Manually Update Your Motorola Droid to Froyo (Android 2.2)

Ready to get Android 2.2 on your Motorola Droid? And we are talking the official Android 2.2 release for your Motorola Droid. Some of our very own members over at AndroidForums have uncovered the official update package, and now you too can be running Froyo on your Droid without the need to root your phone. Ready to take the plunge? Read on for complete instructions thanks to our good friend and moderator Trident.

What You’ll Need:
– A MicroSD Card inserted into your Droid
– An Internet Connection

1. Install Astro File Manager:
Install Astro File Manager for free from the Android Market if you don’t already have it.


(Scanning this QR code will take you to the Android Market listing for Astro File Manager.)

2. Download the file to your phone:
Download the file from one of the following locations directly from the internet to your phone:

Location 1 | My Droid Does [Tested and Verified!]


Location 2 | Dev-Mob [Tested and Verified!]


(Scanning the QR codes from above will automatically begin the download from its respective location.)

3. Move the file to the root of your SD card:
To move the to the root of your SD card, do the following:
– Open Astro File Manager
– Enter the Downloads folder
– Press and hold on the file
– Select “Edit” and then “Copy”
– Now press the “Astro Up” button once which will take the root directory
– Press the “Astro Edit” button followed by “Paste”
The file should now be in the root directory.

4. Prepare for the Update:
Once you have unmounted the phone, it is now time to prepare the Droid to perform the update. You will be accessing Recovery Mode to do this. Start by powering down the phone completely.

While holding “X” on the physical keyboard, hold the power button to turn on the phone. You may let go of the power button, but do not let go of X.


After a few seconds, an Exclamation Mark icon will appear. You may now let go of X. To access Recovery Mode from the exclamation mark icon, hold the volume up button and then press the camera button.


5. Perform the Update:
You will then open a text menu with four options. Using the directional pad, navigate to “apply” and push the gold, center button to select it.


The update process will begin immediately and should take no longer than a minute or two. It will let you know when the process is complete.

You might get this error:
E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command
DON’T worry about it… it just blows right past it and installs fine.


From here, navigate to “reboot system now” and select it. Your phone will shut off and reboot.

Some users are reporting a longer than usual boot time after installing this, be patient and do not be alarmed, this is normal.

6. Congratulations!
Your Droid has now been updated to the official Android 2.2 Froyo release! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns what so ever, please post them to this thread. I will be closely monitoring this thread to provide assistance to those who need it.


And there you have it, the official update to Android 2.2 installed on your Droid. If you’d rather do the heavy downloading on your computer there are complete instructions for that method over at the same forum thread detailing the steps for completing the update via the assistance of a PC. Are you ready to make the jump or would you rather wait for the official OTA to start rolling out sometime later this evening or tomorrow? The choice is yours, but don’t think this Droid owner is going to wait any longer.

[very special thanks to our good pal Trident and all the hard-working folks at AndroidForums]

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  • Hampteezy


  • OtisFeelgood

    Cool. I wish my Hero got official 2.2. =\

  • MaskedDriver

    Careful. You guys said that the EVO manual update was the official one (.3) and it turned out to NOT be. And now everyone that upgraded to that one is hosed until HTC comes out with a patch that will let us upgrade to .6. That’ll take how long?

    HTC isn’t usually quick at getting stuff done.

    Wait till you get the OTA people. Seriously.

  • Will

    Most excellent, I know what I’m doing this evening :-]

  • Joseph Weathers

    Will this on the Droid X as well?

  • LxMeister
  • T


  • Jerrod

    No flash?!?!?

  • dboy

    my God thank you

  • Kevin

    I wasn’t able to get flash, I followed a market link from the Adobe website, and I get an error saying the package can’t be found..

  • elijahblake

    i want to see the performance comparison chart!!!

  • Kevin

    And sorry for double post, but when you say ‘make the jump,’ this isn’t quite a jump, because if it’s signed and can be installed without modification it’s probably the same thing Motorola/Verizon will be pushing out later today.

  • ukbill

    GREAT! Wish list: exactly this info for the HTC Desire!

  • Dan

    you have to download flash manually. Link:

  • Steve

    or install CM6, it is better

  • Steve

    @Jerrod go get it from the market

  • AndroidGry

    So will this prevent me from later rooting, should I choose? I’m worried about the lack of WiFi Tethering/Hotspot.

  • Nick

    works like a champ! thanks for posting !!

  • Tom

    Worked perfectly. Step 5 took 6 or 7 minutes (applied patch to running froyo!). Thanks again, Trident!

  • Steve

    @AndroidGry worst case you will have to use rsdlite and flash a rooted rom on the phone. Unlike some other phones the droid 1 bootloader does not prevent you from doing that. There is already a rooted version of this rom making it’s way around.

  • Jasmine

    Thank you so much!!!

  • keith

    You can also download the file to your computer and then just plug the phone into it and put it right into the sd card without having to use Astro..

