the way. :D

  • LCW

    man, they are seriously running out of cool names… wtf

  • IamWhatIam

    One of the phones is believed to be LTE for Q1 2010

  • IamWhatIam

    Err – I meant Q1 2011.

  • zontar

    Can’t wait to see what Al Sharpton has to say about the HTC Spade.

  • OMG Ponies!

    @Sean Don’t forget about the HTC Runny Mascara & the HTC Cutting for Attention.

  • Lactose The Intolerant

    @OMG Ponies! HTC What I Did There.

  • pie-eater

    My Desire was in yesterday. Delivery note said HTC Bravo. Is that the former code name or the official name?


    No good 1.5 or 1GHZ HTC’s is coming to AT&T. I’m so sad now. Don’t even have a good ANDROID phone.

  • Bob

    HTC Alien

  • Joe

    I don’t understand how it takes so long for people to get “tipped off” about these things… All you have to do is watch HTC’s kernel source releases, and you’ll see all the upcoming board codenames :/ See arch/arm/mach-msm/Kconfig:

    Support for Bee (PDA phone).
    Support for Buzz (PDA phone).
    Support for Buzzc (PDA phone).
    Support for Paradise (PDA phone).
    Support for Bahamas (PDA phone).
    Support for Legend (PDA phone).
    Support for Latte (PDA phone).
    Support for Liberty (PDA phone).
    Support for the Qualcomm MSM7x30 Vision board.
    Support for the Qualcomm MSM7x30 Lexikon board.
    ** Support for the Qualcomm MSM7x30 Speedy board.
    ** Support for the Qualcomm MSM7x30 Mecha board.
    ** Support for the Qualcomm MSM7x30 Blitz#C board.
    Support for the Qualcomm MSM7x30 Glacier board.
    ** Support for the Qualcomm MSM7x30 Spade board.

  • Graham

    Yup! There’s a phone there for the brothers…

  • StevO

    uh….. how about the HTC Reef er. =P

  • mason

    @frank your an idiote!

  • Matt S.

    HTC Mecha is powered by the new Diamond of Pantheos processor. Ba-bu-ra, Ba-bu-ra!

  • tallywhacker

    I’m looking forward to the 1.7Ghz HTC Fred. 4.3 screen, next gen Sense. Can you say Apples in a blender, boys and girls?