Droid 2 R2-D2 Promo Page Goes Live, Droid 2 Benchmark Will Blow You Away



We heard earlier along with the official announcement of the Motorola Droid 2 the confirmation of a limited edition R2-D2 version of the phone. Now the promotional site for the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back special edition of the Droid 2 has gone live. This R2-D2 version of the Droid 2 looks to contain all sorts of Star Wars goodness to satisfy even the most voracious geeks. Movie stills, wallpapers, sounds, video, it even does Jedi training.

It also appears that once again the @DroidLanding Twitter might have some fun up its sleeve, so stay tuned there for updates as the Droid 2 steadily barrels towards Verizon. And while on the subject, put a pillow underneath your chin because you jaw just might drop after seeing the following benchmark results for the Droid 2. Are we still going to call this merely a marginal upgrade from the original Droid?


[via Droid-Life, 2]

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  1. While better than the snapdragon, this benchmark does not blow me away or compare to Galaxy S on froyo

  2. Well with that score and others I’ve seen recently its time to start considering buying a new phone, the Emerald maybe, well only if it is the successor to the Nexus One. Its stock android or die for me :)

  3. The Galaxy S with the lag fix scores upward of 2200, so no im not blown away by this.

  4. Hopefully we get 2.2 on the X very soon, we should get the same benchmarks correct?

  5. not at all blown away when my Eclair (2.1) Galaxy S gets 2144 :) and some dude with 1.2ghz OC etc got 2800+

  6. where does the EVO with 2.2 place in the benchmarks?

  7. Agreed with many Galaxy S users above.
    I’m just getting anxious/annoyed about Fascinate not being out already.
    Well, good things come to those who wait. :P

  8. Come on, you can’t compare out of the box speed to some hacks. Samsung really needs to update and fix all those problems.

  9. Keep in mind this is directly out of the box with no optimizations or killing services. Considering how laggy phones usually are before you knock out the bloatware, it is definitely impressive.

  10. Yes its out of the box… with froyo. And it will stay stock with a locked bootloader, not bad for your average consumer though.

  11. UHHMMMM, the EVO must have not even been good enough for last place. OR maybe it would have beat D2s benchmark. (shady)

  12. Im currently getting 1600+ with my EVO. I can only imagine what I will see when I OC this thing.

  13. The evo should be roughly the same as the Nexus One 2.2 figure on that chart (second place).

  14. On my non-overclocked 2.2 Evo running Cyanogenmod 6 I just got a 1350. When overclocked I got 1567.

  15. Once the Droid X gets 2.2, it will probably be better then D2. Thats not a fair comparison showing it above all those phones with 2.1

  16. What app is that being used to compare performance?

  17. App is called Quadrant.

  18. Its about the same as my droid.

  19. 1400 out of the box stock IS amazing, considering the original stock droid couldn’t hit that if you tried for 3 weeks. However, when I’m comfortable with my current keyboard and MY DROID runs 1720 rooted, I’ll keep that.

  20. @Bleezy Please explain to me how the Droid X with Froyo would beat the Droid 2, which has the exact same internal hardware?

  21. Well whats the cpu/gpu in galaxy s compared to the one in droid 2? arent they both omap cpus?

  22. I just scored a 2700 on the Captivate running Android 2.1 after applying the I/O lag fix and OC’ing to 1.2ghz. Now just imagine the score once we get froyo running on there. The droid 2 is already running froyo and doesn’t have any I/O problems so there can’t be any I/O lag fix. The galaxy S basically annihilates the droid 2.

  23. I Really doubt the galaxy s annihilates the droid 2 since the tech inside is very close so yeah….

  24. @MaxB The Galaxy S and the Droid 2 (and X) all have variants of the same processor with a few modification on each side. The main difference is the Galaxy S has a much faster gpu than the Droid 2 (and X).

  25. @MaxB Stock Galaxy S with only the lag fix applied scores a 2077 in quadrant with android 2.1. The droid 2 scores a 1458 with froyo. I would call that annihilated.