    Mine did take a while to restart…

  • Danielson

    HELL YEA ABOUT GOD DAMN TIME! Here is the direct from google link to the package:
    45.2 MB file… If you want to download it from a PC, ignore the “File Manager” instructions and just copy the file to the root of the drive letter (phone SD card) that pops up on your PC when you mount and go from there… rename it to if you please.

  • curt

    does anyone know if there is root for 2.2 for the moment?

  • G1toN1

    I’m sure all the droid users are to busy right now to comment on how awesome this piece of info is!!! congrats droid user its about time you guys get it lol

  • thebarbrr

    This update is great! The Camera is super fast and a lot user friendly controls on the camera as well. Everything else is ok. Tethering is a new feature as well but only USB??? blah. Other small improvements. Also on 2.1 the tab button on physical keyboard did not work…not it does on 2.2…Great for emails and Docs to Go

  • Mark

    E:signature verification failed installation failed
    what did I do wrong?

  • ravdroid02

    Is there any reason after following these steps to the T that I would get stuck in an endless loop of the Motorola symbol when booting up after the install ?

  • bend

    does it have the apps2sd?

  • Mark

    Getting 813 with Quadrant – excellent! Thanks!

  • JC

    Where’s Flash?

  • Zach

    ok i got clear to step 5 and clicked “apply
    it says the “E: Cant open /cache/recovery/command
    — Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:Failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    Help me please

  • FoxKat

    Did the update from the Google download link. Worked like a charm. Remember folks, FIRST hold down the Volume Up button BEFORE pressing the Camera button or you won’t get the text menu to update. Also, don’t forget to rename the file to Otherwise, it’s LOOKING GOOOOD! Phone rebooted, showed “No Service” and Black background for a short time, then background appeared, appeared, signal levels appeared, “Preparing SD Card” appeared, and finally everything was up and running. Way to go!

  • Shane Burgess

    I used your instructions to update my phone and I do see USB tethering, am I wrong in thinking that that was not supposed to be in this update?

    Screen Shot:

  • FoxKat

    Just ran speed test, former best for 3G was 1,635K up, 564K down. First time on the Froyo Sugar High, 2,130 up, 802 down.

  • Melissa

    to those who are having issues w/ updating: be sure to rename the zip file it if it otherwise named, or it won’t work.

  • mike

    I tried to open market but get the message “Attention: An error has occurred. Please try again later.” How do I fix this?

  • Graham

    Flash needs to be downloaded seperatly. Supposedly its in the Market, but I couldn’t find it. Here’s a link to the APK –

    2.2 for Droid does have tethering, no mobile hotspot though.

    Havn’t tried apps 2 SD yet.

    Once flash is installed be sure to download the flash showcase app from the Market. A great list of sites to try out.

  • thebarbrr

    @JC – it has flash as well

    @shane burgess – i know i was expecting to see that tethering

  • Mikey

    My version is going extremely slow…I am not sure what is going on!!

  • Mikey

    now mine says no service.

  • riverjao

    Thank you so muuuuuch!!! I tried the instructions from another well-known site, but it didn’t explain how to install the to my SD Card. THANK YOU FOR EXPLAINING ALL OF IT!!!!!!

  • mike

    I tried to open market but get the message “Attention: An error has occurred. Please try again later.” How do I fix this?

  • Dodger

    LOL haven’t you all realized that you CAN’T trust what this guy posts? Just wait for an OTA update people…anything besides the OTA is probably not going to be as good and might possibly ruin your phone.

    He probably heard from someone in the forums that this was the official update…which is NOT a very reliable source.

  • Mikey

    seems to be working now, false alarm

  • John Smith

    To whom it may concern, After do this upgrade I install the adobe flash play and when I lauch it, it states that I need to upgrade to flash player 10.1. I thought 2.2 had adobe 10.1 already installed?

  • Randy

    I have completed the update! Can I delete the files (one in root and one in download folder) on my SD card now?

  • pego99

    Well I installed 2.2 and adobe flash 10.1 by putting the apk file on the sd card and installing it with the applications manager. What is a good site to try out flash?
    I also don’t see a lot of changes with 2.2 though.

  • dubious

    Is there a chance at bricking? I’m apprehensive of bricking the day before an update. Although id love to do this

  • Dascalargo

    Be patient. When you first start, it drags. Your poor little Droid has had it’s mind blown by all of the neat new stuff, but it’ll recover and soon you’re going to be rockin’ the Froyo. Just don’t panic.

  • rob

    I keep getting E: Signature verifaction failed installation aborted

  • rob

    what should i do

  • Dave

    Worked awesome!!! Thanks!! I did download it on my computer and transfered it via USB. The ota was going to take forever…..

  • GaFirefighter

    First time ever doing anything to my droid. WORKED PERFECT…NO PROBLEMS TO NOTE. THANKS!!!

