Google and SK Telecom Team Up to Improve Korean Android Market



SK Telecom and Google have signed an agreement that promises a strengthened and improved Android Market. As facets to the agreement, SK Telecom will get its own tab on the main menu of the Market, carrier billing will come for app purchases, and added support will be given to developers. The hope is to provide an easy to navigate experience that will help SK Telecom subscribers find and purchase high quality apps without any confusion.

The SK Telecom Channel will bring what users on American carriers like Verizon and more recently Sprint have grown accustomed to. The channel will list apps recommended by the carrier as well as carrier specific apps to help highlight must-have downloads for users.

Carrier billing will allow customers to optionally bill app purchases to their monthly statement, helping to streamline the buying process. In an effort to make it easier for all to understand app pricing, all prices will be converted to Korean Won. The reasoning behind SK Telecom’s efforts with Google was expressed by Executive Vice President Bae Joon-Dong:

“This agreement between SK Telecom and Google highlight’s SK Telecom role in playing the leading role in boosting the Android Market in Korea. SK Telecom will make redoubled efforts to increase wireless data and applications usage in Korea by emphasizing the benefits of an open operating system. It is expected that such efforts will provide SK Telecom’s customers with a more convenient and exciting experience in the Android ecosystem.”

We’d have to agree. Easier billing methods and easier access to quality apps could never hurt the strength of the Android Market, that’s for sure.

[via Cellular-News]

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  1. Thats good news!

    Finaly Android is spreading in Korea ^^

  2. Does this mean that all the damn lame Korean porn that’s flooding the Android market will go under its own tab and not clutter up my search results?

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