Droid X (Milestone X?) and Droid 2 (Milestone 2?) Headed to Europe?

We’re not sure what Motorola would call these devices if they did end up getting European counterparts, but new rumors suggest that the Motorola Droid X and the yet-to-be-announced Motorola Droid 2 could be headed to Europe. French Android blog FrAndroid reports that the Droid X will be launched near the end of the year, with the Droid 2 soon to follow.


We can’t confirm their source (nor do the pictures give us any indication that this rumor has any legs – the devices pictured are Verizon-branded, though FrAndroid claims it’s because they’re prototypes and their designs have yet to be finalized) but I’m sure Motorola’s not going to ignore the European market for their latest flagship phones.

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  • Wello

    GSM FTW!

  • xmetl

    they will probably call the Droid X the motorola shadow

  • a

    @xmetl I doubdt it – shadow was probably an internal codename like sholes for the droid/milestone..

  • dans

    End of the year? If that HTC Vision comes out soon, i wont be waiting.

  • Alan

    I personally think they’ll stick with Milestone but add a model number like the XT720. Although if the designs stay similar to the Droid X and Droid 2 then Shadow would be a cool name! It sounds menacing and a little sinister like Droid does for Verizon.

  • JAG

    I like SHADOW for GSM version of DROID X.

  • Chris

    Droid X for the win! News I’ve been waiting for for months.

  • Gus

    I would rather a European EVO :(

  • JAG


    Droid X is faster, made with better materials, real 16×9 screen, best multimedia DOCK, etc.

  • Jared

    Well this is another option for me if Samsung doesn’t get a GSM version of their upcoming 4G Verizon phone out the door fast enough.

  • http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com Tristan Thomas

    Alot of people think that the Droid 2 will make the original Droid obsolete. I can not really agree with that. I think that the Droid will have a life similar to the G1. The G1 carried on because regular non-tech people liked it. I think this will be true of the Droid especially if they cut the price.

    Plus if the Droid gets updated to 2.2 not even iOS 4 will have anything on it. This article ( http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/2010/06/10/areas-that-iphone-4-still-crumble-to-android/ ) explains it better then i can. Check it out.

  • Bob

    end of the year damn, they need to release it sooner. IPhone 4 is already everywhere.

  • Philipp

    When I read the title of the article I thought: “Yes that’s what I wanted to hear” … but END of the year ??? Come on Motorola, I need a new phone now.

  • Strangelove


    Search for Desire HD/htc ace. Rumour has it this will be a gsm version of the EVO :).

  • sonson

    i just want the gsm version of htc evo…

  • John

    Don’t buy motorola, just look at the motorola europe facebook page and see why.

  • beaver

    I’ve been waiting for this news for so long! But cmon i cant wait till the end of the year. btw those of you wanting a gsm evo, take a look at the HTC Desire HD (Ace).

  • Maxrunner

    By that time HTC will already have their latest and one with a keyboard too.

  • Brett Smith

    After seeing how Motorola treat their non US customers, I’d never been another phone from them.

  • Dave

    Ha ha. Motorola has been ignoring the non-US market ever since they launched the Milestone.

    After the crappy support they gave for that “flagship” phone, will anyone be duped into buying Motorola again?

  • fg


    “As per all other queries on this front, there are no plans to introduce DROID X or similar outside of´╗┐ the USA. Thanks.”


  • Rob

    Can anybody confirm if there will be GSM version of this?