  • Michael

    I successfully updated my Moto Droid to 2.2. I had an issue with getting the from location 1, however location 2 works like a champ. The file is ~45mb. It took about 10-min from start-to-finish! Can’t wait to see all the goodies that this brings to my phone :)

  • tliebeck

    It’s running at 600MHz!

    I’m the author of SystemPanel. First thing I did was to launch it for testing, of course, and am pleasantly surprised to see the device now appears to top out at 600MHz. The OMAP 3430 chip in the Droid is rated for 600, but was downclocked to 550.

    The minimum clock speed is 250 as before, and it will only scale up to 600 when maximum performance is required.

  • Michael

    One thing I noticed immediately is that I was unable to successfully mount my phone with my PC. For some reason it would disconnect after 2-seconds. This problem is now resolved with this update.

  • Matt

    Works great, but the home screen crashed. Huh? Installed flash, works great too.

  • Mark

    You don’t have to bother with Astro if you use a browser that lets you choose your download location, like Opera Mini.

    Installed it on my lunch break, took about 7 minutes to DL over 3G, 5 minutes to install, and 5 minutes to boot. Haven’t found a thing about it I don’t like, yet. :D

    And yes, it is the official update, build FRG01B just like the Verizon and Motorola documents all say. Wait for the OTA if you like, but this is the real deal.

  • http://na RJ

    Flash Help
    Once you’ve downloaded 2.2 and have that working, how do you install Flash after you’ve downloaded it onto your computer from this site ?

    Thanks to anyone

  • Chip

    Hey thanks for this, everything but wireless seems fine. I can’t get it past “obtaining IP address”. Wi-Fi keeps attempting.

    My router admin page shows it just fine in DHCP with a IP address. I just disabled security to try it without that barrier, same issue, “obtaining”, “connecting”, “remembered” etc.

    seems to be on the phone side? Not sure Thanks for any help.

  • Sheri Bricknell

    Something worth mentioning… if you download from the Location 2, the file will be named ‘’. You have to rename it ‘’, or it won’t be recognized. It doesn’t need to be renamed if downloaded from Location 1.

    I kept getting a ‘waiting for data connection’ when I tried to use Location 1. Oddly enough, I didn’t get this with Location 2, even they were downloading simultaneously.

    Good luck, and thanks so much for the upgrade!!!

  • hurray

    i did it! i didn’t think i would do it but i did!!

  • Atlantis

    First attempt was a quick fail: I renamed the ZIP file in Windows forgetting that my file extensions were still hidden so I renamed it “UPDATE.ZIP.ZIP”

    Trying again now

  • Beto

    Someone told me froyo 2.2 and flash can be installed on the blackberry storm 2 by verizon this true?

  • Atlantis

    Oh yeah! She is updating as we speak! Thanks everyone, I read all your comments b4 I got the balls to “JUMP”

    WOW its so pretty……..

  • chris

    Very pissed! These directions are pathetic! !I open downloads and there is nothing there?? I go to download and see the file. Do edit, copy and then press up button once “which will take the root directory”…WTF does that mean??? Then says press Astro button…where the F is the Astro button?????? So pissed off!!!?

  • The Don

    Anyone else having trouble with Swype since doing the manual update?

  • Dominick DeVito

    2.2 Actually slowed my Droid down, quite a bit actually. My home screen crashes and is very unresponsive. WiFi doesn’t work either. Overall an awful experience. This is very disappointing.

  • dima1109

    This retains all applications and data, correct?

  • Chris

    Worked perfectly for me from Site 2…apparently our flash will be released next week.

    Th Don: restart your Droid and it should work fine.

    Thanks to those who made the file available to us!

  • Chris


  • al

    same problem as Mark and Zach.

  • Chris

    To the angry Chris: the Astro buttons are the keys at the top of the Astro Manager. There’s a key that says “Up”.

    The other Astro functions are completed by pressing and holding the update file until the options pop up.

  • dima1109

    Thanks Chris, will give this a try

  • Daniel

    I get the error message but it doesnt keep going, it aborts the installation. Any suggestions?

  • Brian

    Are you to put the file in the root folder on the sdcard? or just the screen with your download folder and camera folder

  • DeanO

    I have dl the download but it says “there is a problem parsing the package” I have also downloaded the adobe flash on the marketplace. And the flash still doesn’t work…. HELP!!!!

  • seth

    thanks for brickin my droid. stays on the motorola loading screen now i dnt have a phone

  • clay

    Hey Zach….make sure you downloaded the whole file

  • Nick

    How do I get flash to work w/Dolphin Browser? Manual update went smooth, I downloaded flash from the market, but it doesn’t seem to be enabled in Dolphin… does that capability not exist yet?

  • gatorkmk

    Instructions are great-worked like a charm

  • mikem

    for people getting installation abort just rename the file in astro to… when i installed i had it named bc of the 2.1 update file i still had in there…once you have it renamed and in root directory reboot in recovery and install it will be fine

  • sheri

    If anyone wants a CLEAR set of instructions, please email me at

  • kamoc

    @seth: if your phone is stuck on the boot screen, just take the battery out of your phone and it will turn off. put the battery back in, but when you power it on, hold the “x” key on the hardware keyboard. this will boot the phone into recovery mode. from there you’ll be able to do a few things, including resetting the phone to its factory settings. it’s very hard to brick a droid.

