Samsung Epic 4G Release Date Rumor of the Day Is August 21



It pains me to post another one of these rumored release dates for the Samsung Epic 4G. At first it was getting around that the Epic 4G could get a release on August 11th, though that date is proving unlikely considering no announcement has come from Sprint. The latest date getting tossed around is August 21st, only coming as word from a source with no corroborating evidence.

Take this more as confirmation that you will have to wait a bit longer to get your hands on the full hardware QWERTY keyboard of the Epic 4G and less a reason to get your hopes up. We will file the August 21st release date among the biggest of rumors.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. Weak update

  2. How about an update with substance, like showing us or telling us something we pry dont know about this device?

  3. Weak Sprint for not announcing the date already.

  4. So, do you think GPS will not work on Epic either. Post your thoughts….

  5. Enough already. I know Sprint is allowing these rumors to fly as a way to build anticipation, but, at some point it will backfire. The comments on the various threads are now getting vicious. Soon, it will turn a lot of people against Sprint. It is now time for Sprint to cut off the speculation and announce the release date.

  6. hey little girls stop your bitching. the phone will come out when the phone comes out

  7. Okay, so the one phone I’ve been waiting on, gone crazy reasearching for, is really getting me annoyed, especially through the rumors about the release dates that change every week. Sprint needs to confirm the date and price, or atleast start the Pre-order.

  8. I was just on sprint and samsung website. They have taken down the coming soon message. On the Epic does this mean something

  9. This is another bad Samsung phone! Who needs a keyboard. You shouldn’t be writing letters on your cell phone. Big Evo user!

  10. I work for sprint, and I can tell you right now I’d be highly surprised if the phone is released that soon. The reason Aug 11th was thrown around, because Samsung is having a conference that day where they are supposed to be announcing “exciting news.” Expect the exciting news to be the release date of the phone. Aug 21 is too soon of a release date in my opinion, because advocates having even started receiving the device yet, and they typically get them about 2 weeks prior to launch. There is also no planogram changes on schedule for anytime soon. You would figure with a big launch such as the Epic they were change things around in stores to accomodate it. Prices on the phones are good until 9/10, so I’m thinking that weekend would be a good guess as to when it will be released.

  11. Right – it MUST be Sprint that is delaying the release and CHOOSING not to announce the release date to consumers, thereby risking deflating consumer anticipation.

    It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Samsung’s decision making; with their manufacturing; with production; with marketing intentions – huh?

    Or, instead of automatically placing blame on anyone, consumers couldn’t possibly simply remain excitedly eager for the news to be announced irregardless of the reason or who the decision is prompted by for the delay that is happening…

    I think we can!

  12. The Samsung site doesn’t show January, 3000 as the air date for the video anymore… Says ‘Coming Soon’. The Sprint rep I keep calling every day is saying 8/20.

  13. Thats the weekend. Only 10 more days

  14. I just spoke with the salesman at my local store on Monday evening regarding the EVO and my disappointment with not being able to snag one. He told me at that time about the Epic and said that it would be in ‘later this week’…the 11th fits that description???

    Just sayin’

  15. Well today is the 11th no epic at all so how about kicking that date to the curb… now I went to sprint yesterday and the rep told me aug 20th but you know these incompetent reps tell you anything to keep you happy

  16. Here’s the deal Sprint, announce the release date soon, or I’m going with T Mobile’s Vibrant. The only reason I’ve been waiting, is because I want a Galaxy S phone with a camera flash, I could care less about a keyboard. But if you don’t stop dicking around, and give us a release date, I’m signing up with T Mobile.

  17. It is August 31st. Why does this site even bother to publish completely unsupported rumors??? Why bother??!!!

    Also Sprint is nuts with this $249 after $100 rebate. Amazon, Radio Shack, Wirefly, LetsTalk, and Best Buy will be selling this for $149 without rebate by Sept 30.

  18. I PreOrdered it the other day. The phone comes out August 31st. But its not as big of a deal as every1 is making it.. geez!! Its JUST a phone!!

  19. Samsung the name says it all crappy products!…I’d buy a Sony before a stinking samsung cheap crap look at there tvs over a period of time the color of the screen takes a crap. NO THANKS NEXT PHONE PLZ…

  20. Guys chill out, I talked to radioshack and they called the sprint guys and yes its confirmed that the phone is releasing on 31st aug. i.e tuesday. I pre-ordered one. It promises to blow evy1z minds…lets see if it actually does..

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