iFixIt is Back With a Droid 2 Teardown, Reveals Possibility of a Swappable Keyboard


The Droid 2 has been out for a day and iFixIt has already stripped it bare – down to its very last piece of silicon. As is common with their teardowns, we’ve been treated to some meaty details.


  • Firstly, it has the same 3.7v 1390 mAh battery found in the original Motorola Droid. No surprise there.
  • Screws are a pain in the rear end to get to, but iFixIt is fearless.
  • The Droid 2’s camera is capable of shooting DVD-quality video at 30FPS compared to 24 from the OG, though they look nearly identical.
  • It’s using the very same TFT LCD display from its predecessor.
  • Finally, their findings show that the Droid and Droid 2’s keyboards could be perfectly interchangeable with a bit of work, but they have yet to conduct any testing. I’m sure they’ll be trying to offer swap services for those not keen on the original Droid’s keyboard if testing goes OK (but that would ultimately depend on them being able to get the supplies to actually do it).

It would also depend on their ability to actually reassemble the phone. They aren’t yet sure on how they’ll be putting this thing back together, but I know they won’t just sit around with a perfectly-good Droid 2 that’s being held back from its true potential due to a few rusty screws.

[iFixIt via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. “Hot Swap” implies the ability to change out components while the device is on.

  2. Where does it mention HOT swapping?

  3. @Vinnie it once mentioned hot swapping in the article title. I’ve since edited the title.

  4. The title earlier had “hot swappable”…

  5. Id be incredibly interested in switching out keyboards. How would they be swappable though? The Droid 2 keyboard is much wider. It wouldnt fit. What would happen to the Droid 1’s directional pad? Isnt it part of the device and not connected to the keyboard, or? Bleh im confused.

  6. The KB on the Droid is the entire piece, with directional pad ATTACHED to it. I bet the swap might just work, some nice D2 user should send me their new D2 and I’ll tear it apart to improve my Droid. ;)

  7. Wow, thats really awesome. Thanks for the info! I would DEFINITELY try it. Its worth the risk imo and its just damn fun! Err umm..Maybe ill let one of you guys try it first though incase it doesnt work :P

  8. Still no external antenna jack? Duh. After sooOOO many people screamed for that after the original Droid came out. Bummer.

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