  • toby

    for some reason, after i did the update, any time i try to click through to another website (like just to see what the adobe flash download page looks like) it sends me to the app market and searches for the url in the market. that obviously fails and sends me back to the website i was at before. any ideas?

  • Droid

    Thank you for all the link and instructions. Other then wifi on and off sporadically, everything is working fine. Flash works with stock browser, but for reason it does not with dolphin hd. I love new launcher and a total of 5 home screen!

  • ryan

    You can’t brick a Droid permanently because we have a sbf file to restore it….. if you can’t fix it don’t break it…

  • Chuck

    keep getting E: Signature verifaction failed installation aborted.What do I do?

  • mike

    Hey so I have a couple of questions: 1will/can this brick my droid?

    2. Does swype work?
    3. Will everything on the phone be saved?
    And finally, 4. Will EVERYTHING that 2.2 offers work? Thanks a lot for the help!!!!

  • Bridger

    flash will not work still!!!?? help

  • DeanO

    Look @ my post #79…. HELP!

  • Debbie

    Im stuck at unmount and holding x. it just types x in quick search… what am I doing wrong?

  • Chupp

    i just installed the update. everything went good. it booted, said it had no service i went to unlock it, went back to red eye screen. reloaded, found my service. now whenever i go to unlock it it wont unlock. what did i do wrong?

  • Manny

    Is there anyway to go back to 2.1? my phone hasnt acted right since i updated it, would rather wait for the OTA

  • Geezagame

    @Thedon, comment 68 regarding swype. When my nexus was upgraded to froyo my swype keyboard stopped working. I had to uninstall and re-install and it worked fine after that. Might be worth giving it a try :)

  • zack @webby

    Seems like it doesn’t work for Milestone..

  • Bob G

    So far so good for me – installed it yesterday seconds after the location of the file was published. Tried USB tethering – brings you to a Verizon page telling you to call a number to enable the service for $15 – $29 a month depending on your plan, but Easy Tether works JUST FINE. the only problem I see so far is having to F/C the Weather Channel app b/c ATK won’t kill it.

    Listen kiddies, this sort of thing is for adults that read instructions FIRST, don’t freak out and turn their phones off during an update, and don’t load all sorts of junk on their phones.

  • Bob G

    Oh yeah, and if you REALLY can read, try finding the beta download of Flash, install it using INSTRUCTIONS, and it works great. :)

  • David

    I got the OTA update this morning and the main difference I see is the Corporate Calendar is now gone. Other than that seems faster and I like the new menu.

  • Willing to Wait for Gingerbread


    The issue you are having is due to the fact that the phone is still powered on. Power it off, THEN hold X while powering it back on. Hold the x until the recovery console comes up (after the Moto logo disappears). THEN follow the rest of the update instructions.

  • Willing to Wait for Gingerbread

    Everyone complaining about the lack of clarity in the instructions should just clam up and wait for the OTA. If you didn’t root your Droid MONTHS ago (like a lot of us), then there’s no reason you should be doing it now. You’ve been patient this long…

  • droid newbie

    I was going to root my phone a while back so I installed sprecovery and never went any further, so now I’m trying to do the 2.2 update and I keep getting an error.

    Assert failed : apply_patch_check (“MTD : Boot : 2504704 : 0b5ee101da41148aa026a32848f609fa4b05403e:2875392:d104d2ec84a2d0660e786c0fb8174bfacb4079d6″)
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)
    Installation Aborted

  • James

    My poor HTC Eris.. will never see 2.2 unless there will be a rom for it. I wonder.. will this even attempt to install on the Eris? I have a rooted phone…

  • Daniel

    It worked perfectly and after installing flash and rebooting everything is up and running. However, the weird thing is it will randomly play the same song from my music folder and when you go to the music app it appears as if it is not playing it or anything for that matter. When the song finishes it stops for a while then will play the song again and there is no way of stopping it other than putting the phone on vibrate. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

  • Daren

    After doing the above install I went into the “About Phone” section and it says the Firmware version is “2.1-update1″. Is this correct?

  • Michael

    This is great. Worked as reported. Calendar importer keeps force closing so I uninstalled it. Everything else is working great. Is there a way to do apps2sd? Thanks!!!

  • droid newbie

    Yeah 2.1-update1

  • Frank

    Is anyone getting the OTA? is it even rolling out?

  • al

    OK, the first time I downloaded to my PC and copied it into the root of my SD card. The process aborted as mentioned above.

    Then, I deleted that file and used the QR code to download directly to my Droid and moved it up a level into the root of my SD card.

