EVO 4G Owners on Android 2.2 Experiencing Calendar Bug


HTC’s quality assurance team has seemingly overlooked the calendar in the upgrade to Android 2.2 as a nasty bug has just popped up: if you ever need to jump back into a calendar event to edit the time, prepare to be faced with the additional task of re-entering the description as the event’s “Where” field completely overwrites it. This may not be a big deal to someone not expecting to edit times or enter descriptions for their appointments, but it’s quite annoying, nevertheless. I’ve tried it out for myself on my own EVO and I can confirm the problem to be consistently reproducible.

Head on over to the Issues tab of Android’s Google Code page to star the item and add your own commentary if you’re affected by this, and hopefully a fix will be in the works before you forget an important detail for one of your calendar entries due to the bug.

[via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Thus the whole reason why custom UI’s need to stop mucking about with the OS.

  2. After 2.2, my gallery is slow, my home screen occasional resets itself, and it’s overall sluggish.

  3. Just tried this out on my Desire, but I can’t reproduce this test. So it’s something particular to the Evo 4G Froyo version (or at least doesn’t apply to the Desire)

  4. Just experienced this last night. Thought it was me. Had to delete the event and start from scratch. Sure would be nice if Sprint/HTC/Google had people smart/responsible enough to fix these before we run into them.

  5. @Ingrid

    I would do a factory reset on your phone and start anew. Those problems are definitely not widespread. 2.2 is quite the enhancement to overall speed for the EVO. I haven’t seen any of your issues at all. If the factory reset doesn’t do it, I’d go to a Sprint store and tell them you would like a new phone.

  6. @tad
    agreed. Stock Android on all “android” devices (duh) would eliminate a lot of the hassles.

  7. @rick

    Agreed. I wish all Android devices came with the stock UI loaded, and you could download any custom UIs that you wanted.

  8. Stock FTW

  9. Stock? LauncherPro FTW!

  10. @Jim

    “Sure would be nice if Sprint/HTC/Google had people smart/responsible enough to fix these before we run into them.”

    You are severely misguided if you think it is possible to eliminate all bugs from any current-day software release, or that it is merely an issue of “intelligence” or “responsibility.”

  11. @mmark27

    Thanks for the suggestion. I did a factory reset the day after the OTA, and it’s still a little sluggish. Not enough to get a new phone, but still kind of annoying.

  12. Probably the result of using inexperienced programmers. Something like that might have been realized by a more experienced programmer and certainly caught during testing. Too often it is “it works, release it!” I’ve noticed that HTC updates may reset some settings to default when they shouldn’t.

  13. If you see the calendar on the phone doing this when you go to edit the event, don’t save it. You can go to the Google Calendar online and modify your event.

    Hopefully they’ll fix this and other calendar issues. Android calendar implementation is just weak, stock or not.

  14. Another reason to use custom roms.

  15. Not only does the where field overwrite the description field, but now one can no longer edit an event in the detailed view, only the event view. Even worse, “PC Sync” events can no longer sync with Outlook on my pc via USB through HTC Sync.

  16. I’m sorry, but put the blame on sprint for giving the “OK” for the EVO update. Sprint’s QA didn’t do all their homework.

  17. I am not noticing any issues at all…2.2 on my EVO is amazing …I have my benchmark test results to back up my positive EVO experience….The EVO was great before but now its a powerhouse!!

  18. my gmail email is not pushing to my phone know . I was wondering if anyone else have this issue thanks [email protected]

  19. Mine does this as soon as I save the event. Plus, the only way I can edit my events are to long-press them. There is no menu option to edit event.

  20. Funny thing is … I can’t open this post in the Phandroid app on my EVO… it FC’s every time, and only this post … no other one … Its a conspiracy I tell you

  21. Any text entered into the Where textbox will overwrite the Description textbox value on edit.

  22. Noticed this bug, and noticed another. If I invite people to an event, ‘Yes’ show up as “Sender”, and ‘No’ show up as something else. It used to work fine before the 2.2 upgrade.

  23. Had the same problem…. can not edit event after it has been created… very annoying …. really needs to be fixed

  24. Two big downgrades to the calendar in the 2.2 update. First, when I get a meeting invite via exchange active sync, I can’t see when the meeting request is for. This used to work. Now to see it I have to select “propose new time”, and it will pop up the proposal screen with the existing time populated. What a pain. Second, I can no longer view attachments from my calendar items. Now I can’t see the meeting agenda from the calendar item when they are sent as attached files. Again, it used to work.

    Not a calendar thing, but a security hole for sure, 2.2 no longer enforces the password policy set in the active sync server.

  25. Same problem with MOTO Droid. Cannot edit Outlook generated calendar events.

  26. Same problem with EVO. Cannot edit events. App is virtually worthless.

  27. Any one having issues with the weather? The only way it gets updated is manually. The settings won’t stay checked.

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