Android 2.2 for the EVO 4G is Officially Coming August 3rd


There was speculation before (some internal screens gave this rumor some great looking legs) but Sprint’s officially announced it themselves: they’ll be the first carrier to offer Android 2.2 for any carrier-specific device starting August 3rd (HTC EVO 4G). They tweeted the announcement (as has become so popular these days):


We’ve heard before that Sprint wanted to make sure they were the first carrier to launch FroYo for any of the currently available Android handsets (Nexus One not included) but we didn’t think they were working this hard to get the upgrade ready. If anyone ever has any doubt that HTC (and other manufacturers) can’t deliver the goods in a timely fashion when HTC Sense gets involved, then those doubts can be thrown out of the window. While their upgrade path from 1.5 to 2.1 on earlier Sense devices may have left a sour taste in the mouths of many, it’s plausible that they were just new to the whole process. It’s clear that they’ve hit their stride and have proven they can whip up the latest and greatest in Android with their custom UI slapped on top of it.

[Sprint via Sprint Twitter]

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  1. So can’t wait for this. A very happy Evo-owning Sprint customer I am!

  2. So, it won’t be available till 8/03 then? The original slides at Engadget indicated that it was tomorrow. Lot of confusion on the forums about the real date now.

  3. As a Nexus One owner, I’ll be very impressed if they release it with the tethering option still enabled. I am happy for the Evo 4G customers though, Froyo really is that much of an improvement over 2.1 (thanks to the JIT compiler). If you thought live wallpapers were amazing…

  4. Woohoo! Froyo will be a sweet treat on my Evo but after that I’ll be in the mood for some tasty gingerbread please!

  5. wow I am very happy cause even my wife and her sister & brother left at&t and said goodbye to their iphone and orderd the evo they converted after playing with my evo. I explaind about the froyo cause they dont now only about iphone and they said your evo better then our iphone even without this froyo thing. really cant wait to show them how their new evo going to look like with froyo by the way my brother just called me from miami to let me now that he just get hes evo just as I am typing this comment.minchia che bella cosa

  6. This is good news. I hope it quickly translates to other Sense devices that have been told would be upgraded to 2.2 Froyo.

  7. I’ll be hitting the “check for update” every 15 minutes tomorrow until I get the update prompt.

  8. First off, this is a great site.

    I want to put my two cents in about something. Its sort of like “stealing cable”. I understand the desire to tweak the phone as someone who builds occasional gaming pc’s, but where I frown is using it to gain services not included in the contract, especially if you root specifically for that purpose. Rooting should be an enthusiastic thing, not a theft ring.

    I started with the everything unlimited at $99 and didnt get the tether or hotspot, even after another $10, which is bad, I called and talked to them, they wouldnt even clearly admit it to me, I did get my activation waived but hey, the phones cool, we are not in 1940 buying nickel ice cream cones. I reduced my plan to the 450 minute and kept the unlimited data, added the tether/hotspot and I’m at the same price per month. Fortunately I have a voip provider (ViaTalk) that I use my own device with, a grandstream bt200 desktop voip phone and had used an original iphone, the Linksys WIP300 to acheive voip over Wifi. This has evolved over the years….

    I found an Android App called SipDroid to connect to my voip server (I’ll unplug the home phone if I know im using sipdroid that day so they dont both login the viatalk server), which is a no brainer over the wifi’s, but it actually works over the 3G’s! I don’t use it unless my minutes are high or I’m going to be on the phone for a while. This is what I thought was going to cause riots with the cellular carriers, but is now reality: Voip on my unlimited data, albeit with icky call quality sometimes.

    I have my unlimited minutes now, my business number and mobile number on 1 device, hotspot and tether, etc. and it is all awesome. Buying a year of ViaTalk I end up paying $10 a month for unlimited calls and international is cheap too. So…

    I’m just saying, tech enthusiasm is a better reason to root than to try to get free services from the carriers. If a lot of people do it, the people paying for the hotspot and the extra traffic it uses will suffer.

    That said, I’m glad about the update. There arent too many things I need from it, but Im hoping for better aesthetics and some neat tools I guess.

    Btw, SipDroid probably works with lots of free or other services, I’m not sure though. I do not represent them or ViaTalk but I have enjoyed the fun of using voip over the years and my Evo has made it even cooler.

    I’m supposed to get a laptop again this week, so I will be happy with the tethering. For now it’s just a novelty that I show the fanbois with their iPhones, along with other features and they start sweating : )

  9. hells yeah i cant wait evo rocks

  10. Sad X owner here (no official word yet) but I’m definitely stoked to see how 2.2 runs on this bad boy. I freaking love this industry.

  11. @vegeta…long live nexus 1…froyo is a major improvement, no doubt about it.

  12. if only i could actually get an Evo that would be even nicer

  13. Yess can’t waite!!! Ahh hopefully it runs as fast and smooth as they promised!

  14. Over at engadget they say you can get it as early as today, the 30th however, I’ve been hitting the firmware update for the past couple of hours and… nothing. So eff you engadget

  15. Cant wait for 2.2!!!! Hell ya

  16. hopefully it won’t brick my phone this time, oh what the hell, i got insurance, can’t wait for froyo.

  17. BRING IT!!! Can’t wait!

  18. Can I get Hell YEAH!

  19. HELL YEAH! I was not expecting this at all! Nice little surprise when I checked my Twitter feed last night.

  20. Another reason why I am happy I got the EVO. Sprint has not let us down!!

  21. So who else would bring 2.2 to users of the EVO? Poor wording on Sprint’s part.

  22. WOOT!!!!!

  23. Watch out. Sprint might brick your phone again

  24. so stoked! glad i made the jump from t-mobile, to sprint and got the Evo! it’s the best Android phone i’ve owned, having had the G1, mytouch, and the mytouch slide. Sprint has not let me down thus far!

  25. didnt mean to double post in the two EVO stories, thought it didnt post in the old one.

  26. @Aeires, seriously?! It’s Twitter, come on!

  27. You guys, the OTA update won’t be available until 12PM CST. You do the math for your time zone.

  28. Dave — Read it again… Starting at NOON on 7/30!

  29. Jimmy – :( Crap! Now I have to wait one more hour.

  30. It’s here!!!!! 10:00 AM PST = 12:00PM CST!!!

  31. Anyone get it yet?

  32. Not available yet to me…. (12:30 CST)

  33. Nope not here yet, 11am pst. It’s 1pm cst. Will keep checking throughout the day fosure

  34. No (1:05 CST)

  35. Nothing here yet: 2:23 EST

  36. Nothing here in Cali.

  37. Not here yet either…

  38. 1:56CST

  39. Not here yet….3:08 EST

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