    That way worked. The reboot was indeed longer. I was at the Red Eye for a really long time. It seems to be re-organizing alot of information when I first try to unlock it, but I now have version 2.2.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Darren

    Does anyone have a list of new features/improvements now that you have used it? In particular are there any changes to the exchange email client? I use mine for work and that’s a big deal for me. I’m on droidmod 1.0 now and don’t want to give up my root access if it’s not worth it.

  • The Don

    Anyone else having trouble with Swype not working (yes, ive tried restarting my phone) or GPS not shutting off?

  • su2lly

    Congrats to all who have the nuts to try this. I’ll be waiting for the OTA in hopes that by this time tomorrow I’ll be enjoying some yummy Froyo with the rest of you.

  • Adam

    Why doesnt Flash work? Everytime I head over to download it, the page erorr shows that request cannot be made.

  • Jordan

    I was skepitcal and have been waiting for the offical OTA update however I followed the instructions above and everything works great. Thanks I have been waiting for Froyo for so long and it is finally here.

  • al

    Several references to Flash 10.1 being available on the Market, but I can only find Adobe Showcase, which requires Flash to run.

    As Adam said, whenever I try to follow the links to download and install Flash, it tells me the item cannot be found.

    Can anybody tell us how to find and install Flash now?


  • Ben

    Man, you guys rock over at phandroid. Thanks for being so helpful and not leaving the noobs behind. I just rooted and installed froyo on my droid inc. and was very intimidated but somehow blundered my way through it. Anyways, thanks again for being such awesome doods and doodettes!

  • Carl

    Will you still get the OTA update even if you manually download this now?

  • Erwin

    Well at first, I was skeptical too and thought about it for most of the day but decided to take the plunge. And so far, so good! I got scared at first because only 2 of my apps showed up and no Bluetooth. But all I had to do was Power off the phone, take the battery out the back, went ahead and reseated the SD card while I was back there and after powering back up, everything was working as before. As far as Swype is concerned…yes I am reinstalling that application now…but no big deal as far as I am concerned.

    Thanks Phandroid!!

  • Dave Riedle

    My Android Market will not connect…asks me to try later. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Dave Riedle

    Fixed the Android Market. Somehow “Background Data” under “Accounts & Sync” was turned off under 2.2. Turned it back on and the world is great again!

  • James

    This worked beautifully! Although, I would recommend rebooting again after the update reboots. Response was a bit sluggish after the update rebooted. Much better after the second reboot. I like some of the changes and trying to get used to others. Will play with it a bit. I may still root and go with another ROM to get the “built in” tethering and hotspot functions though. EPIC FAIL for Verizon to disable them. Thanks for the walk through though. Much appreciated.

  • Tom

    To fix Swype, simply uninstall it (not the installer) and reinstall it (using the installer). It’s way faster now, and a few bugs I noticed before are gone.

  • Dave

    Flash not working, and not available in the Market…

    Any explanation?

  • Dave

    Better question, after downloading the .apk file, how do I install it from my SD card?

    Couldn’t figure it out with Application Manager…

  • M.D.Smiley

    I love it!! More than twice as fast!!!

  • http://phandroid brian

    Updated my evo yesterday and seems a lot faster. Testing sucks and slow switching between people your texting. Today noticed the phone acting up and freezing up. My phones not rooted and has been updated with the regular update. also battery life even worseP

  • Michael


  • chris

    do you need to be rooted for this?

  • Sion

    Any resolution for the “status 7″ error?

    I have desire with 2.1 update 1, and didn`t succeed to install 2.2

  • dan in st louis

    . Dominick DeVito wrote on August 3, 2010

    2.2 Actually slowed my Droid down, quite a bit actually. My home screen crashes and is very unresponsive. WiFi doesn’t work either. Overall an awful experience. This is very disappointing.

    Mine slowed down a bunch… but i grabbed ADW launcher. helps much!

  • Marcelo

    Does it absolutely have to be Astro File Mgr? I really prefer Andexplorer. Shouldn’t it work the same?

  • Mi Mi

    What a great step-by-step instructions. Thank you so much. I successfully updated it. And I’m technologically challanged. :)

  • jake

    by downloading this update will everything on my sd card be formatted? (pictures, music, videos, apps, etc.)

  • kathy

    Downloaded, installed, and it worked as promised. Great directions. Is anyone having trouble with their exchange server? Both my yahoo mail account and my exchange server accounts started giving me autheentication errors. Removed the yahoo account and re-installed it with sucess. The exchange server, however cannot be reinstalled. I am sure that the settings that I am inputting are correct.

    Also, what happened to corporate calendar? Will my corp calendar items get merged with google calendar once I can get exchange server back up?

  • jake

    by putting this into the root of my sd card will it delete all files on my sd card (pics, videos, music, apps, etc.)

  • Giddyap

    Does not work on a Droid X…..Tried it!!

  • Giddyap
  • mike

    why dose it keep on saying error in /sdcard/
    (status 7)
    installation aborted

  • mike

    what is (status 7 ) abort THIS IS A STOCK MOTOROLA DROID ???? HELP MEEEE

  • Anthony

    The second screen in car mode has empty blocks. anyone know why.

