Dell Streak Hitting AT&T August 13th for $299 on Contract, $549 Off



Finally. It seemed we might never hear when the Dell Streak would reach AT&T, but the carrier has come clean with all the details of the tablet/phone’s release. The Streak will be available this Friday, August 13th, and $299.99 and a new two-year contract could see you walking out the door with your very own behemoth handset. For $549.99 you can get the Streak commitment-free. Those that were in on the pre-sale registration, you will be able to place your order on August 12th to reserve the Streak. Full press release follows.

Dell Creates Choice and Freedom to Talk, Watch, Surf, and Connect with New 5-Inch Tablet


“The Dell Streak has found a way to fit your whole world in a 5-inch screen. Its unique size will help people discover new ways to enjoy the web, connect with friends, and navigate their lives.”


* Orders for the Dell Streak Tablet open up for U.S. priority pre-sale registrants at www.dell.com/mobile this Thursday, August 12. General availability follows a day later at www.dell.com/mobile.
* The Dell Streak is available for $299.99 with new two-year AT&T contract†, and $549.99 without. Customers who purchase the Streak, and signed up during the pre-sale program, will receive a free second-day shipping upgrade. Customers who redeem their pre-sale coupon can purchase a Plantronics Bluetooth earpiece for 99 cents while supplies last.


The Dell Streak, a carbon black Android-based tablet with a 5-inch display, is designed to provide an excellent “on-the-go” entertainment, social connection, and navigation experience. The spacious 5-inch screen is ideal for experiencing thousands of Android Market widgets, games and applications, all without squinting or compromising portability. Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capability and available 3G connectivity brings easy access for downloading and listening to music, updating social networking status in real-time, and staying connected to friends and family through e-mail, text, IM, and voice calls.

On-the-go students, mobile professionals, and active families will find Streak’s web-browsing capabilities as natural as a laptop. The 5-inch screen is large enough to present Web pages in their natural form, create a comfortable viewing experience, and make turn-by-turn navigation simple. The Dell Streak is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon solution with integrated 1GHz processor to combine basic functionality and benefits of a laptop in a pocket friendly size.

The Dell Streak was designed with the future in mind to support future software, application and platform upgrades.


“The Dell Streak has found a way to fit your whole world in a 5-inch screen. Its unique size will help people discover new ways to enjoy the web, connect with friends, and navigate their lives.” – Ron Garriques, president, Dell Communication Solutions


* Integrated Google Maps with turn-by-turn navigation, street and satellite views
* A full screen browsing experience with a 5-inch capacitive multi-touch WVGA display
* Easily integrated social media apps: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
* High resolution 5 MP camera, VGA front facing camera, removable battery, built-in Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity options
* 2GB* of internal storage provides plenty of space to access and download Google Android Market’s many options
* Packaged with cushions made from 100 percent sustainable, compostable bamboo


* Android platform complete with Android Market and Dell user interface enhancements
* Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon solution with integrated 1GHz processor
* 3G + Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
* UMTS / GPRS / EDGE class 12 GSM radio with link speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps*
* 5 MP Autofocus camera with dual LED flash. Easily point, shoot, and upload to YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and more
* User accessible Micro SD expandable memory available up to 32GB*. Store up to 42 movies* or 32,000 photos*, or 16,000 songs* with a 32GB* Micro SD upgrade

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[via Engadget]

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  1. is anybody actually excited about this?

  2. Finally. Yes, Dell gets in the android door at last. oh I didn’t know it has a FFC. It’s like a super evo

  3. No mention of the version of Android it runs on? I’m guessing its still the archaic 1.6!

  4. about time, my question is does pre-order count for existing at&t customer upgrade? probably not, seeing they keep saying “new contract.” Just curious if anyone had more info on that.

  5. notice they make a special point to say: The Dell Streak was designed with the future in mind to support future software, application and platform upgrades.
    That’s because it probably really needs it!

  6. i don’t know about you guys but i’ve never been a fan of dell…

  7. Unfortunately for “F”ing Dell, a lot of potential customers got pissed off when they pulled out all the false information of the release date on their website.

    Now, all your Pre-order signees already has a CAPTIVATE!

  8. So AT&T promised 5 Android phones by end of 1H 2010.

    About 1.5 months after that, they have 5 phones:
    1) Motorola Backflip
    2) HTC Aria
    3) Samsung Captivate
    4) SonyEricsson Xperia X10 (post-deadline)
    5) Dell Streak (post-deadline)

    Btw, where is the Dell Aero?

  9. Who cares? Dell Shmell!

  10. this may sound stupid so please dont criticize me but when they say $550 of they mean unlocked right?

  11. you won’t say Dell Shmell once the Dell Thunder arrives…

  12. That Thunder sure looks sexy.

  13. Anyone know whether or not they will hunt you down and change your data plan if you buy this one unlocked?

  14. @andulas

    That doesn’t mean unlocked. $550 is the full price of the phone without the two year contract agreement discount.

  15. @MT It does effectively means unlocked since you can get it unlocked after your first month’s payment.

  16. Highly doubt they would sell it unlocked. You would need unlock codes or some special tools to get it unlocked.

  17. I’ll be getting the X10 the Dell Streak is OVERLY PRICE and too big to be a cell phone.

  18. its probly shitty just like their computers

  19. Its definitely unlocked for $550, just like Captivate is
    unlocked for $500. And will most likely come with Android 2.1.
    The Dell Aero was advertised with 2.1, so why not the Streak.
    Have u been watching Best Buy smartphone commerical ? Watch for upcoming Streak to b blended into that commerical soon !?! Android 2.2 will be later this year, hopefully Sept. Also $299
    may include Docking station with HDMI, USB & Lineout ?!? Now if all of the above comes true, they may have a Hit after all. Want be long & we’ll know for sure.

  20. I just have a hard time understanding the need for a cell phone this big. But then maybe the intended target market isn’t for people who will use the phone feature.

  21. i know im behind the curve with this question but will the x10 have a ffc and be able to make phone calls? im on board if it can but when you think about the fact that the only thing really outdated on the streak, which is already getting updated, you really are getting a lot of bang for your buck

  22. i just read in a site called dellstreak.com that its not unocked for $550 :( im heartbroken i guess ill wait until a unlock code comes or if im desprate enough go to england to get it

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