More Verizon Leaks Show Motorola Slab and Droid Pro in Inventory


Those rumors we reported on earlier are starting to come together, just as they always do. The king of leaks – otherwise known as Big Red (or officially known as Verizon) – had its inventory system exposed yet again to show two devices we heard about in the leaked timeline about a week ago: the Motorola Droid Pro and a Motorola tablet.


If you don’t remember, the Droid Pro is slated to be a phone with world roaming capabilities, a 1.3GHz processor, and a 4-inch touchscreen. We expect it to make its debut this Holiday season – just in time for some of you international holiday travelers to scoop it up and take full advantage of the fact that it’s a world phone. According to this leak, the A956 (the phone’s model number) will come in two colors: black and white.


Another new device  -the Motorola MZ600 – has cropped up and it appears this could be the “slab” form-factor device we heard about in that same roadmap (even if its description describes it to be a tablet – something we also expect Motorola to bring out in the near future). While that specific bullet on the roadmap didn’t offer us a solid window to look forward to, the one following it stated there would be even more Verizon Android launches before the end of the year, leading us to believe that we might see this device sometime before 2011 kicks off.

[via BGR]

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  1. An international Droid, hmm? That would be worth waiting for since my phone is useless in the countries I visit.

  2. Wonder if it’s going to have a front-facing camera….

  3. does that mean a gsm droid 2? or maybe a cdma/gsm combo? might be interesting.

  4. Hmmm! Should I return my Droid X and holdout for the Droid Pro?

  5. @MG only if you never want to own a phone and just want to continue waiting forever haha. The only reason I could see doing that was if you travel a lot.

  6. You’ve got a point Matt……better hold on to the X

  7. Excelent, I hope those things have good specs and release the GSM version of every phone they have in verizon

  8. The Droid line is cool, but i think verizon should worry about get more Android phones that arent under the Droid lable. I have the original Droid and its great. I would Love a Droid 2, incredible, or even an X. But Verizion has screwed my family over for the last time. We get an extra hundred dollar charge for no reason almost every month. So now im going to sprint which im fine with seeing they have the EVO 4G and the Epic 4G. But I wish verizon would stop taunting me with theese cool new droids…

  9. MOT A956 D2 WE

    Droid 2 – World Edition?

  10. Maybe this means a Droid Pro ported to AT&T or T-Mobile? This could get interesting between Motorola and Verizon

  11. Nick,
    extra 100 dollar charge? I call bs, i handle billing every day and have never seen anything so ridiculous. 1.99 mb maybe but 100, troll on sir

  12. Actually, from what I have read, the Droid Pro is A957.

    A956 is the Droid 2 World Edition (WE).

  13. Will this phone have front face camera

  14. I been hanging one with my hated BB Storm because it’s a world phone. I don’t know if I can make it to the “Holiday season” though. I want to smash the thing daily.

  15. You’re an idiot Nick if you can’t read a simple bill to figure out where any extra charges are coming from. There’s no way you’re getting random $100 overages.

  16. Does anyone know if the droid pro will have a physical keyboard? I don’t care for it, but my son wont have a phone without the physical keys.. Thanks!

  17. Is the Droid pro ganna have a front facing camera

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