Jul 29th, 2010

There was speculation before (some internal screens gave this rumor some great looking legs) but Sprint’s officially announced it themselves: they’ll be the first carrier to offer Android 2.2 for any carrier-specific device starting August 3rd (HTC EVO 4G). They tweeted the announcement (as has become so popular these days):


We’ve heard before that Sprint wanted to make sure they were the first carrier to launch FroYo for any of the currently available Android handsets (Nexus One not included) but we didn’t think they were working this hard to get the upgrade ready. If anyone ever has any doubt that HTC (and other manufacturers) can’t deliver the goods in a timely fashion when HTC Sense gets involved, then those doubts can be thrown out of the window. While their upgrade path from 1.5 to 2.1 on earlier Sense devices may have left a sour taste in the mouths of many, it’s plausible that they were just new to the whole process. It’s clear that they’ve hit their stride and have proven they can whip up the latest and greatest in Android with their custom UI slapped on top of it.

[Sprint via Sprint Twitter]

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