  • Jordan Yap

    I’m Milestone owner. Try follow the shutting down the phone and start up by holding the ‘X’ button, don work for me. Always start up like normal

  • Adrian

    Hey, I just got to say I love the froyo. I download the Flash seperately and it works great!!! Thanks for the manual update tip.

  • Dave

    Downloaded .apk for Flash from a separate site, figured out why I was having problems installing it…

    I was long-pressing on it in Astro, instead of just touching it once…

    Now that THAT problem is solved, Flash is up and running, and I couldn’t be happier!

    Thanks for the help guys, you’re the best!

  • Jon

    What is this “status 7″ everytime I try to install the update I get “status 7 instillation aborted. Someone please help me

  • Darryl

    have an unrooted Droid with 2.1.update1 on it, and I cannot get into recovery mode at all. I hold down X while powering up, and it just freezes on the ‘M’ screen. Any ideas?

  • Jason

    Worked Great!! But I am dissapointed that there is only USB Tether as I heard.

  • Metal

    Uploaded this yesterday and loving it! Works great also manually installed flash and BAM! all over the web checking out flash sites galore! Just freakin awesome to do now…

    Only one problem I have and not sure if anyone is too but if you try to update the cell tower locations in your area on your phone you have to dial *228 then option 1 and for the roaming capibilites you choose option 2… I am completely unable to do this now… I try and it tells me programming unsuccessful and I need to speak to a rep on both options.

    Anyone else have that issue? Work Around? Fix maybe?

  • chester

    hey can rooted phones download this

  • chester

    jon im getting the same thing

  • Metal

    Anyone notice the corporate calendar is now missing too… Kind of need that use this phone for my work…

  • Chris

    No one has answered if this will wipe your data from the phone. Also, when is the OTA update supposed to happen? If it is soon (week or so) then I may wait but if not then I am thinking of trying this manual update.

  • Josh

    It will not wipe the data on your phone. The OTA was supposed to start this week and last a week. iirc

  • Boborino

    I did it and everything looks fine. BUT, I don’t do all the techy stuff like corporate calendar, ect…

  • Randa

    Is anyone ELSE having a problem with the Storm 8 & Mobylong games after the 2.2 update?? Its driving me nuts!

  • Brian

    @Chris I did the manual update and nothing was wiped.

    All be wared that initially my Droid seemed to be a little sluggish moving between screens, but it got faster a few minutes after the reboot.

  • http://phandroid Julie

    ok I downloaded the update but when I follow the instructions to copy and paste to the root the paste section is greyed out? Now what ..I must be doing something please i got this far now I need my FroYo

  • Metal

    So preforming the cell tower programming update works now just took a couple days for it to register I guess but just was able to do both options and it worked. This update is working beautifully just wish the corporate calendar didn’t go away but that’s not a big deal… this update has more than I expected… still playing with it… and yes all apps, contacts, settings, etc are saved nothing is wiped by doing this…

  • cez

    i upgraded but it says i have no service…. help anyone?

  • SedLevis

    I saw someone earlier post that their wifi won’t get past “obtaining ip address”. I have this problem on both mine and my wife’s droids. Any fixes? please help! getting frustrated here. ><

  • DroidPhan

    Downloaded 2.2 to my Droid using these instructions. Took about 15 to 20 mins. Flawless. Froyo is faster and smoother. Dial by voice works great. Extra home pages a nice addition. Tethering using PDAnet works as usual. Pandora does seem to have a problem. My build number is

  • Jimmy

    I was having trouble installing the update until I used google goggles and downloaded froyo straight into my droid for all those who keep running into issues!

  • trob

    It won’t install on my droid. I followed the steps EXACTLY & tried four times!

  • Rachel

    Does anyone have a link to download the multi touch keyboard?

  • anthony

    i keep getting the failed to verify and signature verification error tried everything its not working. it is named correctly only one .zip

  • Carder

    If you have a QR Code on your business card, your contacts don’t have to type your website in their smartphone.

  • edgar

    Trying to install the updat but keep getting rom load failed what do I do

  • at0msplat

    I am having this same error when trying to load this file. I downloaded both links and renamed the second link just and the same error happened. I actually read through all the post to see if some had answered post #103 cause he had this same problem, no one has answered with a solution yet so I am reposting to see if we can get some help. I am stock moto Droid 1, I have SpRecovery installed because I was going to root, this just seemed easier. I open in the SpRecovery and go to Install-allow install of then click on install runs alittle bit then I get this error:

    Assert failed : apply_patch_check (”MTD : Boot : 2504704 : 0b5ee101da41148aa026a32848f609fa4b05403e:2875392:d104d2ec84a2d0660e786c0fb8174bfacb4079d6″)
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)
    Installation Aborted

  • TTX1

    installed without issue several days ago – thanks.

    phone is faster and more responsive overall and the new features/tweaks are seamless and most welcome.

    that said, my phone has locked up when making calls three times in the past 2 days – something I’ve never experienced before. the only way to recover appears to be a full shut down and restart.

    anyone else seen anything like this?

