T-Mobile’s Been Silently Filing Trademarks For the Past Few Months


It’s not uncommon to see companies filing trademarks for names and such they probably have no intention to use – so at the time, the G1 Blaze being trademarked (back in late May) might not have meant anything to us alongside names such as G2, G1 Rocket, and just plain old Blaze – but now it does. Rumors continue to pop up week after week regarding a G1 Blaze so it looks like T-Mobile may have finally settled on a name for the official successor to the almost two-year-old T-Mobile G1.


As for the other names? The Cliq 2 sounds like it could be a Motorola device, but as it’s owned by T-Mobile, they could use it for any device they want to from any manufacturer. Other names such as the Rocket and the Jet don’t seem to ring any sort of bell for me, but these could just be feature phones T-Mobile’s planning on carrying for the crowd that still gets down with that.

Anything is possible, but one thing’s almost certain: the G1 Blaze is definitely going to be that device‘s final name.

[via AndroidGuys]

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I think you mean “successor”, not “predecessor”. Otherwise I’m very confused.

  2. Your welcome good sir. Now all I need is some confirmation regarding whether or not T-mobile is actually getting a stock Android 3.0 phone so I can upgrade from my Nexus One but of course when that happens we will probably also get a confirmation that unicorns exist.

  3. you mean “successor” ?

  4. Yup, sorry for the mix-up. Working off of an hour of sleep =(

  5. Leave Quentyn alone Gosh! At least he is writing about Android News. I hope is true can’t wait to get the Blaze my contract ends on October. I think T-mo is going to use the “G1” as their Sidekick line…

  6. wHEN?

  7. The Rocket and Jet are already released 3g data sticks.

  8. the rocket and jet are names tmo uses for its broadband usb thingys for the internet/data connection….

  9. Jet & Rocket are USB data sticks

  10. Rocket and the Jet
    sounds like an Elton John song

  11. so long as the Blaze is not a low end phone, I think it would be a good successor

  12. amazing, phandroid is the only website to contradict every other android forums almost concrete info that “t-mobile G2” will be the successor to the G1, not BLAZE,,,,HTC and tmobile apparently want to honor the retirement of the g1 by renaming the G1 blaze the “G2″…sounds better anyways

  13. @ ihatefanboys I don’t think they can actually use G2 as it already used by Gatorade…

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