  26. Isnt the gpu in droid 2 a power vr just like the one in the galaxy s?

  27. @MaxB they are different versions. The Galaxy S has the 540 and the Droid has the 535 if I remember correctly. The 540 is something like 2-3 times faster than the 535.

  28. @MaxB

    The droid 2 has an omap processor wich is a little bit faster than the Hummingbird that’s in the Galaxy S but the Hummingbird has a better gpu

  29. I am running an overclocked droid CM6R2 and with quadrant I had 1209. Almost 4 times faster than my wifes stock droid. and faster than a stock droid X! Cyanogen rocks!

  30. Damn i do really like the droid 2 form factor much more than the galaxy s and specially because of the keyboard which galaxy s doesnt have….

  31. i’m getting 1067 on my stock EVO…just under the moto x

  32. OMG I just got 50,000 on my OC’ed 50 GHZ CAPTIVATE. Because of that score, ITS BETTER TAHN ALL YOR PHONES COMBINES.

  33. Samsung galaxy s form factor is horrible, feels cheap and it just reeks “iphone wanna be”….

  34. rich: maybe the droid 2 could also use a lag fix?

  35. @Maxrunner, you crazy that phone is sweet i wish the epic was like the vibrant.

  36. @ari-free The droid 2 wont have a lag fix like the galaxy S because it doesn’t need it. The Droid 2 has the same software and architecture as the Droid X and the droid X doesn’t have a bug that screws up read/write speeds. The reason the the Galaxy S are blowing away the droids and the snapdragons is that the GPU is a lot faster. I agree that the droid 2 is a much better form factor than the fascinate. Luckily, I’m on sprint so my galaxy s comes with a keyboard and front facing camera. I don’t think you will be unhappy with the droid 2, its a really sweet phone but when all things are settled the galaxy is going to benchmark much faster simply because of the 90 million polygons/sec that it pushes compared to the droid 2’s 22 million/sec.

  37. Just for the gpu alone the Galaxy S should bench higher than the X. Since we all found out why it didnt, I’m glad some devs figured out the problem. Hopefully Samsung will issue an official update for the folks that dont wanna root.

    About that lag fix….the X might not have a lag issue, but like other ppl are thinking, I wonder can it and other phones take advantage of that same fix?

  38. @jroc I don’t think any other phones can take advantage of it because the fix is a result of Samsung storing some specific data in slower memory. To the best of my knowledge HTC and Motorola already store that data in faster memory. The fix just moves the data to a place with faster access similar to where the other phone makers already have it stored.

  39. @quasar
    NO, thats wrong. the cpu inside galaxy s phones is faster than the omap in the droids. someone who has quadrant pro proved that.

  40. lololol you fuckers make me laugh.. i guess they feeling got hurt. just because our galaxy lineup will out do your nexus, droids,evo’s,droid x and droid 2. don’t mean we think we are better then y’all. those are some really nice highend smart phones. The funny part is that some of you are sitting at your computer talking about a phone you don’t even have. its call HATING!!! and so what someone was smart enough to figure out it was something holding us back from getting a better quadrant score.. are you really mad? yeah its a hack but it still the phone software thats able to perform that shit. lmao so live,love and peaces suckers!

  41. Why does quadrant not show an evo in my comparison?

  42. I just got 1279 on my stock Droid X, sweet! Soon all this won’t matter because the dual core processors will be out. :)

  43. I have 3 Motorola Droid X’s that are still on stock 2.1. Here are the benchmarks of my the X’s with ATK running

    Unit 1 1317 Benchmark score

    Unit 2 1308 Benchmark score

    Unit 3 1286 Benchmark score

    I thought that Froyo was supposed to be quite a bit faster but it is not that much faster on the Droid 2.

  44. Ok guys… love all your smartphones… some may be faster than others however I am pleased to have had my droid 2 for a few months… I found out about geeking the phone out and I know that this bastard is good enough for me as since I met sweet LIBERTY rom… its all good! That’s a lot coming from a drummer! Be good and we all should stick together as a guy with another opposing android may save my axx with help one day! In the end we all love our droids! Remember, get mad at the bill not the consumers! TASTY BAAABY!droid 2. In the clip of an ol musician! Beat it up!

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