  • clearsam,Chicago, IL

    i get
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)

    anybody has a solution yet for this?

  • dirtbag

    This update kicks as*!! So easy to install and 2.2 has some great features. FROYO!!!!

  • zilveriye

    anyone know if this will void your warranty?

  • moongirl

    I finally did it. Followed the instructions and it worked perfectly. The reboot took a long time and I did then have to shut it down and reboot again. But everything seems to be working well!

  • treday

    The download worked great except for one thing For whatever reason ATK keeps showing random apps I closed. I close them down go out of ATK then go back in and random apps are running again. News, the weather channel, Pandora and mail seem to be the ones I see the most

    If there is a fix let me know

  • lovinitall

    I have no idea what the issues are with the people who are having problems, but I -froyo’d- my phone, my wife did her’s without any help aside from the instructions above (she’s technologically incompetent), my 19, 23, and 24 year-old daughters all did their phones without any help, and all 5 phones are upgraded and working perfectly. None of the phones were purchased anywhere near the same time, so………

    Thanks for the directions – we all appreciate it!

    Oh, and to anyone that thinks that a typo or leaving a word out here or there really mattered, focus on your G.E.D. instead of messing with your phone.

  • kathleen

    Finally updated my phone, once I figured out what needed to be done it went without a hitch. Only problem I’m having so far is that (I turn on the original star trek all day while working) isn’t staying on the same episode, it keeps changing. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, then rebooted, but its still doing it. Guess I should let the nerds know. Thanks for all the help getting this installed, it is more responsive, I like the clock docking even more now, and I like the way the screens are set it, makes more sense.

  • clearsam,Chicago, IL

    if you are still experiencing
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)

    try the update from this post:

    it solved it for me, im on froyo ;)

  • droidfan14

    Does this work with HTC droid eris non rooted?

  • waseem

    i am having the same problem as mark and says cannot verify whole file signature,signature not verified,installation aborted,
    please guys help me out,i am desperate to try out 2.2,please,for the love of god

  • Carolynn

    I received the froyo update today at 7:30 mtn time. trying to figure out how to get adobe flash on there

  • Walksridges

    I thought the directions were clear. I’m now running 2.2 . Just waitin g for Flash now. Thanx

  • Andres

    So, I finally caved and did the manual update to Froyo…worked like a champ, EXCEPT…every time I try to use the camera, the phone freezes and reboots. I thought it was slow before but now its does nothing! HELP ME PLEASE!!!

  • Josh

    Just did the update. I followed the directions provided and had no issues what-so-ever. I did re-boot a second time prior to using any apps just to be sure. Works great! Internet is definitely faster. All my apps seem to be working. The Corporate calendar is gone but the regular calendar has all of the information from my work Outlook calendar so no issues. Total time was less than ten minutes.
    Just for info it was really easy to download the update to my computer, rename it “” and then just copy onto the sdcard. From there just followed the directions at the top of the page. Good luck!

  • siops74

    do you need to do a backup? do you lose all your info? does this early update from the website void your warranty with verizon?
    Thanks for answering all the newby questions.


  • evan

    i did this and it made my phone slow as hell anyone havin these issues as well?

  • Pete

    Swype wasn’t working so I unistalled, but also uninstalled the installer! Sh*t, any way to get swype back now? can’t find it in the market.

  • darryll

    Can someone post a list of the new features. More specifically if any update will have mobile hotspots. NOT TETHERING. MOBILE HOTSPOT there’s a difference. Palm’s pixi plus has this feature, free.

  • Stephanie

    So I’ve done everything it says up top and still get the error message, it says

    E:signature verification failed.
    Installation aborted.

    So what now?

  • Erick

    After downloading the I tried copying and pasting into the root. Astro greys out the paste option when I tried to move it to the root folder. Anyone know if its the app or how to fix it?

  • jason

    works great thank you… moto droid. no wi-fi issues. all apps and info are available. so far just needed to re-sync Facebook account. and will need to re-join some contact info, shows under “phone info” saying 2.2 and all the right info. downloaded the 1st link. thank you

  • Chris

    THis is not the officail update people the model is FRG01B.
    THe “official” model for froyo is FRG22, just wait for the OTA just wasting your time.

  • JayHated

    Has anyone got the OTA update notification after installing FRG01B?

  • kohlton

    Everything works fine…but no hotspot just usb tether

  • DANdroid

    @Erik don’t paste it into the “root folder” once you copy the file press UP only once then paste. Worked for my girlfriend’s Droid. I would recommend getting the new voice search app and note that wifi tether does not come preinstalled with this 2.2 update. You have to look it up in the market yourself.

  • Michael

    Copy to the SD Card root, not root.

  • Clay

    Does any know how to return to 2.1 after doing this update? I want to get the official OTA update as this one is running very slowly on my phone.


