Flash 10.1 Running on the Droid Incredible

In case you missed it, an official build of Android 2.2 with HTC Sense was leaked for the Droid Incredible yesterday, and lest you forget that means you can now experience Flash 10.1 on the peppy Android handset. As more and more phones prep for their Froyo updates, Adobe is gearing up to launch Flash for Mobile out of beta. That event will be happening in the middle of August, so it makes sense that so many phones would be getting the Android 2.2 treatment in time for Flash’s debut. Check out the video below from Droid-Life to see what to expect on the Incredible.

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  • CJ

    I think I just got a woody!

  • Drizzle

    The leaked ROM is full of bugs….guessing it was a fairly early build.

  • Rumbum

    Yeah, this rom had some neat features, but totally raped my 2150mAh battery in less than 4 hours. Back to 2.1 for me.

  • rushmore

    This was not an official build, unless a test build that was modded is deemed by the OP to equate to “official”.

  • digitalicecream

    It’s buggy. Steer clear or read the XDA forums before you make the leap.

  • jrdroid

    Official does not mean final. It could be an official test build.

  • mark

    congrats incredible! just in time for gingerbread!


  • Anon

    We have run into no bugs at all with the leaked 2.2 ROM. Battery life has also significantly increased. Perhaps you did not wipe the phone completely before loading the ROM? Those who are getting bugs and FCs seem to just have loaded on top of what they had. People who did complete wipes seem to be have no problems.