  • droid eris122

    Would this work with my htc droid eris running stock 2.1 non-rooted????

  • XanaduL

    OMG reading this string of messages just occupied a good hour of my workday, thank you all for the entertainment. Listen, a buddy of mine already got the update OTA…..both me and another friend who got our phones almost day one havent….it sucks but OTA is official and better

  • Bruce Barry

    I’m retired and in my late 60’s. I have worked with computers all my life. from programming to management. After reading the comments and questions on this site, I recommend the following – If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!
    It’s not like Froyo is providing any critical app or fix.
    One individual stated that his wife and three adult children all following the instuctions updated their phones. Well that is great and proves his family can follow directions. Many can not. For them I say be patient and wait a few more days!!!

  • Nick44

    Thank you! this is awesome, this website helped out greatly! strongly reccomend!

  • Nick44

    Thank you! this worked out great, wouldnt have been able to do this without your help… highly reccomand!

    thanks again,

  • Joe

    Man this was a lot easier then I thought! Thanks Phandroid…Got the 2.2…Woot! Woot!

  • zdig

    After the download, my browser wont work with the 3g signal, but will work with wifi. Btw its the stock browser, i tried using a couple others but everytime i type in a url it gives me the cannot find page

  • Tish

    How do you uninstall this update. It is running slowly and want to wait for the download from Verizon

  • Manish

    Sweeeeet! WIsh I had found this article long before!! My original Moto Droid A855 and I thank you- Verizon has been dragging their heels on this for over a month now!!!

  • Matt

    Works Great – easy to install!

  • Daniel

    worked like a charm thanks guys. I was getting irritated waiting to be in one of the batches, while peeps around me were getting there updates from Verizon :)

  • Dylan

    Failed several times E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed several times

    nobody’s gonna help on here so fuck it ima root it and install a custom rom

  • Jennifer

    As of tonight, still no OTA update, so decided to do it manually. Worked perfectly. Just don’t forget to rename file to Forgot to do that first, and it wouldn’t work, but once I renamed, it worked great! Thanks so much.

  • Shane

    Hi guys, I downloaded this and installed it and everything is working awesome. I am having one issue though. I can’t seem to get the flash player to install on my sd card. I downloaded it I jsut don’t know where to put it on my sd card, i tried the download folder and on the mian area but it doesnt work

  • Shane

    Just lost on where to put the APK file on my phone.

  • Shane

    NVM i got it working great this is the best walk through and i got this early awesome ty

  • Locomotive13

    I am tired of waiting sooooo…I just finished downloading the update from My Driod Does. It seems to have worked (it didnt brick my phone) also installed the Flash Player AWESOME!!! Thanks for posting!!!

  • joe

    Anyone have exchange server problems with the new 2.2 update?

  • mike


  • Dave

    I did the update and now I don’t have phone service. When I click on the phone app it tells me “the application has not been installed” Please help

  • John

    I keep getting a status 7 error and it aborts. I have followed the instructions and tried multiple times and it still does not work. does anyone have any ideas!?!?!?!? thanks!

  • Lawson

    Worked. Worked very nicely. I am trying to figure out if there are additional components from VZ in their update because I’ve noticed that other phones purchase outright at 2.2 have additional features (e.g. nicer/better Exchange integration). Anyone able to commment?

  • Randy

    My Exchange account stopped working with the 2.2 update all together, was working before. Glad they fixed the issue, lol. Big disappointment so far.

  • asif

    i downloaded the file copy on root but when i flashed but it is not happening what to do operation aborted showing
    can you help me plz thanx

  • Dan

    I got the invite for the OTA, but my phone shut off in the middle and I never received another OTA invite. I felt compelled to manually update. Nothing I tried worked. Eventually, I manually downgraded to the original Froyo update for the MotoDroid. Then I updated from that to the original 2.2 (FRG01B) update. I finally updated to this latest version (FRG22D). I hope that helps. I felt your pain.

    The links to the earlier versions are readily available. Google them. I lost no personal data during the downgrades or upgrades at any point.

  • 晓辉

    worked like a charm thanks guys. I was getting irritated waiting to be in one of the batches, while peeps around me were getting there updates from Verizon

  • john

    wouldnt work for my rooted droid. any ideas what else i need to do.

  • dillon

    okay when i do the copy and past to the rooted file it wont let me paste? does your phone have to be rooted for you to do this??

  • Alex

    It seems no one ever answered this riddle:

    E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/command

    — Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    Here’s what I got:
    Motorola XT720 (I guess it’s the same as a Milestone)
    Droid 2.1-update1

    What am I supposed to do with that? I’ve seen many posts requesting the same information. I’ve checked for the file name. It’s correct. I’ve tried the installation more than once. Nothing’s changed.

    What now? Can anyone help? Do I really have to wait and just change my phone (once more)?

  • Amany Abdel-rahman

    hi i did everything but on last step screen is on reboot system now….no change …help